My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 26

The following morning......

Amanda was woken up by a call from unknown number.

She tried to ignore it but the caller was insistent on calling.

She could only open her eyes groggily as she searched for her phone.

Remembering that she was still in the same room her mother, she hurriedly took it as to not wake her
up and hurried to the bathroom.

This hospital was quite good. Atleast every private ward had a bathroom. The VIPs rooms were even
better, but given their financial situation, they could not afford a VIP ward.

"Hello..." Amanda answered the phone. Her voice was little hoarse, because she has just woken up
and was still half conscious.

When the person on the other hand heard her voice, his whole body turned soft. It was the most
beautiful sound he had ever hard for a long period of time.

His cold heart could not help but soften at how cute his girl was.

He had already branded Amanda as his girl. Wasn't that quite shameless of him?

A low laugh came through the phone making Amanda a little confused.

Who was so free very early in the morning to call and just laugh at her. She even thought that they
were scammers who wanted to con her.

"If you just want to laugh, then laugh but I'm sorry I don't have time to accompany you." Amanda said
sounding displeased.

Having a little understanding of her temper, Richard knew that she was going to hung up if he did not
introduce himself.

"Hey... it's me.... Richard."

Amanda was even more displeased. Did she die again and was already in hell. Why would this demon
king call her early in the morning.

Richard did not wait for her to say anything before he continued.

"Still sleeping, huh? Do you know that you are now trending on social media?" He cut straight to the

Hearing that, Amanda was finally awake.

Trending? Her? Was this man trying to play a prunk on her. She was a hundred percent sure that apart
from the people on set, no one else knew that she was an actress. No wait, there was also Vallery and

But why will she be trending out of the blues?

Amanda did not believe him for a second.

"You, don't you have anything to do so early in the morning. First you wake me up from my sweet sleep
just to tell some nonsense. I think you deserve a beating." Amanda said through gritted teeth.

Richard was not angry, instead he chuckled again. Amanda could only hear a rumbling voice through
the phone speaker.

Why would someone's laugh sound so good?

"I knew you would not believe me. But don't worry you will find out as soon as you log into your social
media account." Richard said and hung up before Amanda could react.

Amanda was puzzled but decided to check it out.

When she logged into her account, tones of notifications came up.

She just clicked on one casually. What she saw made her heart stop for a moment.

'Who published this news about me. Did I offend some big shot recently.'

The more Amanda read the more her face turned pale. It was so pale that you could see blood flowing
through the veins.

She supported herself on the wall so as not to fall.

She had just started her acting career and now it was over before it even began.

How could she help her mother without a proper job. How could she pay Richard his money when she
did not have a job.

She wanted to rush online and tell those netizens that she was not that kind of a person. She got her
role through proper means, how could they slander her like that?

As she was just starting to type, her phone rang again. She was so startled that she almost dropped it
on the floor.

It was eerily quite in the bathroom and the phone call seemed to have woken her up from her

That was when she noticed that her clothes were drenched from sweating due to panic.

Amanda picked up the phone after seeing that it was Richard.

"Have you seen it?" He went directly to the point.

"Yes?" Amanda answered in a weak voice.

Her cold attitude has long died after seeing the news.

Hearing her talk in a such a weak voice, Richard felt his heart get twisted. It was so painful that he
almost could not breathe.

He liked how she acted arrogant and cold. But being weak was not her style. It seems that the news
gave her a heavy blow.

"What do you plan on doing?" Richard calmed down and asked.

"What can I do. You know I'm not that sought of a person. I got my role with my own effort but now they
are saying that I slept my way through. How can I accept such slander. I wanted to write a statement
just now to explain to them but you interrupted me with your call." Amanda said.

"Thank God I called before you did that." Richard sighed as he said.

"Why? I should be explaining myself right now. Those people are slandering me with their baseless
accusations. How can I just sit back and do nothing." Amanda said.

"I did not say that you could sit back and do nothing. It is just that explaining yourself right now will only
add more oil to the fire. People will think that you are guilty and that is why you want to get yourself out
of the situation. Then the person who started the rumours would have achieved their purpose.

The more you explain the more sticky it will become and then you will not be able to bring yourself out
of that situation. Your career will also end and no one will remember you.

Right now you need to calm your mind down. Think of anyone who would want you dead and why. You
need to find evidence to prove your innocence. Believe me, those netizens only follow the rhythm. They
don't care who is right or wrong. As long as you find hard evidence to prove your innocence then they
will shut up.

You could even use this opportunity to stabilise your position in the entertainment industry." Richard

After he finished speaking, he noticed that his mouth was even dry. It shocked him to find out the he
had talked too much. Maybe this is the longest speech he had ever made in his entire life.

Since he met this girl, his limits to doing things have been challenged once and again. But he liked the

After listening to Richard, Amanda felt that someone has poured cold water on her.

She was instantly awake and her mind was also abnormally clear.

How could she forget the cruelty of the entertainment industry.

When she thought about what she was about to do before Richard called, she gave herself a tight slap.
This was a mistake that could never be repeated.

Thinking about the consequences of her rushed actions, she could not help but shudder.

It felt like she had just come out hell.

"Thank you. I was really rushed without thinking about the consequences. I don't know what would
have happened if not for your timely call." Amanda said politely. Her heart even felt warm. The cold wall
that was built around her heart cracked a little.

"I'm glad that I did well, milady." Richard said. A mischievous light danced in his eyes.

Amanda felt her ears getting pregnant when she him call her milady.

But she still feigned calmness as she said. "Don't flatter yourself." She hanged up immediately after
saying that lest the other party attacked her again.

Hearing her regain her composure, Richard was relieved. He was about to tease her more but the
heartless girl had already hanged up the phone.

He could only smile helplessly as he shook his head.