My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 32

At the hospital, all hell had broke loose.

After Peter confirmed that Evelyne was in deed at City A People's Hospital, he rushed over.

He did not want to wait any longer as he had no where to vent his anger.

He just wanted to teach that unfilial daughter of his a lesson.

When he rushed to the ward, he pushed the door open. He was too lazy to even knock.

Evelyn who has been resting heard some noises from her ward and opened her eyes.

What met her eyes was a pair of enraged eyes. They were staring daggers at her and she felt

"What are you doing here." She sat up as she asked the man before. Gone were the days when she
was infatuated with this man that she will do anything just to please him. She sacrificed half her life
helping this stupid man but all she got as payment was ridicule, humiliation and disgrace. Now she did
not even want to look him.

"What I'm I doing here? Evelyn, do you know what you precious daughter has done. How can she
shame the Jackson family like that, huh? How could she go around parading herself and sleeping with
men just to get resources. Is that how you raised your daughter?" Peter asked in an enraged voice.

Hearing that he was here to accuse her daughter, Evelyne was instantly enraged.

"Peter, have you come here to cast judgement on us and laugh at how badly we are doing. Amanda is
your daughter, your own flesh and blood. But instead of helping her clear her name, here you're like
everyone else accusing her!"

"Do you have any conscious in your head. You should know your daughter better than anyone else. But
instead of even asking what happened, the first thing you do is to accuse her. What kind of shitty father
are you?"

"Do you dare tell me that you have investigated this matter and what they are saying about Amanda is
true. Or the moment you saw the news all you cared about was to maintain your image?"

"Have you ever thought of her as your daughter, thought of how she is struggling to make ends meet.
Here I'm, lying in a hospital bed while my daughter is out there, being stabbed from all corner of the
entertainment industry. I cannot even help her with anything apart from burdening her even more. The
person she could have relied on is here, accusing her without even finding out the truth. I was really
blind back then!" Evelyn's pent up anger was finally unleashed.

At first Peter was feeling really guilty and uncomfortable the more Evelyn talked. But hearing her say
that she must have been blind to marry him, and thinking of those photos, his mind snapped.

"What, you regret marrying me after hooking up with the rich right. I still remember those photos.
Evelyn, how could you betray me. Although I married another wife, but I was still good to you. But you
went ahead and hooked up with other men behind my back thinking that I will not find out. Now look,
your daughter is even worse. You are really my biggest regret." Peter said as he gnashed his teeth

Thinking of those disgusting photos that someone had deliberately photoshop in order to frame her,
Evelyn did not feel good about it. She had an inkling of who it might be but she did not have the money
to investigate.

"Let me ask you again Mr Peter, have you ever taken you time to investigate that matter. Or you only
listened to what people whispered in your ear."

"Did you ever take the initiative to find out the truth before judging people. I don't care what you think of
me, but leave my daughter out of this mess. She is innocent and she does not sell her body to anyone.
If you think you have lost a lot of face, you can organize a press conference and announce to everyone
that you don't have a daughter by the name Amanda. You can disown her and maybe you will have a
peace of mind." Evelyn said, she was agitated that she started to feel pain in her heart. She clutched
her heart as she looked at Peter stubbornly.

Peter was shocked by what Evelyne said. Did she really want him to disown his own daughter.

But thinking about it from another perspective, it was beneficial to him and he had nothing to lose. He
will just forget that he ever had such a daughter in his life.

"And where is Amanda?" After remembering that he has not seen her since he came, Peter asked.

He was sure that Amanda had no where to go with such a scandal as the media will be out there to
harass her.

"That is non of your concern."

"Or has she gone to her rich men to find favour." Peter asked mockingly.

"I told you my daughter is not like that. If you are really bent on believing such rumours, then I want you
to walk out of that door, call the media and tell them that from today onwards you disown your own
daughter. But if you really love your daughter, then go and investigate this matter thoroughly. Either
way, don't ever show yourself in front me again."

"And Peter think through. Don't ever regret what you are going to do."

After Evelyn finished speaking, her face had already turned pale. You could see cold sweat falling from
her forehead. She was in pain but she did not want to appear weak infront of Peter.

"You don't have any right to tell what to do. Of course I'm going to disown that thing you call a daughter.
What is there to regret, I have nothing to lose. And I'm also going to abolish your house it the slums, so
that you can see the consequences of messing with me."

Evelyn could not take it anymore and fainted. But before she fainted, she pressed the emergency call
on her bedside.

Peter was still talking self righteously when a stream of people in white lab coats walked in.

He had not even noticed that his ex-wife was already unconscious.

Leading the team was doctor Martin. Richard had told him to put utmost importance on the condition of
this patient.

After checking Evelyn, his expression changed.

"The patient needs immediate surgery, please prepare the operating room."

"The patient's condition has been triggered, we cannot delay anymore."

After doctor Martin gave a series of instructions, they carried Evelyn to the operating room.

All this while, Peter was standing their dumbly, no one even cared to look at him.

He left the ward with clenched fists, his face was ruthless and there was no warmth in his eyes.

Doctor Martin did not forget to tell Richard.

They rushed over after hearing the news. Amanda was worried that she even started crying.

After reaching the hospital, Evelyn was in surgery, Richard asked what happened and hearing that
someone was in Evelyn's ward before she fainted, he asked his assistant to investigate the