My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 27

After hanging up the phone, Amanda parted her disoriented heart as she calmed down.

She splashed water on her face and went back to the ward.


On the other hand, after Richard was done talking to Amanda, his aura immediately changed.

The temperature in the room suddenly dropped to negative zero as he tried to control the raging beast
that was threatening to break out from his chest.

He called his assistant immediately.

"I want you to investigate this matter thoroughly. The person who started these rumours and who he or
she has been in contact with." Richard said coldly.

Although Thomas was on the other side of the phone, his body trembled with fear just from listening to
his boss voice.

He really was enraged this time.

At first he was not so sure about his boss attitude towards miss Amanda. His boss had started acting
weird the moment he saw Amanda.

It seems like his boss really liked this girl and maybe she will be their future lady boss.

Thankfully the moment he hard the news, he reported it immediately.

"I have already started the investigation sir. This situation is not simple. I have not been able to find any
clues untill now." Thomas said through the phone.

"Use whatever method you have to. I don't care what you do but I want that report by today noon. Use
every resource at your disposal I will take responsibility." Richard ordered.

Thomas was shocked. Because of a girl, his boss even authorised his best resources to be used. Next
time he needed to be careful with this missy.

"Yes sir." Thomas answered and hanged up the phone. He immediately went to carry out the orders
given by his boss.

Having been given the permission by the boss, he contacted their best man at collecting intelligence.

Being their trump card, this type of case was a piece of cake to that man.


After talking to his assistant, Richard went to the gym for some exercise. He was used to waking up
early, and hit the gym before going to the office.

Today his assistant called him very early in the morning before his usual time but he was not in the
mood to continue sleeping.

After working out, he went directly to take a shower.

After thirty minutes, he came out of shower, a white towel wrapped around his narrow waist as he
walked towards the wardrobe.

He picked out a black suit, like always, put it on at a lightning speed and went down to have breakfast.

He was somebody who did not like people invading his personal life. He did not have a lot of workers at

There was only one aunt who was responsible for his meals and cleaning the house, and one butler
who was in charge of cleaning the compound and tending to flowers.

He liked having black coffee in the morning without anything else.

After he was done, he took his suitcase and hurried to the company.

He liked going early because that helped him to avoid the morning jam.


Amanda has just reached the ward when her phone rang again.

She looked at it and saw that it was director Alex calling and immediately felt like she was a sinner.

She has implicated a lot of people with her scandal and no matter how good they were to her on the
set, they still had a reputation to maintain.

She did not mind being harassed by the public but she will not let innocent people suffer because of

"Hello...." Amanda answered wearily not knowing if director Alex was mad at her.

"Hello Amanda, did I disturb your sleep?" Director Alex asked with concern.

"No I'm already awake. I'm really sorry about the news. I don't know who started those rumours about
me. I have implicated a lot of people and I don't know if I can survive in the entertainment industry
anymore." Amanda immediately apologized. She did not want director Alex to rebuke her.

"I have already seen the news and that is why I called you. I know you are not that kind of a person and
those people do not know what they are talking about. I'm the one who experienced your acting skills
first hand so I know better." Director Alex said.

Amanda was stunned. Director Alex believed her. This is the second person to tell her that they
believed in her. She really felt warm in her heart. She could almost not hold back her tears.

"Thank you director Alex for believing in me. I promise that I will give you a satisfactory answer on this
matter." Amanda said with seriousness.

"I know. Don't be hard on yourself. We will stop shooting for some time. This incident have had a great
impact on our side. I will wait and see what the other investors have to say. But don't worry I'm not
planning on replacing you." Director Alex assured her.

Amanda finally felt at ease. She did not know that she had been holding her breathe for such a long
time. She gave a relieved sigh before she hang up the phone.

After calming down, Amanda went online to check on the news again.

She read through every article to get a better understanding of the situation.

After browsing through a lot of articles, she had an idea of what that person wanted to achieve.

Just like Richard had said, if she tried to explain herself people will think that she was guilty.

She has no evidence to prove her innocence and she had no family background to rely on.

She did not know how she was going to solve this all on her own. She did not have any powerful
people who will help her.

After thinking for a while she took her phone started calling some of the friends she had made in her
past life when she joined the entertainment industry.

Each of them was unwilling to help because they did not want to be implicated.

Amanda could only sigh not knowing what to do.

Since today she was not going to film, she decided to accompany her mother as she thought of a

She explained to her mother what happened briefly and her mother could not help but feel sorry for her

"Do you know who is responsible?" Her mother asked.

"No. But it is not hard to guess. There is only one person who hates me so much that she could wish
for me to die. Other than that I cannot think of anyone else." Amanda said.


"My beloved sister Vallery." Amanda said in a mocking tone.

She once poured her love and affection to her sister. She did not expect that it will come back to bite
her in the end.

"So what are you planning to do?"

"I honestly don't know mom. I don't have a background to rely on. I don't even have strong contacts in
the industry. I have no idea where to start clearing my name." Amanda said.

Her mother felt bitter. If a man like Richard could take a fancy on her daughter, wouldn't that be better.
He had the ability to protect her daughter from such storm.

But it was only a fleeting thought in her mind before she dismissed it.

"Lets go home. I don't want to stay in this place anymore. You can use all the money you have to find
justice for yourself." Her mom said.

"What are you trying to say mom. You will be having your surgery tomorrow and I don't even have to
pay for it. Richard will take care of everything." Amanda was surprised as to why her mother wanted to
be discharged.

"That is even better. Take this chance and tell Richard to help you. Instead of wasting money on me, he
should help you. After all I'm just an old woman who can die at any moment. I'm still quite strong and I
can still endure for a few more years."

"Mom stop saying that. I want you to get better as soon as possible. Don't worry about me, I will find
the solution as soon as possible. You will still have your surgery tomorrow." Amanda said. Leaving no
room for discussion.

Her mom could only close her eyes and pray that her daughter will be safe and overcome this.