My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 20

She was really a stubborn girl but he loved it.

"I know I'm handsome and no woman can resist my charm. I won't be surprised if you fell in love with
me. In fact I will gladly accept you."

Amanda was angry that she almost stomped her feet.

She did not know what came over her just a moment ago.

She had to admit that this man was really handsome and very charming but she cannot be attracted to

The good the looks were the more dangerous it was for her to dive in. Moreover looks are very
deceiving and she cannot fall for this man.

"Yes you are very handsome sir and every woman would not resist your charm. But I'm different from
every woman. I don't fall for such little tricks. How many women have you deceived with your looks
untill you took them to your bed?" Amanda asked sarcastically.

By now she had already calmed her frantic heart down.

"There is none." Richard answered subconsciously.

Amanda suddenly laughed.

Who will believe him. After all he was such a handsome man and he even worked in the entertainment

Amanda knew the tricks of the entertainment industry better than anyone else. She had toiled at the
back of the food chain in her past life and have seen the darkest parts and secrets of the industry.

Women in the entertainment industry were all crazy and they could do anything just to get what they

How can this man say that he has not had any woman.

Seeing the woman before him look at him with doubtful eyes, Richard chose not to explain himself and
just shut up.

Explaining himself won't do any good. She might even think that he was trying to cover up something.

Richard looked at her silently and turned around to leave.

Seeing their boss come out, the bodyguard moved a side to make a path and maintained a
considerable distance behind their boss.

He summoned Thomas who was sitting on the bench outside the ward.

"Yes boss!"

"I want you to arrange some things for me." Richard said as he started to give a series of instructions.

"Call director Alex and tell him to delay the payments for the crew. Tell him that our company has
encountered some problems and we cannot disburse the money for the time being.

Call doctor Martin and tell him to schedule the surgery for Amanda's mother to the day after tomorrow.

From today onwards, make some security arrangements for Amanda. Make sure that someone is
keeping an eye on her and she does not encounter any danger."

After Richard finished giving his instructions, he strode away coldly and was soon out of the hospital.

He returned to the company to finish some work before he packed up and went home.

He was living in the most luxurious house in the Grand Lakes Villa in city A.

It was an estate that carried the most richest people in the city and Richard owned one of the best
houses in that precinct.

After entering the house, he carelessly threw his coat and briefcase on the chair and went directly to
the wine cellar.

He took a bottle of red wine and poured into a wine glass. He walked directly towards the balcony and
sat on the rattan chair.

He enjoyed watching the sun set and the tranquility that it brought to the world.

It was a nice view and it reminded him of his childhood and his mother who had already passed away.

His mother always kept him company to watch the sun set when he was young because he was most
afraid of the darkness.

Seeing the sun set, the orange glow over the horizon, Richard felt a sense of peace in his heart as he
downed his wine in one gulp.


In the hospital...

After returning to the ward, Amanda found that her mother had already closed her eyes and was
sleeping soundly.

She did not want to disturb her so she moved slowly towards the bed to get her bag and took out her

She wanted to do some research about Richard because it has been a long time since Amanda heard
anything concerning that dangerous man.

In her past life, Richard always appeared on various magazines. He was surrounded by a lot of
scandals that is why Amanda did not believe him when he said that he does not have any women.

Although the rumours in her past life were mostly false, she believed that there was something that did
not feel right.

Richard was such a ruthless man in her past life that no one dared to mess with him. How comes he
was surrounded by such rumours.

Amanda felt puzzled.

She typed in Richard Howell and a lot of articles popped up.

"Richard Howell the most richest and sought after bachelor in the City."

"Richard Howell is rumoured to be gay."

"Richard Howell is like a demon who has come to punish the world, no one dares to mess with him."

More and more articles popped up and Amanda was astonished as she read them.

In her past life, Richard was ruthless but he never cared about those who used his name to advance.
That is the reason why he was surrounded by so many scandals.

But seeing the news now, Amanda was shocked and her heart could not help but skip a bit.

Things have really changed in this life.

Not only was this man ruthless but he was a bloodthirsty demon.

He really lived upto to his name as the big Demon King.

Many people who tried to use his name in this life have disappeared from the face of the earth without
a trace.

Any news outlet that produced any news article about him without his permission have all gone
bankrupt and closed down in a blink of an eye.

Thinking about the consequences of messing with this man made Amanda shudder.

She did not want to have any more contact with him.

He was totally different from how he was in her past life.

Amanda realised that not everything will happen as it did in her past life and she had to be careful.

She can't just rely on her past memories to live this present life.

Amanda was in deep thoughts when the door was knocked from outside.

She came back to her senses and went to open the door.

A tall man with a white lab coat was standing outside the door. He was carrying a file in his hands and
he had a polite smile on his face.

"Hello miss Amanda. I'm doctor Martin. I know we have not had a chance to meet since your mother
was admitted in this hospital." He stretched out his hand to greet Amabda.

Amanda returned the hand shake with a smile on her beautiful face.

"Hello doctor Martin. I have heard a lot about you since coming to this hospital." Amanda said.

This was the first time she had seen doctor Martin. When she was talking with Richard, she did not
know who doctor Martin was but she still pretended to know him.

"How is my mother's condition? I was told that you read her file." Amanda asked politely as she
ushered him in the ward.

"Your mother's condition is not that bad as of now. Richard has already booked her surgery and it will
be done the day after tomorrow."

"The day after tomorrow? But we have not even discussed with my mother yet."

"But Richard called and said that you had already agreed." Doctor Martin looked at her with confusion.

Amanda did not expect that this man will be that efficient.

They have just talked a moment ago and he had already arranged everything.

Amanda felt that she could not really keep up with the thoughts of that man.