My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 18

It was a tough day for Amanda. After they were done filming, she felt like her whole body was being
tone apart.

She felt like she had just been given a good beating and her whole body was aching.

She dragged her tired body to the dressing room to change into her own clothes.

On her way to the changing room, many crew members greeted her and congratulated her on her good

"Miss Amanda you did great today. Where did you learn your acting. It felt as if your character has
come to life." One of the crew said.

"It felt so surreal. Your cold and domineering attitude. You almost overpowered the male lead. I think
you should quit acting and become a major general." Another one added jokingly.

Hearing that, Amanda was amused and she could not control herself from laughing out loud.

"Thank you guys. But you won't believe me when I tell you that it is my first time acting. I have not even
studied in any art school. I think that I'm just lucky." Amanda replied to them politely.

"Then from today onwards I'm your number one fan." One of the crew said.

"Me too.."

"Count me in..."

More and more people joined.

In the end Amanda had gained herself over ten fans just in a moment.

Seeing how they vowed to be her loyal fans, she was so touched that she did not even know what to

She hugged each and everyone of them to express her gratitude.

"She is so real and cool. She is not like those fake dolls who only knows how to parade themselves but
have no acting skills to show."

"Yes. Did you see Melany today. She repeated almost all her scenes. I was so sick that I felt like going
up and giving her a tight slap. But I don't have the backing of a powerful family and I don't want to lose
my job."

"I think that with time, we will like Amanda more and more."

"Heh, I won't be taking a shower for the next one week. My idol has hugged me. I don't even want to
remove this shirt."

More such comments were heard.

Amanda looked at them amused. She left and went to change her clothes.


After filming was done, director Alex went to review the video.

He was shocked on seeing how well Amanda acted. He could not help but smile like an idiot.

This girl was a gem. A little experience and guidance and she will be a black horse in the entertainment


After filming wrapped up, Amanda rushed to the hospital.

She was worried that her mother will be lonely and might start overthinking things.

She had to rush to the hospital to keep her company.

The director said that they will only pay her after one week of filming.

Before that she had to find other ways to earn money in order to keep her mother in the hospital.

The hospital was not a charity and they could not stay there without paying for the bill.

They also needed money to buy food and daily necessities.

Just thinking of how she needs to find another job made her head hurt.

When Amanda arrived at the door of her mother's ward, she was instantly surprised.

The door was tightly guarded by black-clothed bodyguards.

They were wearing shades and you could not even see their faces much less their expressions.

Amanda wondered if she had walked to the wrong ward and looked up to confirm the ward number.

It was her mother's ward. But what was going on. Was her mother kicked out. But she had paid the bill
for the next three days and today was only the first day.

She took out her phone and was preparing to call her mother when a voice startled her from behind.

"Miss Amanda, you are back." Amanda turned around and surprise was written all over her face.

She even forgot how to speak.

Wasn't this the special assistant to the city tycoon Richard.

What the hell was he doing here and how did he even know her name.

Did something happen to her mother?

"What happened to my mother? Why are there bodyguards outside my mother's ward. I don't care who
you are and what status you have. I will not spare you if something happens to my mother." Amanda
threatened but deep down she knew that she was just like a headless chicken without any power to do

Rumours had it that Richard was the most ruthless business man in the country and whoever messed
with him will not see the light of the day.

Had her mother offended this bloodthirsty devil in the past and now he has come to take his revenge.

Just thinking about it made Amanda's whole body shudder. She even got goosebumps all over her

Without waiting for Thomas to say anything, she rushed towards the door and banged at it.

The bodyguards tried to stop her but Thomas signaled them to let her in.

When Amanda entered the room, she was surprised by what she saw. Her mother was not covered in
blood and screaming in pain but she was rather laughing happily.

What the hell was going. Was this man playing with his prey first before eating it whole.

She had expected to find her mother on brink of death from the torture by this devil.

She rushed to her mother's bed and looked at her worriedly.

"Mother are you okay. Did he do anything to you. I swears that even if he touched a strand of your hair,
I will not spare him."

Her mother was dumbfounded.

"Amanda darling are you alright? What are you talking about. Who wants to hurt me?" Her mother
asked, a little astonished.

"I'm talking about this man here. Has he done anything to you?" Amanda asked as she glared at
Richard with a murderous look.

"Why are you so agitated. Who told you that Richard wanted to hurt me. In fact he is a very good child
and he brought me many fruits and many nutritious supplements." Her mother was not sure what was
going on with this daughter of hers.

"Don't be rude to our guest. You should at least say hi." Her mother reprimanded.

"Richard this is Amanda my daughter. Amanda this is Richard Howell the president and CEO of R&S
group of companies. I think you have heard of it." Her mother introduced briefly.

"Hello." Richard stretched out his hand.

Amanda could only reply stiffly.


They shook hands for less than two seconds before Amanda withdrew.

Richard looked at her and wondered why she hated him so much.

Had they crossed paths in the past and he did not remember.

No that can't be. If he had encountered such a beautiful soul he would surely remember.

And he was not someone who liked to be in close contact with just any lady.

He had his doubts but he chose to keep them to himself.

He will found out sooner or later.