My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 36

Her mother had already woken up after six hours. The doctor said that she had a strong will to live that
is why she work up earlier than anticipated. Her recovery was also going great although she was still

Richard left yesterday in the middle of the night after talking to doctor Martin. He still had a company to
manage so he could not stay up all night.

He was worried that Peter might come back to make trouble so he arranged for some bodyguards to
stay guard out side the ICU.

Although Evelyn was awake, she still had to be under strict observation so she was still in the ICU but
Amanda was allowed to go in and stay with her.


"Big boss... it is done." Director Alex called Richard the moment he left the press conference. "You can
just wait for good news."

Although he was older than Richard, but he respected him because most of his movies were invested
by R&S group of companies. He had long regarded Richard as his big boss.

"Good. I will let the PR keep the rhythm." Richard said.

"Are you going to use your company's PR team?" Director Alex asked.

"Yes. Is there any problem?" Richard asked with a raised brow although the other party could not see.

"Don't you think that it is a bit high profile. Won't it cause a lot of troubles for Amanda." Alex said, a bit

"You don't need to worry about that. No one is going to highlight that. I will just tell them to do it
discreetly." Richard said.

"Okay then. I will start shooting again the day after tomorrow."

"Okay." Richard hung the phone and immediately called Amanda.


"Hey..." Amanda answered.

"How is auntie. Is she awake?" Although he already knew from the bodyguards, Richard still chose to
ask her.

"Yes. My mom is awake. The doctor said it was way earlier than anticipated and that is a good sign.
She is going to recover fast." Amanda said, feeling grateful.

For it not for this man, she is sure she would have collapsed long ago.

"That is good news. I will come by in the evening to take a look." Richard said.

"Have you seen the news?" He asked.

"Yes. Thank you again. I really don't know how to repay you." Amanda said.

"Haha... you don't have to thank me. It is my obligation to help my girl." Richard said, smiling cheekily.

Amanda was caught off guard by the sudden attack that she almost dropped her phone.

"Err.... are you not busy?" She decided not to dwell on the topic since this man was so unpredictable.
Amanda did not dare think of what will follow.

"Just finished the morning meeting. I'm drinking coffee." Richard answered simply.

"You need to drink less coffee from now on. Too much coffee will make you not be able to get enough
rest." Amanda could help but say subconsciously.

"Do you care about me?" Richard asked, pleasantly surprised.

Only then did Amanda realize what she has said. It was way out of line. But she could not control
herself meaning she maybe cared about him. But Amanda would never admit it.

"Of course not. Don't think too much about it. I will be hanging up now. You should get busy with your
work." She hanged up swiftly before Richard could reply. Her heart was beating too fast the it almost
jumped out of her skin.

Richard on the other hand just smiled and shook his head amused. His girl was probably caring about
him but she was shy to say it. Anyway he did not continue drinking coffee and instead switched to tea.

"Was that Richard?" Evelyn asked all of a sudden.

"Yes." Amanda nodded.

Her mother looked at her meaningfully.

"I can tell that he really likes you." Evelyn continued.

"My daughter Richard is a good person. Not everyone is a bastard like your father and Jason. You
need to let go in your heart and give yourself a chance to be happy. Life is too short to get yourself
locked up in your past. I want to see you happy and living a carefree life." Her mother said.

You could say that Evelyn understood her daughter well. She knew that she had a knot in her heart and
her past experience with men has not been good.

Amanda was so touched that she almost cried.

"Thank you mom. He already asked me to be his girlfriend but my heart is afraid. I'm afraid to love
again. Maybe I will be betrayed again. That is my only weakness." Amanda said emotionally.

"I know. That is why I told you to let go. Do not let him wait for too long or else it will be too late and you
won't be able to hold onto it."

"Okay mom. I will think about it."


At the Jackson's corporation.

Peter Jackson was sitting in his chair watching the press conference. He had just come out from the
meeting when his assistant handed him the tablet.

The more he watched the more he was shocked. He felt unease after thinking about his actions

So it turned out that rumours about Amanda were all false. Evelyn has told him to investigate the
matter first but he did not listen. He went ahead to disown his daughter in front of everyone. It was too
late to take back his words.

Those were just rumours started by people. But he was shocked when he watched the audition video.
When did his daughter become so good at acting. If she signed with his company, won't it be best,
maybe then he will be able to redeem himself.

When he said those words yesterday to the media, he thought that he will find some relief and finally be
free. But he felt bad and uncomfortable. He felt that he had lost something precious when he said those

word. His heart felt so uncomfortable that he wanted to take his words back. But he could not. After all
he had a face and an image to maintain.

Remembering that he had ordered people to abolish Amanda's house he immediately felt terrible.

He called his assistant immediately.

"The order that I gave yesterday to abolish Amanda's house, do not carry it out." Peter said.

His assistant was baffled but still answered honestly.

"Boss, the house is already down. It was done at night so as not to alert the authorities. The landlord is
now looking for Amanda to ask for compensation."

Peter's expression immediately fell. He did not know what he was feeling right now. He waved his
assistant to get out.


The other person who was not feeling any better was probably Vallery.

She had not slept for the whole night because she was trying to find the five million dollars.

Her manager had only managed to get three million, so she had to find two more.

She was in a terrible mood, and seeing how Amanda had cleared her name and even gotten herself a
lot of fans, her mood became even more terrible.

How did this happen. Everything was going on perfectly. But now all her efforts are down the drain.

She gritted her teeth angrily as she swept everything off the dressing table.

She had no where to vent her anger.

"Amanda thank your God that you are lucky this time. But next time you won't be so lucky."

She was also grateful that the director had not shown the videos for previous auditions or else she did
not know where she would have hidden her face. That audition had gone terribly bad and she did not
even want to remember it.