My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 31

R&S company.

When director Alex entered the office, he was startled to find that Amanda was also there.

He looked between the two people and could not control is thoughts from running wild.

"Hello Richard." He greeted the big boss. It seems like they had a good relationship depending on how
they interacted.

Richard just looked at him with a raised eyebrows and did not say anything.

"I did not know that Amanda was here too." Director Alex eyed the man suspiciously.

"Hello director Alex." Amanda took the initiative to greet him.

"Hello... how do you two know each other?" Director Alex could not help but ask with a gossipy

Amanda gave a troubled look to the man sitting next to her.

What was their relationship, were they even considered friends?

Amanda was not too naive as to think that Richard was just helping her blindly, he must want
something in return.

And what he said about being in love with her, Amanda did not even believe it for a second.

She looked at director Alex and did not know what to say. "This... director Alex.... we....."

Before she could finish her statement, Richard looked at director Alex coldly and said, "It is none of
your business."

Director Alex could only shrug his shoulders as he sat down.

Thomas immediately served them tea and retreated.

"Did you bring what I asked you to?" Richard went directly to the point.

"Yes." Director Alex nodded.

"Thankfully, we always record every audition that we do and keep the videos for future reference. If that
was not the case, things would have turned out ugly." Director Alex said.

"What is it?" Amanda asked, not at all grasping what the two men were discussing.

Director Alex opened his mouth to explain but Richard was ahead of him.

"We are talking about the video of your audition. This is the only solid evidence to shut up those saying
that you don't have any acting skills. With this video, they will be able to tell if you deserved the role
rightfully or if you depended on underhanded methods to get the role. We will not only place you video
but also the whole process and everyone who participated in the audition so that the netizens can
judge on their own if it was fair or not." Richard explained patiently.

Director Alex was startled beyond words.

When did Richard ever talk so much and so patiently to someone. This man treasures his words like
they were some kind of a priceless treasure. Whenever someone talked to him, he will always nod his
head or give a noncommittal reply. Yet here he was infront of beauty, explaining sentence after
sentence, something that has never happened before, was there really nothing going on between

"Also after the video has been released, we will need a public relation team to to keep rhythm. That will
help you stabilize your position in the industry. Many companies will try to poach you, you will have to

be careful when chosing which agent you want sign with." Richard continued.

Amanda listened attentively and did not interrupt him. This man had done a lot of things for her, she did
not know if she will ever repay him.

He even thought of using this scandal to pave her a path in the entertainment industry.

In her past life, she had always been on her own, but now she had someone who could go to any
lengths just to help even though they have not known each for a long period of time.

"You don't have to worry about the PR team, I will take care of that. All you need to do is prepare
yourself to go back to continue filming." Richard added.

"Which company have you thought of? When you first signed the contract with me you said that you
have not yet thought about it, after this scandal you must have thought of it, right?" Director Alex asked.

"Not really. But I will think about it seriously, because the company that I chose will also affect my future
progress I must think carefully." Amanda said.

Richard and director Alex nodded their heads in understanding.

Director Alex thought of something and suddenly said, "Why do you need to think about it when you
already have the big boss sitting right beside you. All you need is to say a word and the contract will be
prepared ASAP."

Richard also looked at her with an expectant gaze.

His company had many subsidiary companies under it and show biz was just one of the many
companies. Although it was not the biggest in the industry, but the artist signed by R&S did better than
those signed by other companies.

They had the best resources to offer to their artists but one had to have the capabilities and prove that
they are worthy of the resources before they were signed on.

Richard really hoped to bring her under his wings so that he can look over her himself. He was not
confident in leaving her at someone's hand, what if they took a liking at her.

Amanda looked at both of them and smiled. She knew her capabilities better than any one else, for
now, she could not think of joining R&S. She wanted to find a smaller company so that she can atleast
have a resume and horn her skills.

"Now is not the time for me to join R&S although I would love to. But I don't have a resume let alone
strong stand in the entertainment industry. I will join a small company first but of course my ultimate
goal is R&S." Amanda smiled as she looked at Richard. Her smile was beautiful and warm. Richard felt
that he has been rapper in honey just looking at her smile. His whole body felt warm.

Director Alex was attacked by the sudden public display of affection that he got goosebumps. This two
people, what was going on between them?

He cleared his throat to bring their attention back on the matter at hand.

"Tomorrow I will personally hold the press conference and release this video. I also want to slap those
who questioned my dignity and judgement with this video." Director Alex said sternly.

His character has been questioned because of this matter, he wanted those people to experience the
wrath of his anger.

How could they just spread rumours without any concrete proof. He will make sure that their faces are
slapped until they are swollen.

After everything has been agreed on, director Alex left at lighting speed. He had been stuffed by the
dog food untill he was full. He had to leave as soon as possible or else his eyes will definitely go blind.

Now only Amanda and Richard were left in the huge office.

They looked at each other and smiled unknowingly.

"Are you not mad at me because I did things without consulting you?" Richard asked.

"Why should I be, I even don't know if I will be repay this debt in this lifetime. Thank you so much."
Amanda expressed her gratitude.

"You don't need to repay anything. But if you really want to, you can be my girlfriend." Richard said.

Amanda blushed. Although this man had touched her heart time and again, she was not ready to be in
a relationship.

"If you do not want to become my girlfriend then can you give a chance to persue you? Maybe in the
future you will see my sincerity and accept my persuasion." Richard said. He did not want to put too
much pressure on his girl.

Amanda looked at him silently and said nothing.

"So which one do you agree on; be my girlfriend now or if you are not comfortable with it, give me a
chance to persue you, we can understand each before going to the next step."

Before waiting for Amanda to reply Richard already answered himself. "I will persue you first. We have
just met, I don't know you and you don't know me so we need to understand each other first."

Amanda was amused. Wasn't her choice to decide. But what he said was not wrong. She will accept
him to persue her. If things work out then well and good, if it doesn't they will see what to do but atleast

they will have nothing to lose.

After that they went to have dinner.