My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 37

"Mom, what did you and dad about?" Amanda asked her mother as she helped her to sit up.

"Nothing. He had come here to condemn you and I wouldn't let that happen." Evelyn answered.

"I know. He already disowned me infront of the public. Now I don't feel anything for him. Even the
resentment I had for him is gone. He is just like any other passerby in my life." Amanda said.

Although she had hated her father after waking up, but she still craved for the love and warmth that she
had missed, hoping that one day they will reconcile and let bygones be bygones. He had crushed her
hopes yesterday making Amanda wake up from her delusion.

To her, the dad she knew was no more.

"Ooh he did that. I just told him out of anger. I did not know that he will really have the guts to do."
Evelyn said, feeling bad for her daughter.

Maybe if she had not said that to her ex-husband, Amanda would still have a father.

"I'm sorry Amanda. I was just mad at him for treating us like some kind streetwalker. He is your father,
he must know your character more than anyone else and yet he came here to question you. I just
couldn't stand it... I couldn't." Evelyn's mood was off the roof.

Thinking it might harm her recovery, Amanda had no choice but to calm her down.

"Mom it is not your fault. You did what you had to do to protect your daughter and I'm grateful for that."

"You know the kind of people dad live with at home. I'm sure they have not gotten tired of tarnishing our
reputation and dad believes them. How could you fight with them. Just let them be. Let them do
whatever they want. Maybe they have forgotten that karma is a bi*ch. They will never escape their

retribution. I will never let that happen." Amanda said. Her eyes were determined as if nothing could
hold her back.

"Your father also said he will demolish our house. If you have time you should go and take a look."

"Okay mom. You can rest now."


At exactly noon, Amanda received a bank message. Her account has just received five million dollars.
She knew where it came from without even asking.

She called Richard right away.

"Hello, Vallery had deposited the money."

"Good. I thought that she had forgotten. I almost sent her a reminder." Richard answered from the other
end of the phone.

"Since you are a mini-millionaire, do you want to treat me to dinner?" Richard asked.

"When are you getting off work?" Amanda asked.


"Okay. I will pick you up."

"Okay." Richard hung up the phone feeling happy.


Vallery had gone to look for Jason at the company.

She was still mad at paying five million dollars to who knows who. She had tried figuring out the bank
account but she was not successful. She could only gritt her teeth and send out the money.

She feared that if she delayed any second, then her scandal will be all over the internet.

"You should be resting at home. Why are you here?" Jason's voice was heard as soon as Vallery
entered his office.

"I missed you brother Jase, so I came to see you." Val said, pretending to be mad.

"Does brother Jase not want to see me?" She asked moving towards Jason's desk.

Feeling that he might have been a little harsh earlier, he motioned her with his hand.

"Come here."

Val walked over happily and snuggled in his arm. She sat on his lap, held his neck and went in for a

Jason took this chance to tighten his hands around her waist as he deepened the kiss. They kissed
until both were out of breath before they released each other.

Val took the chance to sneak a lick on Jason's ear. She had long known that this was his most sensitive
part, and just one bite from her, it always gives him a hard on.

And truthfully Jason already had a hard time enduring Val's teasing. This girl has always known how to
seduce him. He liked it but now he was not in the mood.

If it was earlier, before Amanda knew of their relationship, he would have made love to her right there
and then. But now he did not know why he had no sparks toward her.

Seeing how intimate they were, he subconsciously thought of Amanda. Her beautiful and gentle face
flashed in his mind jolting him awake.

"Stop messing around, will you?" Jason said in a husky voice. He was really trying his best to endure.

"Why. I miss you." Vallery said in a seductive voice. Having no intentions of stopping her actions at all.

"You are pregnant. Have you forgotten what the doctor said? The first three months are very important,
and we cannot do anything that will endanger the baby's life."

Vallery put on a displeased look and looked at Jason aggrieved.

"Brother Jase, now you could only think of the baby right? You don't even care about what I feel. Is the
baby more important than me. I'm starting to feel threatened even before it is born." Vallery said.
Feeling extremely wronged.

Jason could only sigh as he kissed her. "What are you talking about? Of course I'm happy you are
carrying my child. Or don't you want it, huh? You know you are the only one I love and there is no one
else. You both are the most important in my life now." As Jason said that, he placed his hand on Val's
belly, although there was no movement from the inside, he still felt contented.

Hearing that, Vallery smiled sweetly.

"Don't worry, I'm just joking. Of course I love my baby and I don't want anything to happen to it."

"That is my girl!" Jason said, kissed her more and released her from his hands.

They went to sit on the coach.

"Have you told grandpa, auntie and uncle about my pregnancy?" Val asked.

"Yes. They are excited especially my mother. Even if I hadn't told them, grandma would have said it
after all they go to see her everyday."

"We will go back today so that we can have dinner with them. Grandma will also be discharged
tomorrow." Jason said.

"Okay. I have been busy this past two days that I have not had the chance to visit auntie." Val said.

"We will go today after I'm done with work."

"Why would uncle do such a thing to Amanda?" Remembering what Peter has done the other day,
Jason asked Vallery.

When the scandal of Amanda had broken out, Jason had also seen it. But he did not chose to judge
and humiliate Amanda, instead he chose to believe that Amanda could not do such kind of thing.

The other day Val was also hinting that Amanda did not get her role appropriately, surprisingly, he
chose not to comment because something in him told him that Amanda was a good girl who could
never involve herself in such dealings.

"How could I know. I was also shocked when I saw my day announcing the news. When he came
home he did not say anything and I could not figure out what he was thinking."

''How could my sister be such kind of a person. Someone must have deliberately started the rumours in
order to make Amanda leave the entertainment industry."

"But why would someone frame her?" Jason asked.

"I don't know. Maybe they were those who went to audition for director Alex's movie. Maybe they felt
like Amanda did not deserve the role that is why tried to bring her down."