My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 23

Vallery clenched her fists tightly. Since that did not work, she had to try another approach.

She just remembered that a friend of hers told her that Amanda was now acting in a movie, she could
use this to throw mud at her infront of Jason.

"Sis please forgive us. We did not know that it will cause so much harm to you. We could have
controlled our feelings for each other if things were to turn out this way. Just tell us what you need and
we will help you in the best way we can." Vallery said like a good and caring sister.

Only Amanda knew that it was an act and her scheming sister must be upto something.

Just as she thought, Vallery continued in a caring tone.

"I have heard you joined the crew for Director Alex's new movie, "The Secret Mission". Being in the
entertainment industry without resources is not easy. You are a girl and a very beautiful one. Someone
can easily take advantage of you especially in a big production like that one. Don't keep it to yourself
when you are going through such difficulties, you can find me or brother Jase and you can just ask for
our help."

Amanda was really fed up with this people. Who is the one that schemed to drive her and her mom out
of the family. If it were not for their scheme, will they be struggling now like they had no family.

Everything was going well for their family untill this bitch and her mother came into their lives.

And now she is pretending to be caring when in reality, all she want is to smear her name infront of

As she was still mulling over in her head, she heard Val continue in a gentle tone.

"And by the way sis, how did you get such a big role. I heard that you are a secondary female lead. You
are not signed with any agent but you managed to clinch such a big role. I did not know that my sister
had such perfect acting skills." After saying that, Vallery looked at Amanda with a meaningful gaze.

Seeing her scheming gaze, Amanda just wanted to rush up and thrown a slap across her gloating face.

She sniggered with disdain as she looked at her sister.

"Do you think that I'm like some people who only knows how to use their status and family background
to get what they want. If you have the skills, you don't need to rely on underhanded methods like some
people. I auditioned like everyone else and that is how I got the role. Does sister not wish me well or do
you think I relied on some dirty schemes?" Amanda said coldly.

"I have the skills and that is what director Alex was looking for." As she said that a thought suddenly
flashed through her mind and she looked at Vallery with a meaningful gaze.

"Say it sis, did you also audition but failed to get the role that is why you are so bitter."

Vallery's expression changed in a split of a second but was soon restored to normal.

That short change in her expression did not escape Amanda's eyes as she was looking at closely.

She knew she had guessed right.

Her sister must have tried to get the role but failed.

Everyone knew that director Alex did not accept backdoor briberies and will only accept anyone who
had skills.

In her past life, Vallery was successful in her acting career while she was only a mere assitant.

Vallery had resources and was pampered by her parents. Whatever role she wanted, she will get it.

But in this life, her career seem not to be going well as she has not heard any news about her sister.

In her past life, they always referred to her as the winner of life, the queen of the entertainment

But in this life she seemed to not be so lucky.

Thinking of her past life, Amanda scolded herself as she gave herself several slaps in her mind.

After Jason went overseas in her past life, Vallery immediately made her become her assistant. At that
time they had already chased them out of the family.

Since she needed to find a job, she accepted the offer because she knew that since she was her sister,
she will treat her well.

But she wrong. Vallery mistreated her time and again but she could not even complain. She could only
endure and console herself that once Jason came back, everything will change. She will not suffer

If she had known that these teo were already together, she would not have been so foolish and hope
that the man she loved will change her life. She would have walked away and start a new life.

So they treated her like a fool and kept her in the dark about their affair. That is why Vallery was daring
enough to bullying her.

Once in while she will go overseas on the guise that she was going to horn her acting skills.

There were so many clues left for her but she was so blind that she did not see.

Ha! She can only blame herself for being a fool.


"What are you saying sis, I did not audition for any role. I was just saying that since I will not be acting
for a while, you can sign with dad's company and all my resources will be yours. I want to take care of
this pregnancy and I don't want anything to happen to our baby.

Actually I'm thinking of quitting the entertainment industry after I give birth and concentrate on taking
care of my family." Vallery said.

Jason nodded in agreement.

"Amanda, your sister is right. I'm sorry for letting you down but this a matter of heart. I only love Vallery.
If you find it hard to sign with uncle's company, come sign with me then. I will take care of you like my
are my own sister and I will give you the best resources.

This industry is dirty and you won't be able to survive for long." Jason said.

Amanda looked at them unimpressed as she chuckled coldly.

"Ooh so you are now sorry. But the fact is that I don't need your help. I'm well on my own and I'm doing
pretty good. I can find the resources using my own capabilities. I don't want my achievements to be
associated with certain people. I don't deserve the honors."

After saying that, she turned around and left. Vallery clenched her fists tightly that her long nails almost
broke her palm.

'You want to pretend to be all mighty, then I will show you what this industry is capable of. I will make
sure that you don't have a chance of making a comeback.' Vallery thought venomously.

On the outside, she looked at Jason. An aggrieved look hanging in her eyes.

"Brother Jase, I have tried but sister does not seem to want to forgive me. What will I do. I really want
her forgiveness." Vallert sobbed.

Jason hugged her as he consoled her gently.

"Don't worry. It was a big blow to Amanda but I know one day she will forgive us. Just give her some

After saying that, he took her to see his grandma.