My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 39

At William's family villa.

The family of five including Vallery were having dinner at huge oval shaped dining table.

Grandpa James was sitting at the head of the table.

On his right was Jason's father, Anderson and on his left was Jason.

Liz was sitting next to her husband while Vallery was sitting next to Jason looking all shy.

"Vallery, what would like to eat. Has your reaction been worse?" Liz asked

"No mom. My taste has not changed that much. And a part from vomiting once in a while, everything is

"That is good. It looks like the little guy is considerate about her moms condition."

"When I had Jason, I had the worst reaction. I could vomit at anything that irritate me. I did not want to
even come in contact with the smell of an onion. That was the worst. It made me sick."

"Jason was a very stubborn child before he was even born." Liz looked at her son with love and

After giving birth, the doctor told her that her body was not in a good condition so she would not risk
getting pregnant again.

She dedicate her time on raising Jason and did not think of having another child.

"Jason, you need to accompany Vallery more often, that will help to ease the reaction and the child will
grow healthy." Liz said.

"Okay mom. I will listen to you." Jason had nothing to say.

"Once your grandmother is out of the hospital, we will talk about the wedding. The child must be born in
a complete family." Liz said.

The servants started serving. It was a family rule that people should not talk during meal time so
everyone just concentrated on eating their food.


On the other hand, Amanda and Richard had reached Panari hotel.

Since it was one of the many hotels under R&S, they were taken directly to a VIP room. The manager
even left his work to come and serve them personally.

Seeing that Amanda was uncomfortable with the formalities, Richard chased the manager away.

"Just prepare the food. We will serve ourselves." The manager nodded and left after taking their order.

"Thank you. That was awkward." Amanda said.

"I saw that you were moving in your seat uncomfortably and thought that you might be uncomfortable
so I just chased him away."

"Yes. I don't like being the center of attention. That manager was looking at me like he wanted to
recognize me or something. He did it discreetly maybe afraid that you will notice and it was kind of
creepy." Amanda said honestly.

"Of course I noticed." Richard said. How could he not notice when someone was eyeing his girl. He
was especially extremely keen when it came to matters concerning Amanda.

"Tell me anything about yourself." Richard asked as he looked at her intently.

Amanda looked puzzled. "Me!" She pointed at herself.

Richard laughed out loud. "Of course you. We are only the two of us here. Who could I be talking to?"
Richard was amused.

She was so cute when she looked confused. He did not know what poison this girl had fed him.

"Ooh have you not checked my background?" Amanda asked.

Richard looked at her but did not say anything. Although he knew everything about her like the back of
his hand, he still wanted to hear her say it. He wanted to see how much she trusted him.

"My life is quite simple. I was born in a simple family. You know my dad and mom. My childhood days
were one of the best. I had a dad and a mom who both pampered me and treated me like I was a
princess. They gave me everything I wanted."

"I never lacked anything. Be it their love or material things. As long as I wanted something they will get
if for me." Amanda had a distant expression as if she was trying to remember her childhood days.

"I also had a playmate who was my childhood sweetheart. I guess we got engaged even before we
were born. My mom and his mom were best friend."

"Everything was going on well until I reached the age of seventeen. My dad came home with a woman
and a girl around the age of fifteen and a boy around the age of thirteen and said that they were my
sister and brother and the woman was his wife."

"My mom was dejected at first but came to accept them with open arms. I also treated the two siblings
like they were my own sister and brother. After some years they started to play some little tricks when
dad was not around."

"Juliana, that is my stepmother could harass my mother and call her names but my mother would just
endure. When dad came back, she will be the first to go and cry to my dad that my mom was treating
her badly. My dad could then lash out at my mom without even asking what happened."

"My mom never talked back. She just endured it silently. If I tried to speak up for mom, they will glare at
me with evil eyes. I could only shrink to the corner and not look at them again."

"At that time I could only complain to one person and that was Jason, the one I was engaged to. He
would always console me and whenever he met Vallery, he always said some nasty things to her which
made Vallery go home crying. I always thought that that was my pillar, and whatever might happen he
will always be here when I need him."

"When I turned twenty, mom and dad divorced. Someone showed dad some nasty photos claiming that
mom had an affair outside marriage. Having been humiliated, he divorced mom on the same day
without even finding out the truth. That is the day I started suspecting Vallery and her mom. Although it
was not so obvious, but looking at their gloating expressions when we left, I was certain that it was their

"My life took a sudden turn following that event. I was new to the society. I was used to my mom and
dad's pampering that I did not know where to start."

"Jason also went abroad the same year to further his studies. His family started to grow distant from us
except for his grandmother who has always loved me to date."

"I became Vallery's assistant for one year after her debut. I went through a lot. I quit and began acting
in small roles. But without any background and resources it was hard. So I quit and just did whatever I
did in order to survive. But of course it was all clean business."

"After five years, Jason was supposed to come back and we were supposed to be engaged officially
but I found out that he is together with my sister so....."

'In my past life I even went to prison for five years, my mom died. I never met you in my past life. I think
this is fate. I died at thirty and woke up at twenty five.' Amanda thought in her mind but she did not say
it out loud. She did not want to scare him. He might think that she was not human.

"That is probably my life for the past twenty five years."

Silence filled the room after Amanda finished speaking.