My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 25

After returning to her room, Valley's eyes had already turned dark and icy cold.

She went to her bedside drawer and took out an old model phone.

It seemed not to have been used for some time now.

Since she got this phone, it has been of great help to her. She has given her opponents many
sleepless nights.

She keyed in a number she had memorized a long time ago and made a call.


"Hello Miss Vallery long time..." The other party seemed too excited after getting her call.

"I have some business for you." Val cut direct to the point.

"Okay. Like old times?" The other party also turned serious.

"No. This time is different." Val said as she started giving a series of instructions.

After an indefinite amount of time, the other party finally replied.

"I understand. Rest assured I will do a clean and good job."

"Okay. I want to see the news by tomorrow morning. I will give you your payment if I'm impressed.
Same place same time tomorrow." After she was done speaking, she hung up the phone without even
waiting for the other party to reply.

One of the times when she overseas, she saved a person by accident. That person was a genius and
gave her this phone as a token of gratitude. He told her that any call made through this phone could not

be traced. At first she thought that that person was just bluffing, but after using it for a period of time,
she realized that it was true. She had also tested and even tried to get its call history from the
telecommunication company but there was nothing. She could finally use it without fear of being

She had used this phone to do a lot of dirty business but she has never been discovered.

She also liked paying her minion in cash. Someone can track her down if she used electronic transfers.
She was a cautious person who did not like leaving behind things that could be used against her.

After settling the matter, she went to take a shower and finally succumbed to the darkness.


Amanda was sleeping so peacefully unaware of the storm that was brewing on the internet.

Someone has just bombarded the internet with a scandal that could make one's jaw drop.

“Amanda Jackson is said to be a kept woman by a rich business man.”

“She has become a disgrace to her family until they chased her out of the family.”

“She now leaves by depending on married men, wreaking havoc in the marriage of many innocent

Many people did not pay attention to the news first after all Amanda is just a nobody who they have not
heard of.

But the news kept being reposted until the netizens became curious.

Someone could not help but ask, “Who the hell is Amanda Jackson?”

A ‘good passerby’ could not help but answer.

“Oooh, she is an upcoming actress. She is now acting in director Alex’s movie, ‘The Secret Mission.’

The people on the set say that she has zero acting skills and that she is so arrogant that you cannot tell
her anything. Everyone is wondering how Amanda got such a big role when she has no resources and
she is not even signed with any agency.

The fact that she could get such a role without any prior acting skills or resume leaves everyone with
many questions.”

“Ooh it turns out she is just a bitch who knows how to sleep with big shots to get what she want? Such
people are the most dangerous and they better leave the entertainment industry.” One of the netizens

“But I thought that director Alex is such an upright man and does not accept such contemptible deals,
turns out it is just a matter of who is involved. He too cannot resist the charm of a bitch. Surely this
world is ending.”

Many people castigated Amanda to the point that they wanted her to leave the entertainment industry.

But some netizens were still rational enough as to not join in the fun without knowing the whole truth.

“Why is she given so much attention when she is just a rookie? Maybe she really has some good
acting skills even though she is not signed with any agency. We should not always be ready to jump to
people’s throat without even knowing the whole truth.” One of the rational netizens commented.

“And the person who broke this news, what is it that Amanda did to piss you off that you have to
expose such a scandal about her?”

“Oooh I just don’t like how she used unscrupulous means to get that role. Such people should not be
left in the entertainment industry or else they will be a bad example to our children.” The reporter
commented righteous.

“I have my source and I promise that this news is true. My source knows this Amanda very well and the
news is authentic. She also told me that the role that Amanda was so difficult even the award winning
Charity failed the audition, so what of Amanda who is just a nobody without any family background and
resources, don’t you think that something smells fishy?”

“See, this girl is morally corrupt and should leave the entertainment industry. She will be a bad example
to our children. And director Alex too, having thought that he is such a good man who upholds dignity
yet his life is a mess in private, I say we should boycott his movie. Let it rot in theaters. They should
even stop filming because no one is going to watch it.” The netizens seemed to have been fired.

Some were paid commenter but others were truly disgusted especially after hearing that their favorite
idol failed the audition but some unknown country bumpkin actually got it.

The social media was in chaos as everyone rushed to voice their opinion.

The person who had released the news was so excited that he could not even sleep. Things were
going on well, more than he had even imagined. He could not wait tomorrow to get his money.

He has been doing such kind of business for a long time now. Exposing celebrities on the internet.
Showing their ugly sides to the netizens and ending their lives in the entertainment industry. Although it
was a risky job, but he loved it because it paid him handsomely.