My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 30

"That was the only person I could think of. And given her character, it is something that she could do,
so you have just helped me confirm my guess." Amanda continued to explain.

"That man is called Collins. My contact has found a lot of dirt on him. It seems like he is used to doing
this kind of work."

"In that photo, Vallery was going to give him his payment. That is their usual meeting place. Their
relationship is deep because that man has helped Vallery to do a lot of dirty work."

Richard gave her a recording. After listening to what Vallery said, her face turned frosty.

So she really wanted her to leave the entertainment industry. Was it because she auditioned and got
the role while Vallery failed that is why she harboured so much hatred for her.

She had already taken everything away from her. Her family, her stupid fiancee yet she still wanted to
mess with her, she will not allow that to happen.

"Will this be enough to clear my name?" Amanda asked.

Richard shook his head.

"Who said that we are using this to clear your name. If you post this online, not only will it not help, but
it will make things more difficult for you. Vallery will take this opportunity to say that you are framing her.
She will use her love towards you and the netizens will definitely feel that you are a vicious sister."

"You could even frame your own sister who is innocent in order to clear you name. This will cause a lot
of negative comments to your reputation which will be even more hard to overcome than this one."
Richard explained.

"Then what should I do. Sit back and do nothing!" Amanda said, she was very stressed.

"Of course not. I'm going to help you clear you name. You just have to trust me." Richard said.

Amanda looked into his deep eyes and could not help but want to depend on him.

She nodded subconsciously. "Okay." She felt that this man could do anything for her as long as she
nodded her head.

Richard smiled happily when he saw her obedient expression.

He had thought of many ways to convince her in order for her to trust him but he did not expect her to
accept right away.

But he also understood her. If she insisted on being stubborn, she would not be helping herself. She
could only accept his help now.

Amanda looked at the man before her keenly.

He had an oval face, sharp jawline, deep set almond eyes, they were the most beautiful eyes she has
ever seen. She felt herself drowning deeper into his mysterious eyes.

They carried a mysterious light that was hard to see through. One could not tell what he was thinking

"Why are you doing this for me?" Amanda could not help but ask.

Hearing her question, Richard smiled even more charmingly.

"Will you believe me even if I tell you?" Richard asked, a smile still hanging on his pink lips.

"Just say it." Amanda urged.

"I have fallen in love with you." Richard uttered word for word.

Amanda was so shocked that she chocked on her saliva.

She coughed so hard that even her eyes turned moist.

Seeing her flushed look, Richard thought. So! Damn! Cute!

But he still showed his concern, "Are you alright?" He asked as he patted her on the back.

"Yes." Amanda answered. Her voice was no longer sounding as confident as it had been before.

"You! How could you say such big word!" Amanda said, feeling flustered.

Richard instantly felt wronged. "You wanted to hear the truth and I said it, now you don't want to believe

Thomas who was at the door also nodded his head in agreement with what Amanda had said.

Boss, can you have mercy on your humble servant.

Just now, he almost slipped hearing what his boss said.

The tray in his hand swayed but luckily he stabilised himself in time before it fell.

He had never seen this side of boss. Especially when he complained like a little boy who has been
wronged. That expression was so animated that it felt adorable.

Thomas cleared his throat.

Hearing that some was at the door, Richard returned to his cool self before he glanced at the door

Thomas shivered from that gaze, but he was used to it.

"Boss, Director Alex is already here, should I let him in?"

"Yes." Richard responded without even looking at him.

Hearing that Director Alex was here, Amanda also composed herself.

But her face was still flushed.

Richard looked at her longingly before turning his gaze away.


Somewhere in the slums in city A, Peter with his bodyguards and assitant passed through the messy
paths as they walked towards Amanda's house.

Peter was shocked to see that his ex-wife lived in such a shabby place.

They had divorced for a long time and he has not paid attention to their life after the divorce.

He even suspected that this is why Amanda and her mother could sell their bodies in order to make
ends meet.

He almost suffocated due to the smell that was coming from the sewage. They were almost

But since he wanted to teach this child a lesson, he had to endure.

They reached an old house. Peter furrowed his brows as he wondered how Amanda and her mother
survived in such a place.

Although the house looked decent among the others, it was still not any better.

He looked at the bodyguard behind him.

The bodyguard understood his gaze and went to knock on the door.

He knocked for some time but no one responded.

"Sir, maybe they are not home." The bodyguard said.

"Knock on their neighbor's door and ask." Peter said in an irritated tone. Had he made an empty trip to
this disgusting place?

The bodyguard went as told and knocked on the door of their immediate neighbour.

The neighbours have already seen them from afar and hid in their houses. They thought that maybe
they were people from the government who have come to abolish their houses.

The neighbour hesitated for a moment before she opened the door.

Before she opened her mouth to speak, the bodyguard had already greeted her politely and inquired
about the whereabouts of Amanda and her mother.

"You are asking about my neighbours. Those two are the kindest souls I have ever met. The girl works
hard in order to support her mother. Her mother has always been sick but she hid it from her daughter. I
recently heard that her mother was admitted to the hospital and the girl had to find a job to pay for the
medical bill."

The neighbour went on and on untill the bodyguard signalled for her to stop.

"Which hospital was she admitted to?" The bodyguard asked. He was not here to listen to the
neighbours bullshit.

"Ooh, I heard it was City A National Hospital."

"Okay. Thank you for your information." The bodyguard said as he took out a note from his pocket.

The neighbour was surprised but still took the note from the body guard's hand.

"Sir, they are not here." The bodyguard said.

"I heard everything." Peter said in an emotionless tone.

"I want to find out if they are really in the hospital and inform me. You have one hour." Peter

The bodyguard nodded as they left the place.