My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 24

Amanda returned to her mother's ward to rest.

Those two bastards have ruined her good mood. But sooner or later, she will get back at them.


After seeing grandma, although she was still cold towards Vallery, she was quite happy hearing that
she will soon be a great grandmother.

Although she hated Vallery, but she was carrying their own blood so she cannot neglect her.

Vallery was happy with the progress. At least this baby will help her a lot in her relationship with the
William family.

After existing the hospital, Jason sent Vallery to the Jackson's villa because she insisted.

She wanted to do some things and being with Jason will hinder her.

Only at her home will she be at ease.

She must teach that bitch a lesson.

Doesn't she enjoy being in the entertainment industry, then she will make her famous.


Vallery entered her house happily. Jason did not follow her in because his friends had invited him to a
gathering and he was already late. He wanted to rush over as soon as possible.

"Hey darling, why are so happy." Her mother asked. It has been a while since she saw Vallery smile like

"Is dad home? I have some super good news for you guys?" Vallery exclaimed happily.

"Super good news? Are you getting married to Jason. Yesterday you did not come home so we
wondered where you were!" Her mother asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No! Who is getting married. Moreover grandma is still in the hospital. How can we get married without
her blessings?"

"Then what is the good news? And what happened, you even called that old woman grandma! Don't
you hate her and always wishing that she could die?" Juliana was dumbfounded.

"What old woman. Stop saying your nonsense mother." Vallery did not mind scolding her mother.

Grandma Catherine was starting to be warm towards her because of the baby, she could not let
anyone ruin that, even if it is her own mother.

"What is the good news daughter?" A voice came from the stairs.

It was none other Peter Jackson who was coming from the study room.

He ascended the stairs in an aristocratic manner.

Her father really had the charm and Vallery could not help but admire him.

Although he was over fifty years old, he has maintained himself well over the years and you could think
that he was in his thirties.

He did not have that protruding stomach like his age mates.

His aura did not diminish at all as time passed by. Instead it became sharper and more domineering.

She wondered why she did have even half of her dad's aura.

But that was not a problem. She will understand the day she finds out that Peter is not even her
biological father. But that is a story for another day.

Peter came down and sat on the sofa and looked at her daughter with a questioning gaze.

Val smiled happily and said in a bashful tone, "I'm pregnant!"

"Aawww...." Juliana screamed when she heard the news. She was so happy that she did not even care
about her lady like demure.

"You are pregnant. You can finally marry Jason with ease. No wonder that you changed your attitude
towards that old lady. She must have known and became excited about seeing her great grandchild."
Juliana even shed tears of joy.

Although Peter appeared calm on the outside, he was so excited that his heart almost stopped beating.

Finally, the relationship between the William and the Jackson family will be strong.

The William cannot let their blood be born out of wedlock. If the word got out, their hard earned
reputation will go down the drain.

They must arrange the wedding as soon as possible.

"Congratulations daughter. That is really good news. At least after marrying Jason, no one will talk bad
about you." Peter said as he smiled happily.

"Our family bond will be even stronger. I was worried that grandma will be against you guys being
together, but now that is not a problem anymore." Peter said.

"Thank you dad and mom. I was worried too that my relationship with Jason will end. I was so stressed
that I did not know how I could live without him.

It was aunt who saw my condition today in the morning and told me to go and do a check up. Turns out
I'm two months pregnant but I have been negligent." Vallery said.

"That is good. As long as the baby is safe. Does our in laws know?" Peter asked.

He had changed how he addressed them from family friends to in laws. Wasn't that way too fast. It was
as if he could not wait to become their in laws.

"We only informed grandma because we did the check up from the hospital grandma was staying. She
was quite happy about it." Val said.

"I plan on informing them tomorrow. Ohh and we also met Amanda in the hospital I think she had gone
to see grandma. She is now acting in a movie as the second female lead. I wonder how she got that
role." Vallery said, sounding as if she did not imply anything else.

"What? Amanda is acting in a movie. When did she become an actress?" Peter asked.

"I also have no idea. She is acting in director Alex's new movie. 'The secret mission' you know how I
liked that script but I failed my audition.

A friend of mine told me that she is the second female lead. I tried to ask her how she got the role but
she said it was none of my business. Even Jason was there but she did not give him any face. I could
only leave her to be."

"How could that bitch have the capabilities of getting such an important role, of course she could only
sleep with those big shots." Juliana did not hesitate to say.

"Like mother like daughter. She has now learned from her mother and she has started spreading her
legs everywhere. I have to bow to that mother and daughter pair. Will they sleep with every man in the

city for them to be satisfied?" Juliana did not hide her disgust. She was past the stage of caring about
her demur.

Peter's expression did not look good. He had to find Amanda and talk to her.

"And dad, I even told her to come and sign under your company but she refused. I was even planning
on leaving my resources to her since I'm pregnant. I will take a break until I give birth." Vallery
immediately paraded herself as the righteous sister.

"How can she accept that. Those old men are giving her more benefits, how could she look at your
dad's small company? Won't that be belittling her status as number one bitch." Juliana was really bent
on tarnishing Amanda's reputation.

Seeing her father's expression getting worse and worse, Val gave her a warning gaze, they should not
overdo it. After all they had many chances to do it. They have to take one step at time.

She decided to excuse herself because her aim has been achieved.

"Okay dad mom, I'm a little tired and I will be going to rest. You two also rest early."