My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 28

At Jackson's villa....

Vallery woke up especially early so as not to miss the show.

She turned on her laptop and logged into her social media account.

Several news suddenly popped up and she clicked on one randomly.

The more she read, the more pleased she became.

Seeing Amanda being attacked by the netizens was so pleasing to the eye that she could not help but
laugh out loud.

Her mother who was passing by could not help but become curious.

What was her daughter laughing at so early in the morning?

Maybe she could go in and take a look.

She knocked on the door lightly.

Hearing someone knock on her door, Vallery immediately shut up.

Did someone hear her laugh like a maniac just now?

"Who is it?" She asked from the room.

"It's mom. Open the door." Juliana answered.

Hearing that it was her mother, Vallery went to open the door without hesitation.

"Mom why are you up so early?" She asked as she ushered her in.

"I did not sleep well last night. I was going to make some tea when I passed by and heard you

"Ooh... I just stumbled upon some good news this morning. I was so happy that I could not control
myself from laughing."

"What kind of news made you happy?" Juliana asked, puzzled.

Vallery did not answer her but turned the laptop towards her mother.

Juliana curiously went to take a look.

She only read a few sentence and did not finish reading the whole article, but just like her daughter,
she was very pleased and her mouth could not help but hook into a happy arch.

"She deserves it. Who told her to play with things she cannot handle. Whoever posted this news
deserves an award." Juliana said. Not knowing that the mastermind was standing next to her.

Vallery did not say anything as she continued reading the news.

After her mother left, she contacted some of her keyboard armies to add more fire.

The internet, which had cooled down after a stormy night was again in uproar.

Amanda's article was pushed to the top searches again.

Amanda who had been following closely knew that someone was playing some dirty tricks.

She had decided to lay low and wait for the storm to subside but now it seemed like the other party will
not rest untill she removed her from the entertainment industry.

Richard, who was also following closely, knew that something was not right when Amanda was again
pushed to the limelight.


Vallery contacted her minion to congratulate him on the good work not knowing that they were being

After taking over the investigation, Matt had already discovered the man who posted the article.

He had hacked into the person's facebook account and soon found his IP address.

Although he had disguised his IP address when posting that article, it was easy to someone who a
computer wizard to undisguise it.

Having locked the target, Matt did not make any sudden movements so as not to alert the enemy, he
just watched him closely to see what his next move was.

Matt had hacked his phone too. The moment that man received the call, Matt knew. He connected it to
his laptop so as to hear the conversation.

"Hello Collins, you did a good job last night. I'm very satisfied and I will give you your payment as
promised." Through the phone came a sweet voice of a lady. It was not as cold as it was yesterday.

"Thank you miss Vallery. You I can never let you down." Collins replied, pleased with himself.

"Okay. Meet this afternoon. Same place same time." The phone was hang up.

Matt had already gotten the names of this people. All he needed to do was to track the phone number
that had called Collins and the identity of the other party will be unveiled.

But to his surprise he could not trace that number no matter how he tried.

He even checked Collins's call history and to his astonishment, the number was not on the call logs.

If someone told him something like this, he would not have believed. But having witnessed it himself,
he had no choice but to believe that the number did not exist.

It seemed like the call had been made through thin air.

Having reached a bottleneck, Matt decided to take another approach.

The man called his contact Vallery. He search for the name Vallery and tried to filter out one who
probably has a connection to Amanda.

After filtering through, he came upon a name Vallery Jackson, he paused on the name and looked at
Amanda's full name, Amanda Jackson. These two seemed to share the surname.

He searched some more and immediately found out the relationship between the two.

Amanda and Vallery were step sisters who shared the same father but had different mothers.

Vallery and her mother now live in the Jackson family villa while Amanda and her mother live
somewhere in the slums.

Seems like Amanda and her mother were chased out of the family due to some unfounded rumours.

The more Matt investigated, the more he found out more and more details that even Thomas has not
been able to uncover.

Thomas only did a background check on Amanda and did not dig deep.

Matt combined all the report he had found and sent to Richard using a secret code that only they could

Thomas had already told him that any news he came across, he can directly send to his boss because
it concerned their future lady boss.


After talking to her Collins, Vallery hummed a happy tune as she went to wash up in the bathroom.
After that she went to have breakfast.

Seeing her father reading the newspaper with an unsightly expression, Vallery instantly knew what he
was reading about.

She strode carefully and took a look. Sure enough it was the entertainment news about Amanda.

She pretended not to know anything as she asked. "Dad what are you reading about. Why is your
expression so gloomy. Did something happen to the company?"

Peter slammed the magazine on the table as he said gloomily. "Look at what your sister has done. Like
mother like daughter.

I'm going to find her and teach her a lesson. Even if she no longer live with us, she cannot shame our
Jackson family like that." Peter Jackson was truly angry.

Vallery did not say anything as she sat down to enjoy her breakfast.


At noon, Matt followed the GPS on Collins phone and soon it stopped at a remote area outside the city.

It was very remote that even the phone signal was poor.

The place had no surveillance cameras and it was the best place for doing dirty business.

He followed him into an abandoned warehouse discreetly.

After a while, a lady came in. She was wearing a cap and it was hard to tell how she looked like.

Matt watched silently as he started taking some pictures.

He had a recording device on him that could capture sounds from a certain distance and since he was
near them, the recording device recorded their voices clearly.

"You came early?" Vallery asked the moment she came as she removed her cap.

Matt took the opportunity to snap a few shots.

"Nah, just arrived a moment a go." Collins answered.

"You did quite a good job. I really hate Amanda. She is like a worm in my stomach. But this is just the
beginning. There is still more to come for her." Vallery said.

Collins did not say anything and just listened on quietly.

"Here this your payment. You know I always uphold my end of bargain. I gave you a bonus after all it is
not easy to find someone so trustworthy." She handed Collins a stack of cash.

Collins's eyes brightened as he smelled the money.

To him money was everything and he could do anything to get it. Even if it was digging out someone's
grave, as long you paid him, he will gladly do it.

Shortly after they left.

Matt soughted out everything he had discovered and sent it directly to Richard.