My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 29

At R&S company.... CEO'S office.....

Richard looked at the information that Matt had sent him. A dangerous glint flashed in his already cold

He took his phone and called Amanda.

"Hey, are you busy?"

"No. I'm just seated in the hospital chatting with my mom." Amanda answered.

"Have you seen the development on the internet. It seems like someone is bent on making sure that
you are dead." Richard asked. His voice was filled with concern that he himself did not even notice.

"Yes. I have seen it. I thought that I will lay low and let the storm pass but that seem not to be the case
anymore. I have no idea what to do." Amanda said honestly.

Richard's heart ached when he had that. This girl has really suffered.

Having seen the information that Matt had sent him, the urge to bring her under his wings became even
more intense.

He just wanted to love and pamper her.

Amanda really wanted someone to talk to. The pressure was too much for her to bear alone.

"If you are free, come to my company now. I have some good news for you." Richard could not wait
anymore and told her to go to the company.

Amanda was stunned and did not immediately reply. Richard wanted her to find him. He had some
good news for her!

Was it true when he said that he was an angel sent by God to help those in need.

Richard waited for a while but did not hear any reply from the other side.

"Are you still there?" He asked.

"Yes." Amanda answered in a small voice.

"What! Are you shocked that I asked you to come to my company? I mean no harm, I just want to help
you. I will not do anything to you. I promise." Richard said with a chuckle.

Amanda blushed.

She was just startled, okay. How many people have had the chance to go R&S company under
Richard's invitation.

She was just not prepared for this.

"No. I was just shocked. I will come over right away."

Since he was willing to help, then Amanda will not stand on ceremony with him. She also wanted to
clear the rumours as soon as possible so as not to delay shooting for a long time.

"Mom, Richard asked me to go and find him at his company. He said he had some good news for me. I
will go and take look. Take care of yourself. If you feel any discomfort, please call the nurse and don't
suffer in silence."

"Okay, go and be careful on the road. Now that your photos are all over the internet, many people will
recognize you. You got to be careful." Evelyn said.

"Okay mom. I know. I will wear a face mask so one will recognize me."

After nagging her mother a bit more, Amanda left.

She was lucky because many taxis liked to pack around the hospital. She just hailed one and rushed to
R&S company. There was not much jam on the road so the journey went smoothly.

After arriving at the gates of R&S company, she called Richard. He had told her that she can call once
she reached the company so he can send someone to pick her.

This was to help her avoid unnecessary trouble incase someone recognized her.

Not long after, Amanda saw Thomas walking towards the gate. She waved at him from a distance.

Thomas saw her waving and smiled at her.

"Miss Amanda, this way please. The boss is waiting." Thomas said politely as he led her to a private
elevator, exclusive only to their boss.

The elevator led directly to Richard's office so Amanda was at ease. At least no one saw her.

She could not imagine the consequences if someone recognized her.

They could just want to send her directly to hell.

Amanda was touched at how thoughtful Richard was.

Since meeting this man, her cold heart was slowly warming up. She did not want to think too much
about it, but the feeling was good.

"You are here?" Richard raised his head from behind the desk as he smiled at her warmly.

Amanda was mesmerised by that smile that she even forgot to breathe.

This man's every action screamed of seduction.

Was it intentional or did he not know how serious his flirting affected Amanda's weak heart.

She shook her head vigorously to remove those silly thoughts from her mind.

"Yes. You have a nice office." Amanda said as she looked around curiously.

She has been to many places but not like this.

Everything in this office was exquisite.

Just looking at everything from the furniture, to the decor, the office desk, the design, it could only be
described by one word Noble.

"Thanks. Please have a seat." Richard motioned as he also stood up and walked towards the leather
sofa in the middle of the office.

"What would you like to drink?" Richard asked.

"Tea will do." Amanda replied as she sat down.

"Thomas, prepare two cups of tea and some snacks. Please."

"Yes boss." Thomas left to prepare tea.

"So how have you been?" Richard asked.

"I'm fine, thank you." Amanda answered politely.

"I have not seen you for only one day and you have grown even more beautiful." Richards said. You
could hear the humour and urge to pamper in his voice.

Amanda blushed thoroughly. Her face had turned red and it was spreading all the way to her ears and

Richard looked at her blushing face and smiled wickedly.

Why is this girl so cute. Seeing her blushing face, I just want to take a bite and feel the taste.

"Why is your face so red. Are alright?" Richard teased her more.

Is this man a hooligan. He is clearly teasing her and now he is asking why her face is red.

Amanda did not dare to look up.

"No. Your office is a little hot that is why."

Richard did not want to expose her so he just smiled.

He turned to his office desk and took out an envelope. Inside was all the information Matt has been
able to gather.

He took out some photos and passed it to Amanda. He did not want her to see everything that was in
the envelope as she may think bad of him if she knew that he has investigated her.

Amanda took the photo curiously not knowing what it meant.

Seeing the people in the pictures, Amanda looked at Richard with a questioning gaze.

Understanding her gaze, Richard opened his mouth to explain. "After I heard that you have been
framed, I took the liberty to investigate this matter. Although I have not known you for a long time, I can
tell from a glance that you are not that kind of a person. So I asked my contact do a thorough
investigation on this matter."

"Those two people are the ones who started the rumours about you. Your sister Vallery is the master
mind, and that man is the one who executed the plan."

Amanda did not seem surprised.

She looked at Richard and smiled.

"You know, when you called in the morning and told me to calm down and think about it, it really helped
a lot. I filtered through my mind and thought of someone who hates me so much that they could not
wait for me to die, and only one name popped into my mind, Vallery Jackson."

"So seeing her in this picture is not a surprise. It is not like I don't believe you, but I have already made
my guess." Amanda said.

Richard was relieved. Seeing her nonchalant gaze just a moment ago got him to doubt the authenticity
of the news.