My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 34

Vallery calmed down and went back to the house. She did not have the mood to act filial again and
keep her dad company.

"Dad, I will be going to my room. I have some matters to deal with so I will not keep you company."

"Go ahead and so your things. I'm fine. I also want to go and get some rest." Peter waved his hand.

Vallery rushed upstairs at a lighting speed. She did not even remember that she was still in the first
phase of her pregnancy and she had to be careful.

She opened the parcel hastily and poured all the content on her bed.

They were pictures of her and Collins when she had gone to give him his payment.

They were taken very clearly. It was as if the photographer was just in the vicinity.

There was also a note in the parcel written very clearly in bold letter.

"Five million. Tomorrow five o'clock. Or everyone knows that you are the mastermind behind Amanda's

"We have a recording too. Don't play any tricks or your fate will be worse than Amanda's."

There was also a bank account that the money should be wired to.

Vallery was really unsettled. Had Collins betrayed her. If that was the case, she will not let him off.

She took out her phone and dialled Collins's number.

"Did the money I gave you not enough and now you even have the guts to blackmail me?"

"Do you think that I will not be able to find you?" Vallery asked, her voice seething with anger.

Collins who long been apprehended by Richard's men. When she heard Vallery's, he did not know how
to respond.

But he had to keep his cool. If he said something wrong or Vallery noticed anything unusual, then he
did not dare think how will die.

That person had told him to keep in contact with Vallery or else everything he has done will go viral.

"Why would I blackmail you? I'm not even in city A now. I went on a vacation to relax after you paid me.
I have no idea what you are talking about." Collins said innocently.

"I hope you are not trying to play any tricks. Just pray that it is not you."

"What did they send you?" Collins asked, although he already knew.

"Some pictures, when we were doing the transaction and a recording of what we talked about." Vallery

"It seems like someone followed us to but I don't know how they found out. Now I have to prepare five
million dollars by tomorrow." Vallery greeted her teeth.

"If it is not you, let us not contact each other for the time being. Maybe that person is watching our
everyone move. But if it is you, I swear to you that you will never see the light of the day again. I will
drag you down to hell with me." Vallery said with a threatening voice.

"Miss Vallery don't worry. I swear that it was not me. I swear on my money. If it is me then I will never
earn any cent till the day I die." Collins tried to sound as normal as possible.

Vallery finally believed him. After hearing him swear on his money and the way he worshipped it, she
finally believed him.

"Okay, I will contact you if I have any news." She hung up afterwards.

She was so stressed that she did not even care about what was going on online. She had wanted to
use her father's news to further suppress Amanda, but with this issue at hand she had to let go first.

First she contacted a friend of hers who was good at computers and told him to check on the bank
account to see if she can find the owner.

"Val, I'm sorry. It is an anonymous account I can't even find anything."

"It is okay. I will think of something else." Val replied, feeling extremely upset.

Was there no other way other than forking out five million dollars.

She decided to call her manager.

"Hey Lucy I want you to help me gather five million dollars by tomorrow." Vallery went direct to the

She rarely contacted her manager because most of her work was arranged by her father, the manager
was there just to facilitate her public image.

"Why do you need so much money for?" The manager asked with a frown.

Everyone time Vallery contacted her, it was nothing good. It was always to clean up the mess she has

"Stop asking questions. Just do as you are told." Vallery became irritated. She never liked this manager
of hers. Always inquiring about things that did not concern her.

She did not trust her. She better trust a rogue like Collins and not someone who can betray her.

She hung up the phone without waiting for her manager to reply.


At the hospital...

"I have sent those pictures and the recording to Vallery, told her to pay five million dollars by tomorrow
or else everyone knows about her evil scheme." Richard said in a deep voice.

Since they had already talked about this, Amanda was not surprised.

They had been waiting for almost four hours now and it was almost midnight but the surgery was not

"You should go back and rest. You have to work tomorrow. I will keep guard here. You don't have to
worry about me." Amanda told Richard.

"I have to atleast make sure that auntir is out of danger. Only then will I be assured. Don't worry I'm
used to sleeping late so it is not a big deal."

Since Amanda could not persuade him, she decided to keep quite. Anyway it felt good to have
someone keep you company in this darkness times.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the door to the operating room opened. Doctor Martin came
out, drenched in sweat from head to toe. Amanda who had almost dozed off was instantly awake.

"Doctor how is my mother. Did the surgery go well?" Amanda asked the moment the doctor came out.

"Yes. The surgery was a success although it was a little tricky. We have to monitor her for atleast
twelve hours, if she wakes up after twelve hours then everything is good."

Doctor Martin nodded at Richard and they soon disappeared in his office.

Amanda waited for her mother to be wheeled out.

Seeing her pale face and cracked lips, tears streamed down her face again.

Her mother must be fine or else she did not know what she will do without her.

She was taken to the ICU where she will be monitored for twelve hours. Amanda could only look
through the glasses.