My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 21

Amanda did not know what to do. Since this man was so adamant on helping them, she will just accept
his help and deal with the rest later.

And he was right. The more she delayed her mom's surgery, the more dangerous her condition
became. She could wish to see her mother get well soon because she did not want to spend a lot of
time in the hospital.

"Thank you doctor Martin for the trouble. I will inform my mother once she wakes up about the surgery."
Amanda said.

"There is no trouble. It is my work." Doctor Martin waved his hand.

"Then I will see you the day after tomorrow." Amanda said.

"Then I will be taking my leave. Please take care of yourself." Doctor Martin said as he turned around
to leave.

He had just reached the door when Amanda called him from behind.

"Execuse doctor Martin, before you leave, is there anything we need to take note of before the
surgery?" Amanda asked.

"Not really. Just make sure that she eats her meals well and she should take a lot of nutrition
supplements. Let her avoid eating food with a lot of fats." Doctor Martin gave a series of instructions.

"Okay. Thank you doctor Martin. That is all I wanted to know."

"Okay I'm leaving. Take care."

After doctor Martin left, Amanda walked towards the bed. She tucked her mother well in the blanket
and left the ward to check on grandma Catherine.

When she reached the ward, the bodyguards were standing guard on the door as usual. They kept a
tight security that even a fly can't get through.

It was if the president was the one admitted in the hospital.

The bodyguards heard someone walking over and looked towards the corridor with vigilance. Thay only
relaxed after seeing that it was Miss Amanda.

Amanda walked over and nodded at them. They nodded back at her.

"Is grandma alone in the ward?" She inquired. She did not wish to meet anyone from the William family.
Seeing their hypocritical faces only made her sick and wanting to throw up.

"The matron is a lone. She is resting now." One of the bodyguards responded.

The servants and bodyguards called grandma Catherine matron because she was the head of the
William's family. Most of the family decisions were made by her.

Grandpa James was only in charge of the company but everything else was left for grandma to handle.

"Then I will just take a quick look and leave. I don't want to disturb her rest."Amanda said.

The bodyguard pushed the door open for her as she strode in.

She looked at grandma who was lying quietly in bed and could not help but fell guilty. Why was she
such a blubber mouth and thought that grandma was also involved in that scheme.

Grandma was the only member of the William's family who treated her well. She treated her like her
own granddaughter but in return she caused her harm.

She looked at her as tears threatened to fall from her eyes. She walked towards the bed and stood
there rooted, not knowing what to do.

She could only lower her head lightly as she clutched the hem of her dress.

She knew that grandma will never do anything to harm her. Even after they left the Jackson family with
her mom, she continued to support her and stand by her side even if everyone deserted themselves
from them.

Grandma never judged her even once or mocked her.

Yesterday when she was talking to her, she pretended to be calm because she did not want the
William's especially Jason to see her vulnerable state. Although she apologised to grandma, she still
felt guilty.

Grandma had already woken up the moment she heard Amanda's voice at the door. She was just
taking a nap and was not in deep sleep.

She did not want to open her eyes so she remained motionless on bed and waited to see what
Amanda would do.

Little did she know that she will start crying the moment she reached her bed.

Her sobs were like knives stabbing her already old heart.

She did not understand what her stupid grandson saw in that witch. Amanda was such a sensible and
good girl that every man would wish to marry but her grandson just decided to throw away such

Grandma Catherine could not take it anymore. She opened her eyes and held Amanda's hand that was
hanging on her side tightly.

"Silly child, why are you crying so hard. Someone might think that I'm already dead when they see you
crying beside my bed." She chuckled lightly as she said in a pampering tone.

"Grandma....." Amanda wiped her tears as she held her tightly.

"I'm so sorry.... I did not mean to cause you any harm. I was just mad at all of you and I did not think
straight when I told you those words." Amanda said as she sobbed even harder.

"Silly child. You already apologised yesterday and I already forgave you. As I said it was not your fault.
Some people does not know how to appreciate good things. There is no need to feel guilty anymore
and grandma does not blame you."

Amanda was so touched that she did not know what to say. She could only smile at grandma.

Grandma really loved and spoiled her. She even dissed her own grandson because of her. Amanda felt
warmth flood her heart.

Apart from her mother, the only person she treated as family was this old woman before her. She really
meant a lot to her. She gave her the love of a grandma that she never had.

Her grandparents on both sides died when she was still young so she did not enjoy the love and
pampering they gave their grandchildren.


"How are you feeling now. Any better." Amanda asked with concern after calming down.

"Yes, I'm much better. I want to be discharged."

"That's good to hear. But you should stay for a few more days for the doctors to do a follow up to make
sure that you are completely fine." Amanda advised.

Grandma Catherine smiled as she pinched her cheeks.

"Look at you. You have grown up and now you can even take care of me."

"Grandma is always so good to me I would not wish for anything to happen to her."

"Okay. Why did you come today. Yesterday was enough."

"I'm actually staying in the hospital. My mom is sick and she needs to undergo surgery." Amanda
explained simply.

"What happened to Evelyne?" Grandma asked worriedly.

"My mom has always been sick but she hid it from me. I only found out recently that she has a heart
problem. Plus the news of Vallery and Jason, her condition worsened and she was admitted the same
day as you. Her surgery will be the day after tomorrow." Amanda said.

"I'm sorry child. You have to go through a lot yet you are still so young." Grandma felt heartbroken.

"It okay grandma. Suffering is part of life and all this will pass sooner or later. I glad that you still care
about us."


After some time grandma felt tired and she needed to rest. Amanda left the ward so that she can have
rest and proceeded to her mom's ward.