My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 40

Dinner at Panari hotel went well.

After dinner, Richard sent Amanda back to the hospital. He used that chance to take a look at
Amanda's mom. After making sure that everything was alright he left feeling relieved.

He ordered some bodyguards to keep guard at Amanda's mom ward fearing that someone might come
to disturb them.

The doctor had said that she will be transferred from the intensive care unit to a normal ward tomorrow
for her to recuperate well.

"Mom I'm going to see grandma. You can rest I will be back later."

Since Amanda was resuming filming tomorrow, she wanted to see grandma. She feared that she might
be too busy thus might not have the time to pay her a visit.


"Amanda you are here!" Grandma called out when she saw Amanda approaching.

"I have come to take a look. How are you feeling." Amanda asked as she approached the bed.

There was a Auntie Lona feeding her porridge.

"I'm fine already. I will be discharged tomorrow. I feel like the more I stay in this place the more I feel
sick." Grandma said.

"Okay. As long as you feel like you are okay. There is no need to keep staying in the hospital. It is not a
healthy place for elderly people. You can recover well and fast when you are in a familiar environment."
Amanda did not urge her to stay anymore.

"How is your mom. How is her condition?"

"My mom is also doing great. She had her surgery yesterday. Something unexpected happened so we
had to push it forward." Amanda said.

"That is good. I wish her a quick recovery." Grandma said.

"Thank you grandma." Amanda said.

After talking some more, she left so that the old lady could rest.


At William's villa.

The family was sitting in the resting area after they were done having dinner. They were drinking tea as
they talked about Jason's wedding.

"Jason, we need to prepare the betrothal gifts as soon as possible. You need to go and propose
marriage to Vallery's family. We cannot delay it. The wedding should be done when Vallery's belly has
not started to show." Liz said.

"You also need to prepare a wedding dress for Vallery. Everything should be perfect."

"Mom I will just leave everything to you. Just do as you see fit. I will not interfere with the wedding
preparations." Jason waved his hand and stopped his mother.

He was not as excited as he had been before. He had been looking forward to spending the whole of
his life with Vallery but not any more.

Every time he thought of marrying, Amanda's face would flash through his mind. He did not know why
but he always thought of her.

He just wanted to marry Vallery for the sake of their child, if not for the baby he would not have even
thought about it.

"You also need to go to the hospital tomorrow to pick up your grandmother. Since she is being
discharged tomorrow, don't go to the company. Stay with Vallery and take care of your grandma." Liz

"Okay mom. I will listen to you."

After talking some more, everyone went to rest.


Amanda's mom could not wait until tomorrow. She insisted on being transferred from the intensive care
unit at night.

Richard had already asked the hospital to prepared a VIP ward for them.

It was way better than the ward they stayed in previously. It looked more like a hotel presidential suite.

It had a kitchen, a resting room for those who looked after their sick patients, a bathroom and a toilet.

Amanda was shocked when they brought her mom here. Since she could not refuse, she could only
sigh and go with the flow.

The man was adamant on helping her, she will just assume that she did not see anything.

After settling, she washed up briefly and went to rest.

It was a good thing that after her mom was admitted, she went back to the house and brought some
daily necessities and clothes or else everything would have gone down the drain when they
demolished their house.

Although what she brought was not enough, it will sustain them untill they were discharged.

Her mom did not need a lot of clothes because most of the time she wore the hospital gown, actually it
was all the time. Maybe she will change when she gets discharged.

Early the next morning.

Amanda woke up earlier than usual. Shooting was resuming today so she had to wake up early to
avoid being late.

She went to the kitchen to prepare a simple breakfast before she went to clean up in the bathroom.

After cleaning up and dressing, she went to look at her mom and noticed that she was still sleeping
soundly, she did not want to wake her up. She went to grab her breakfast and after taking a bite she
rushed outside the door.

She took the subway as always and rushed to the set.

When she reached the shooting location, a lot of people had already arrived.

Some people who were cold to her before and felt that she did not deserve her role as the second
female lead greeted her politely. Their attitude had warmed up a little.

They had seen the video that director Alex had released at the press conference and they were

Some of them were among those who had shouted the loudest for Amanda to leave the entertainment

They had thought that Amanda acted well on set due to pure luck. Especially those who had gone to
audition for the same role but only managed to get some minor roles.

They could only lower their head and dared not to provoke her anymore.

But there are some who still felt that Amanda was just lucky that is why she escaped unscathed.
Director Alex just took pity on her because she had no background and no one to stand up for her.

"Amanda is here." One of her fans shouted.

The first day, Amanda a had gained a considerable amount of fans on set. Those who genuinely felt
that she had the skills chose to support her.

She was soon surrounded by a group of people.

"You know when I saw the news on the internet I was shocked and mad at the person who had
published it. Some people are just born to cause trouble. They have not even seen my idol act but they
went around claiming that Amanda have no skills." Vivian said. She was one of the people who truly felt
that Amanda was gem.

"We are only a small number so our voice were drowned in the massive attacks the moment we spoke.
I was so mad that I did not even eat that day." Sharon said.

"I just wanted to slap those people. But hell, that video was so cool. It quickly shut them up. That slap
was satisfying that I could not stop grinning after your audition video went viral." Sharon added.

Amanda just smiled at them and said nothing.

"Hey Amanda, you now have a considerable number of fans after that incident. We were asking if you
could form a fan base to support you." Vivian asked.

The others nodded.

Amanda was touched and nodded without hesitation. Having people who support you unconditionally is
really sweet.