My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 41

The movie "The secret mission" entailed an operation where the special forces were to retrieve an
important data for their technological development.

Amanda was playing the role of Jane, who was most trusted subordinate of their chief.

The missions were ranked according to their importance and urgency.

The female lead role Vanessa which was played by the best actress of the year Stacy was also a major
general in the army.

Stacy and Jane were rivals who fought with each other because each one of them wanted to be
promoted to stand beside their chief.

Both of them had fallen in love with their commander in chief and they wanted to gain his favour.

Today's scene was where Amanda's troop and Stacey's troops were sparring.

The chief had released a message that there is a T level mission to be undertaken and the best team
will be given the mission. T was the highest ranked mission in their army and brought one immense
glory and favour when completed successfully.

"In 1.....2.....3..... begin." After hearing the director's whistle, everyone got in position.

"Major general Vanessa it's my pleasure for my team to spar with your team today." Jane bowed her
head lightly.

"Major general Jane, I'm sure my team will come out the best today. I have to get this mission at all
costs." Vanessa also bowed her head.

"Okay may the best team win." Jane said as she smiled lightly.

Vanessa had on a serious expression and did not smile back.

When the trainees saw their leaders coming, they cheered on them.

They have been training for a long time now and today's sparring will determine whether they are
taken into the inner circle of the army or they remain to serve outside.

They have also heard the news about the mission. The best team in today's sparring will have the
privilege of going on such a high ranked mission.

Everyone was full of energy and vitality and the each team wanted to be the best.

No sooner had Jane and Vanessa sat down, they heard shrieks and cheers from the crowd.

They looked towards the direction where everyone was looking at and the figure at the entrance made
them to fall into a trance.

At the entrance was a tall figure, with slim waist, narrow legs, and a face that was as beautiful as if God
took all his time moulding it.

His hair was hanging loosely on his forehead. He had on a lazy aura.

He was wearing a full militay uniform. It only enhanced his beauty. The uniform made him look more
hot and unrestrained.

Although people said that the people in the army were cold blooded, but this man was as warm as an
autumn breeze. Maybe he only showed his ruthlessness to his enemies, but in his territory he always
wore a warm smile but still people feared him.

"It is chief Erick. Damn it! I cannot even breath just looking at his face."

"How could God be so unfair? How could a man be more beautiful than even a woman."

"I just want to go over and lick his boots."

"For me I just want to hug his thigh."

Director Alext was happy because he was achieving the effect that he wanted. The hardest to control
when shooting was the crowd.

Chief Erick waved at the crowd as he made his way towards Vanessa and Jane.

Although their teams were sitting on the both side of the arena, Jane and Vanessa did not sit far from
each other.

Seeing that their chief was coming over, Jane managed to calm her erratic mood in time. She stood up
and maintained a ram rod staright position. Although she loved their chief and wanted to be with him,
she could not show it so bluntly.

Many years of training in millitary has taught her how to hide her emotions even in the face of danger.

Emotions was one of the lethal weapon for soldiers. If you let your enemy read your mind then you are
already dead before you even know it.

Chief Erick happened to see Jane adjusting her emotions at a quick pace and nodded his head in

Looking at Vanessa on the other hand, he could not help but frown. She is a major general who need to
lead in the front, if she cannot adjust her emotions at the right time and gave the enemy a chance to
strike, won't that be a fatal blow to her team.

The secretary beside her squeeze her hand a little. Vanessa finally came back to her senses. She
looked at her chief embarrassed.

She has always lost her cool whenever she was infront of the chief. She thought that she might be able
to put her emotions in check but it was a failure.

She turned her head to look at Jane and noticed her cool expression. Vanessa sneered.

Who is she putting on an act for. But that is where she was wrong. Jane knew how to control her
emotions even if it was infront of a man she loved.

"Chief!" Jane called out as she gave a military salute.

"General Jane!" Erick also called out as he gave her military salute.

"Don't be hard on yourself. I'm just here to join in the fun." Erick said.

"Please continue." After saying that, he went to sit down.

He sat between Jane and Vanessa although the distance between them was a little wide.

The referee bowed the whistle and first the bunch entered the arena.

Each team had to produce ten participants and whoever won the most will be announced as the

Finally the sparring session was over. The best team was Jane's. They had won six out ten and they
were so elated.

Feeling proud of her team, Jane went to congratulate them.

"You did well. At least you did not make your general look bad in front of the chief."

"How could we make our general look bad. After all we have such a powerful leader. We had to do our

"Okay guys. You can rest now. Let us wait and see what the chief will say regarding the mission. I will
communicate to you." Jane left because she had been summoned to go and meet with the chief.


"Your team did well. I see the your training is going well." Erick said to Jane.

They were now sitting in a tightly guarded meeting room. Only those with the highest military security
clearance were allowed to enter.

"Vanessa too your team did well. Only a little reformation and they will do better."

"Okay enough with the formalities." Erick's face turned serious.

"I have a mission for you guys. And this mission needs the both of you to cooperate together. There is
this item that has gone missing in the CIA archives. Although the news had been sealed, out
intelligence team happened to get wind of it. But now we cannot risk exposing their identities so we
need to this by ourselves."

"Vanessa your team has always been the best at collecting intelligence. I want you to use your best
team and find this device. It will help us with our technological advancements that has been stuck for
over fifty years."

"Jane your team is best at combat and other military skills. Once Vanessa locates the device, I want
you to lead your best team and retrieve this device."

"This mission cannot be completed with one team. And if any of you mess up, then the mission is

"Understood." Erick looked at them sternly.

They could feel the seriousness of the matter so they nodded their heads solemnly.

"Go and start preparing. I will you brief tomorrow on the way forward."

"Yes sir!'' They answered in unison, saluted their boss and strode out the small conference room.

"Cut....!" Director Alex yelled excitedly.

He could not help but run his hands in excitement. Today's scene was long and was intense. He never
imagined that it will end just in one take.

"Everyone please take a break we will continue later." Director Alex generously gave them a break.

The next scenes were simple and were all finished in one take.

At six, they wrapped up and everyone went home.