My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 22

After leaving grandma Catherine's ward, Amanda decided to go and rest.

It was not easy for her to balance between shooting and taking care of her mother.

Today being her first time shooting such intense scenes, she was really tired and just wanted to close
her eyes and take a rest.

As she was going back, she bumped into Vallery and Jason. They were holding hands as they walked.

It seems like they were coming to see grandma Catherine.

Amanda did not want to talk to them so she pretended to be on call as she walked passed them.

Seeing that it was Amanda, Vallery did not want her to pass them and called her sweetly.

"Sis, are you here to see grandma?"

Since Amanda did not want to talk to them she pretended not to hear her as she walked directly
passed them, pressing her phone on her ear and talking to who knows whom.

Just as she thought she had passed them, her hand was held from behind. She was startled and she
almost forgot that she was pretending to be on a call.

She could only sign and say, "I will talk to you later. I still have some business to attend to."

After pretending to hang up the phone, she turned around to see Jason holding her hand.

She looked at Jason and then at Vallery, seeing that her expression had turned sour, she smiled at her
with a provocative gaze and looked at Jason coldly.

Sensing that he had overreacted, he quickly let go of Amanda's hand and he was left embarrassed.

Since yesterday, Amanda has been on his mind and he cannot seem to let go of her.

He could only clear his throat to ease the awkward atmosphere between them.

"How are you doing Amanda? Are you here to see grandma?" Jason finally found his voice and asked.

Amanda did not even bother to look at them as she turned around to leave.

They clearly saw that she was coming from that direction and they still asked her such a stupid
question. She did not want to waste her good mood on them.

Vallery's eyes turned cold when she saw that Amanda was leaving without even answering them.

Looking at Jason's dazed eyes, she knew he was thinking about that slut again.

"Sis, we are just concerned about you, after all it is late and you are here alone. Beside we are also
going to see grandma we have some good news for her." Vallery said in a sweet voice.

"It is none of your businesses who I come to see. And it does not concern me at all whether you are
going to see grandma or not. That is your business and not mine." Amanda answered coldly.

Vallery continued to smile sweetly on the outside, but her heart was filled with cold glint and disdain for
her sister.

Why was she pretending to put on a strong front when in reality she was hurting.

She knows how much her sister had loved Jason and she knew Amanda could not get over him so

"Apart from coming to see grandma, we also came see a gynecologicalist." Vallery said as she looked
down on her flat tummy. She touched it gently and smiled.

"Brother Jase and I are expecting our first child. I was too careless that I did notice that I missed my
period untill recently when I started to experience some weird moods in the morning. Aunt Liz advised
me to come and do some tests and it turns out that I'm two months pregnant."

When Amanda heard that her sister was pregnant, she was shocked but then she sneered coldly. Her
heart only turned even more cold towards these people.

She smiled lightly as she looked towards her sister, "Congratulations to the both you. I can't imagine
how a child born from a slut and a bastard will look like. I hope I will have the chance to see one."
Amanda said sarcastically as she looked at them.

Vallery was furious and even Jason's expression did not look good.

Was she cursing their baby to have a bad life even though she is not yet born?

What was the meaning of her words?

Vallery really wanted slap this bitch to her death but she could not. She could only endure her hatred
and look at Jason pitifully.

Jason looked at Amanda deeply but he did not say anything.

Seeing that he did not say anything to Amanda after hearing her call them names, Vallery did not feel

She sensed that Jason had really changed since yesterday, she did not know why but her instincts
were telling her that something was going to happen.

"Sis, you should not talk like that about Jason. I admit that I'm a slut for snatching Jason from you. But
Jason is innocent. He once loved you. How could you talk about him like that. And besides everyone in

the family approved of our relationship. I think that you should just get used to it." Vallery said.

She wanted Jason to be hers and hers alone.

She wanted him to hear what Amanda thought of him so that the hatred can go deep.

Indeed Jason expression turned even uglier.

"Amanda, are you calling me a bastard now. How many years have we been together. Did I ever
mistreat you in any way. Just because I love your sister more, I'm now a bastard in your eyes. All those
years when you said that you loved me, did you not mean any of it?" Jason asked angrily.

Amanda looked at him amused. Now she was the bad guy just because she called him a bastard. But
was he not?

"What is the definition of a bastard to you? Is not someone who does keep his promises. Someone
who breaks his promises without even offering an apology? You hooked up together with my sister
behind my back and now you are here parading your love infront me. Gloating to me of how you are
expecting your first child, do you want me to smile with love and give you my blessings? Tell you to
have a blissfull life and live happily till old age. I was you fiancee, remember? But now in your eyes I'm
just a bitch who does not have manners and who does not know how to talk to people. If you are not a
bastard then who are you?" Amanda finished her statement as she chuckled coldly.

Jason was at a loss and did not know how to respond.

Indeed he was a bastard. But that is because he loved Vallery. Vallery gave him everything a man
could hope for from a woman.

He was a man with needs and feelings. Since Vallery gave her what Amanda denied him for a long
time, he decided to be with her. He saw no problem in doing that.

But now Amanda calling him a bastard, he did not fell good about it.