My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 33

“Will my mom be okay?” Amanda cried as she leaned in Richard’s arms. He hugged her tightly as he
consoled her in a gentle voice.

“Auntie is a good person and she will be alright. You just need to be strong for her.”

“It is all my fault. If I had known this will happen, I would not have left her alone.” Amanda blamed

“It is not your fault. But don’t worry we will soon find out who it was.” Richard said.

Amanda hugged him tightly as she felt a sense of security. His hard chest gave her a feeling that this
man was reliable and he could not let her suffer.

Amanda raised her face which was full of tears and looked at Richard. “Thank you, Richard.” She said
in a tender voice.

Hearing her call his name for the first time, Richard was excited as he looked at her gently.

“Why are you thanking me. No one forced me to do this. I’m doing it at my own will. Don’t feel
burdened. I just want to show you my sincerity so that you can accept my pursuit, not that I’m feel
sympathy for you. I like you a lot Amanda.” Richard said.

He guided her to the bench on the other side of the corridor and made her sit down. He clutched her
small hands in his big ones and squeezed them. He wanted to channel as much warmth as he could to
her so that she could not feel alone.


Thomas came back after some times with a grave expression on his face


Looking at his face, Richard knew that something was wrong.

“What is it?”

Thomas looked at Amanda and did not know what to say.

“Just say it already. Why are you looking at her like that? This concerns her.”

“I have asked around and also checked the surveillance footage, the person who was in the ward was
Peter Jackson, Amanda’s father. He had come to teach Amanda a lesson because of the rumours that
is going around. He even went to the place where they leave. The neighbours told him that they are in
the hospital so he came here directly.” Thomas said.

Amanda looked at him shocked. After her parents divorce, her father acted as if they did not exist. He
did not even care if they lived or died. But because he had lost face because of her scandal, he came
to trouble them.

“That is not all.” After Thomas said that, he handed Richard the tablet in his hand.

Richard looked at the trending video with a grave expression.

He passed the tablet to Amanda so that they can watch together.

Peter's face came into view the moment Amanda clicked on the video.

"Hello friends of the media, my name is Peter Jackson and I'm here to talk about the news that has
gone viral about Amanda Jackson."

"Amanda Jackson is my daughter who I once loved and cherished. But she and her mother have done
many things to disappoint me from time to time. I now want to declare that from today onwards, I want
to disown this daughter of mine. She can no longer use the Jackson name and pour mad on my

"Today I specifically went to find her so that I can help but she was nowhere to be seen. I ask now
reporters, don't associate any news of Amanda to my Jackson family or whatsoever, from this moment
onwards we are no longer father and daughter."

The media and the internet was in an uproar. This video had been posted ten minutes ago but it has
received many likes and comments.

After Amanda watched the video, she had no expression on her face. Although she did not expect
much from her father and even loathed him, but what he did was too much.

Disowning her publicly without even hearing her side of the story made Amanda's body turn cold.
Richard looked at her worriedly as he pulled her into his strong arms.

Amanda did not resist as she allowed him to hug her.

She was so angry and disappointed. She did not know how to vent her anger and could only cry her
heart out.

After thirty minutes, Amanda lifted her head. She had cried untill no more tears were shed.

Her eyes were swollen and looked red.

She looked at the mess she created on Richard's shirt and felt embarrassed.

"Sorry I have dirtied your shirt." Amanda said, her face becoming as red as a tomato.

"No. It's my shirt's pleasure." Richard said.

He really wanted to take her and kiss the hell out of her but he resisted the urge. He did not want to
scare her after what she had experienced.

He touched her head and kissed her on the forehead. Amanda only felt a warm feeling on her
forehead, before she reached to what had happened, Richard had already retreated.

She looked at him and touched the place where she felt the warmth, her heart accelerated with no

"You know, it is good to cry. Keeping your emotions without releasing them can affect your mental
health. It is good to vent."

"I know. But this the last time I will cry over such stupid people. Now we have nothing to do with each


Peter went back home after addressing the media.

Vallery, who had watched the whole process was really shocked by what her father had done.

Her father was too ruthless. But she was happy atleast that bitch will not take advantage of her family.
Now that Amanda has no family to rely on, she can crush her at any time.

But first she will play with her to her heart's content before sending her to hell.

Hearing the sound of the engine from outside, she ran to the door, holding sandals in her hands.

She had to be even more filial so as not suffer this fate.

"Dad, you are home." She greeted the moment she heard the door opening.

Hearing such a sweet voice the moment Peter entered the door, he felt that his depressed mood ease
a little.

He had such a filial and understanding daughter, why would he worry about some people with lose

"What are you doing standing here. You should be resting and taking care of the child." Peter chided.

"Dad, I'm not that delicate. In fact I have been resting the whole day and I don't want to sleep anymore.
My back is aching just from lying down." Vallery said as she clutched her dad's arm.

"I have seen the news dad. Don't you want Amanda anymore. After all she is still your daughter. Will
that not cause a problem to the company.?" Vallery asked carefully.

"No really. I thought it through. Disowning that unfilial daughter will do me no harm. And with her
scandal, people will scold her even me. But for me I will have nothing to lose."

"Now you and Ryan are my only children. People from the Jackson family does not behave like
morons. Let her learn her lesson."

"And what if she come back and apologise. Will you take her back?" Vallery asked.

"No. I don't think that she can come. Given her mother's temper, she cannot allow her to come." Peter

Vallery appeared worried on the surface as she poured her dad some water, but on the inside, she was
so elated that she felt like screaming.


As they were still talking, the door bell rang. The house maid went to open the door only to find a
delivery man standing outside the door.

"Is miss Vallery home?" The delivery boy asked.

"Yes." The maid answered.

"Tell her I have a package for her. She can come and sign for it."

"Miss, you have a package, come and sign for it."

Vallery was confused. What package. She had not ordered anything online. But she still chose to go
and take a look.

It was a brown parcel. Vallery took it and signed her name.

She opened the envelope and what she saw inside made her face turn white instantly.