My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 35

The following morning...

At Hill's hotel...

The reporters were waiting anxiously for director Alex to come on stage.

They have been waiting for almost thirty minutes and there was no sign of the protagonist. They were
starting to get impatient.

"Say.... was it a prank?" One of the reporters could not help but ask.

"Maybe. I have always known that director Alex does not involve himself in such scandals but it seems
that we have all been fooled."

"I have always been a biggest fan of his work and I have never missed to follow up any news
concerning him. But this time I was truly disappointed. I will never support a celebrity so blindly."

It was noisy in the conference room as everyone was giving their opinion.

Suddenly the door was pushed from outside. The reporters aimed their cameras towards the door, not
wanting to miss any explosive news.

Director Alex walked in followed by his assistant director Ethan.

He was dressed in a black tuxedo, looking refined. His face carried a hint of seriousness and his aura
was aloof.

He looked at those reporters with a cool gaze. It made them feel guilty for no reason.

This was their idol who they worshipped and loved, but now they have surrounded him with gossip and
rumours without even knowing the truth.

The reporters were aware of their doings in the entertainment industry. They did not care about the
truth and they always followed what the masses say.

But that was their work. How could they find the time to care about who was wrong or right? They only
cared if they can get an eye catching headline, the rest came later.

"Good morning everyone. I stand before you today to clear the rumours that have been going around. I
don't know what to say to the media. You guys are really amazing at spreading rumours. You channel
your energy to accusing people without any solid proof. Have you ever thought about the
consequences of your baseless accusations. You break many families because of the so called justice.
Yet there had never been any truth in what you report. You always misguide the netizens thinking that
you are doing justice and cleaning up the mess. Have you ever thought what the victims of your
slander go through. Does any of you ever take his or her time to find evidence before you cast your
judgement. You are really a big disappointment to the entertainment industry."

After director Alex finished speaking, the hall was so quite that you could even hear the reportes'
heartbeats. They were so ashamed by what director Alex said that they did not dare ask anything.

They always feel good when slapping people in the face, but now that it was their turn, it did not feel
good at all.

But there were those who were thick skinned enough and were not even ashamed of their action. One
of the reporter raised his hand.

"So director Alex, did you come to clear the rumours or did you come here to tell us how to do our
work. We all know that no ones ever accepts that they are in the wrong. Everyone goes around
denying that they did not do it."

"And you are the director, but here you are helping Amanda clear her name. Do you dare say that there
is nothing going on between the two of you? What right do you have to help her. Or what identity are

you using to help her clear her name. The director or her bed mate?"

Director Alex's face turned frosty. This reporter really had some big guts. He whispered to his assistant
next to him. His assistant nodded in understanding.

"I did not come here to be interviewed by people who only care about themselves. People who don't
care about the truth. I will not answer any question. But I hope that after this session, you will still be
arrogant as you are now." Director Alex said coldly.

"Now open your eyes clearly and see what I'm about to show you."

After director Alex finished speaking, he signalled the technical team that he has come with to project
the video.

"This is the audition process for the role of secondary female lead. Nothing is edited."

Everyone's gaze was focused on the video being projected after director Alex finished speaking.

As he had said earlier, it was not edited and they could see how everyone auditioned.

From the first actress to the last which was Amanda. Every word that director Alex said to each actor.
Nothing was missing.

At the end of the video, everyone was amazed but only by person.

Amanda's audition is the one that intrigued them the most. She had such a great grasp of her
character. Such acting skills have not been experienced for a long time in the industry.

They forgot about their prejudice as they stared do discuss with enthusiasm about Amanda.

"Guys, I have never seen anyone with such acting skills. Did you see Charity and Ruth, they pale in
comparison compared to Amanda. What award winning actress, Amanda is ten thousand steps ahead
of them." One of the reporter said.

"I bet this movie will be a big... big hit!"

"I feel like those who mocked her when she arrived at the hotel for audition are in for a surprise and a
very painful face slap. Did you see how they looked at Amanda with disgust and contempt. I bet they
will cry in shame once this video gets uploaded."

"I already like this movie before it is even released. I think it is going to be the best I have watched in
recent years."

More and more reporters voiced their opinion. Director Alex had long left but they did not even realise
it. He already anticipated their reaction. He did not want to look at their hypocritical faces.

It only took him forty five minutes and he was done with the press.

After finding out the truth, the reporters rushed out to make amends.

They apologized to Amanda. Because of their rushness and hunger for news, they did not care about
the truth and treated her harshly.

They also posted the audition video online. Many netizens had a mix of reactions.

Many of them acknowledged Amanda and even anticipated the release of the movie while some who
liked stirring up trouble were still not convinced but they were soon defeated by the the public.

Amanda had gained a massive number of fans. Those who hated her to the core now claimed to be her
die hard fans.

Reading their comments, she did not know if she should laugh or cry.