My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 38

At six o'clock Amanda was already outside the gates of R&S company.

She looked at the tall building with envy. If only one day she will get the chance to come and work in
this huge company.

She did not think too much about it before she called Richard.

"Hello, I'm outside your company."

"I will be there right away." Richard replied.

When Amanda said that she will treat him to dinner, he had rushed his work and by 5.30PM, he was
already done.

He had resisted the urge to go and find her. She might think bad of him.

But the remaining thirty minutes felt like a lifetime. Every now and then, he will glance at his watch.

Receiving the call he had been waiting for, he immediately grabbed his court and sprinted out of office.

The workers who were still in the office were astonished when they saw their boss in such a hurry. He
was almost running.

They could only shook their head and continue working. Their boss hated people who gossip behind
his back. They could not risk their job.

When he reached downstairs, Thomas had already prepared the car.

"Boss, please." He made a gesture as he ushered his boss in the back seat.

"Let's go. Amanda is outside the company. We cannot keep her waiting for long." Richard said.

They had just passed through the gates when Richard saw a petite figure standing near the gate.

She was dressed in a simple tight blue jeans and a white top. Her long hair was hanging on her
shoulders, swaying lightly from the impact of the wind.

In Richard's eyes, she looked stunning. Everything in place paled in comparison compared to her
simple and beautiful get up.

Richard told the driver to stop the car beside her.

Amanda had already seen his car. His number plate was special and could easily be recognized.

The car door opened and a pair of long legs were soon seen coming from the car.

The person had a pair of long finger. His nails were trimmed beautifully and you could not see any dirt
in the them.

Seeing that Richard had come out of the door, Amanda smiled at him.

Her smile was mesmerising and could easily captures one's heart.

"Have you waited for long?" Richard asked as he walked towards her.

"From the time I called to now, it has only been five minutes. That is not a long time." Amanda

"That's long. The wind is strong today. Come on. Let's get in the car."

Amanda nodded.

They naturally sat in the back seats. The assistant and the driver were occupying the front seats and
even so Richard cannot allow her to sit far from him even if it was in the same car. He wanted her to sit

beside him.

"I said that I will pick you up but it seems like the other way round." Amanda said after settling in the

Richard did not quite register what she had said and looked at her with a questioning gaze.

"You should be sitting in my car not me sitting in yours. And besides you picked up from outside your
office." Amanda said.

Richard chuckled. This girl's mind always seem to be thinking things differently from the perspective of
other person.

"You don't have to worry about that. Work hard, earn money, buy a car then you will pick me up one
day. I will be waiting." Richard said.

"Speaking of work. I have spent the whole day answering calls from different companies. Some wanted
to sign with me while others just wanted me to shoot an article for them. My head feels like it is
splitting." Amanda said as she massaged the space between her eyebrows.

"What did you say to them?" Richard asked.

"I could only decline them for the time being. They were so many. Others I have never even heard of

"For now, my aim is to finish the work at hand first." Amanda replied.

"Okay, don't worry. I will help you look out for a suitable company." Richard said.

Amanda immediately declined. "How could I trouble you with such trivial matter. You have such a huge
company to run everyone day. I cannot let you be troubled with my matter."

"It is not trouble at all."

Amanda just looked at him and was about to open her mouth to say something when her phone rung.

Taking it out from her handbag, she saw that it was a call from her landlord. She then remembered
what her mom told her. Had her dad really ordered people to demolish the house?

"Amanda Jackson, huh! I have never known that you are such a rich missy. I have been merciful to you
all these time you have stayed here and this is how you repay my kindness? Since your dad is so rich
that he can even ask people to destroy my property, I guess his daughter is not worse off and you can
compensate for the house, right? After all you are now a famous star and dare not to leave with us
commoners." The landlord said sarcastically.

"Sorry for the trouble. I have only found out this morning that my dad planned to demolish our house
but I did not know that he will do it for real. I thought that it was just a threat. How much compensation
do you want? I will be sure to make it up to you!" Amanda replied politely. She did not get mad at how
the landlord talked to her.

It was true that he had helped them in their most difficult times in her past life when they could not
afford the rent. Sometimes he had even given them food when they slept hungry.

"Two million. That will be enough to build a new house." The landlord said.

"Okay. I will give you the money." Amanda said.

She now had five million dollars in her account. She had not planned to receive so much money. She
will just pay up two million and rest will help look for a better place to stay with her mom.

"In one week's time. Or else...." the landlord did not finish his sentence and hung up the phone.

Amanda looked at the dimmed phone screen with a complicated gaze.

Why would her dad go and demolish someone's property? Didn't he know that it can cause him a lot of

"What is wrong?" Richard asked beside her with concern.

"It my landlord. My dad not only disowned me but he also went ahead to demolish our house thinking
that is where we did not dirty business with my mom. Now the landlord is mad and wants two million as

"Thomas, you should know what to do." Richard did not answer her but turned to look at his assistant.

Since they were in the same car, he had heard everything and was not surprised about his boss orders.

"Yes boss." He simply answered.