My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 19

Evelyne looked at her daughter and then at Richard and wondered if these two already knew each

She had a contemplative look in her eyes as she observed the two.

"Auntie, about your condition I will talk to doctor Martin and see what can be done. It will be even better
if the surgery will be scheduled early on before your condition worsened."

"You don't have to worry about that. Amanda is working really hard and I will have the surgery once she
gets paid."

As she said so, she looked at her daughter with pity.

It was her responsibility as a mother to give her daughter a good life. But here she was lying in a
hospital bed while her daughter faced the cruel world on her own.

She really failed as a mother.

But once she gets better she will make up for it. They will face the challenges together and her
daughter will never suffer again.

"You do not have to worry about the bill. I will take care of it. And you cannot refuse. Just take it as an
angel of God helping you." Richard said in a manner that Evelyne could not refuse.

She turned to look at her daughter but her daughter's gaze was on the man before her.

What God's sent angel. Does he think that she is such a fool to accept help from a stranger. There was
nothing like free lunch in this world. And the most unbelievable thing is that the man who was known to
be the most ruthless and cold hearted was the one offering free lunch.

Hah, Amanda scoffed in her heart.

After her past life experience, she learnt to be more cautious about men and trusting their words.

"Amanda what do you think about that?" Her mother asked when she saw her expression getting
darker and darker.

Amanda came back to her senses after hearing her mother's voice.

"Ohh about that.... we are sorry sir but we can't accept your offer. I will get my pay in one week's time
and I will pay for my mother's surgery. You don't need to be concerned." Amanda declined politely but
her voice carried a trace of coldness.

Richard gave a small smile after hearing what Amanda said.

Was this girl trying to challenge his authority.

Did she know that he was the largest investor in the movie that she acting in right.

Just one word from him and it will get her fired. But he can't do that because he cannot stand to see
her suffer.

But he knew how to deal with arrogant brats like this one.

"It is okay if you want to pay your mother's surgery. But I talked to doctor Martin and he said that her
condition cannot be delayed any further or it will be hard to do the surgery and the recovery time will
also take time."

"How the hell did you know all that......"

Amanda did not wait for the answer because she knew that with this man's resource he can even dig
one's ancestral grave if you messed with him.

She instead asked. "Why are you helping us when we barely know each other."

"I told you to just take as I'm an angel sent by God to help those in need and I happened to meet you
first." Richard answered innocently. He was not even ashamed that he was lying with a straight face.

If his assistant was here, he would have been shocked. When did his boss became so good hearted
that he can even help strangers.

"Okay. I will take it as you are loaning me and I will pay you as soon as I get my pay from the
production crew." Amanda finally gave in.

She will do anything to see her mother get better.

Hearing that, Richard nodded in satisfaction.

"Then it is a deal."

By the time you get paid, I promise you that I will have already made you my girlfriend and we will see if
you will still pay me back. Richard thought as a he looked at Amanda with a foxy look.

"Just like that. Don't we even need to sign IOU?" Amanda asked in astonishment.

Did this man have a lot of money that he just wanted to throw it away.

"There is no need for that. At least I know Auntie is a good a person and her daughter cannot be any

Richard liked how careful and cautious Amanda was because at least no one will take advantage of

"Since that is arranged, I will be taking my leave. Auntie, please rest well. Everything will be okay
before you even know it."

Richard looked at Amanda as he stood up to leave.

Seeing that, her mother tugged at her sleeves.

"Amanda, please see the guest out."

Amanda could only nod reluctantly.

They followed each other out one after another. Amanda was so focused on thinking about the sudden
appearance of this man that she did not even know where she was heading to.

It was not until Richard caught her in his arms that she came back to her senses.

She looked at him with a stunned look. They were so close that she could see every inch of this man's

He had an oval face. It was flawless and perfect even better than that of a woman with make up.

His eyes were deep and dark and carried a mysterious light that you could not see past it.

His nose was long and straight and fitted on his face well.

Amanda was lost in those deep eyes that she almost drowned.

As she was eyeing him, Richard was also doing the same.

He looked at her small exquisite face and almost wanted to touch it.

It was so soft that he felt like taking a bite.

He wondered if it will be as sweet as he imagined.

His throat felt dry as he tried to control the heat that was raising in his body.

This is the first time he has looked at her at a close distance. It turned out that she was even more
beautiful than he had imagined.

His was on the verge of losing control before he snapped back to reality.

"What were you thinking just now. You were so distracted that you almost hit your head on the wall."
His low magnetic voice was heard.

Amanda was so shocked that she immediately pushed him away.

"What are you doing in broad daylight. Do you want me to call the police and report you for sexual
harassment?" Amanda was furious.

She cannot accept that it was her fault.

"Ha..." Richard gave a low laugh.

His Adam apple moved up and down making Amanda swallow subconsciously.

Noticing what she has just done, she looked away with an embarrassed expression.

"I just saved you right now and now you are saying that I harassed you? If it were not for me maybe
you might be having a concussion right now." Richard said with a smile on his face.

He was not angry at all and instead he was in a better mood.

"Moreover, you were looking at me so intently I thought that you had fallen in love with me." He said
with a mischievous smile.

Amanda was surprised when she heard that.

Her eyes widened as she looked at the man before her.

"Who has fallen in love with you. I have never seen a man with such narcissism. And narcissism is a
disease that need to be treated sooner." She clenched her fists as she spat out those words.

Richard looked her with amusement and loved her even more.