My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 42

Today being a Saturday, Amanda slept until she woke up naturally. They were not filming on weekends
so they can take time to relax.

A smell of a delicious aroma wafted in her nose jolting her awake.

Her stomach grumbled on the smell of food coming from the kitchen.

She woke up and went directly to the kitchen without even washing her face.

In the kitchen, Evelyne was skillfully frying some eggs for breakfast.

"Mom, you don't look like someone who has just undergone a heart surgery. You are so full of energy.
You even woke up early to make breakfast." Amanda said as she approached the kitchen.

"I have been lying down for a long time I feel like if I lie down anymore some mould would grow on my
body." Evelyne said.

"Today is a weekend. You should sleep some more. You have worked hard. You need to rest so you
can replenish your energy. I don't want you to grow old fast."

"I'm fine mom. I was woken by the aroma of food. Yesterday I was too tired that I did not eat well."
Amanda said.

"Okay. Go and wash up. I'm almost done here."

After washing up, Amanda went to the kitchen to have breakfast with her mother.

Her mom had made a lot of food. There were eggs, bacon, sandwich, pancakes, waffles... name them.

Amanda felt her taste buds salivating before she even started to eat.

"Mom why did you make so much food. We are only the two of us." Amanda asked, puzzled. Looking
at how much food her mom had made, she did not know what to say.

She knew her mom loved cooking. Amanda always ate untill she can't anymore, because the moment
you place that egg omelette in your mouth, you will not get enough of it.

"I was just cooking randomly. I did not know that it will be too much." Her mom said.

"And we are not alone. There are bodyguards outside. We will invite them in so that we can eat
together." Evelyne said.

Amanda slapped herself on the forehead. "How can I forget about them. My mind is muddled upon
seeing good food." Amanda chuckled and went to call the bodyguards.

The moment she opened the door, she bumped into a hard and steady chest.

Her nose crunched in pain as it was almost broken from the impact.

She looked up and came into contact with dark mysterious eyes. They were looking at her with a gentle

"Why are you so careless." Richard said, holding Amanda in his arms.

"I'm not careless. I didn't know that I will bump into you at the door."

"I was going to knock but the door was opened from inside so I did not have time to. Where were you
going?" Richard asked.

"I was going to call Felix and Charles so we can have breakfast together." Amanda said as she
struggled to get out of his arms.

Richard released her. This was a hospital and her mother's ward. He could not hold her even if he
wanted to.

"Ooh. So I came at the right time." Richard said, a smile hanging on his lips.

"Yes. Mom woke up early and made a lot of food. We cannot eat it all just the two of us."

"Amanda what took you so long?" Evelyne asked as she walked towards the door. She had also been
waiting for a while but had not seen her.

When she reached the door, she saw Richard. She could not help but smile.

"Richard is here too. Come in. We are just in time to have breakfast."

Richard smiled as he nodded his head. "Thank you auntie. I just rushed here and had not had
breakfast yet."

"Come in. I made a lot of food. Amanda move a side so that Richard can come in. Why did you keep
him waiting at the door."

Amanda moved away, embarrassed. They had been talking so she did not remember to welcome him

Richard entered the ward. He was carrying various size of bags all filled with nutritious supplements
that doctor Martin had said Amanda's mom needed for quick recovery.

"Why did you bring so much?" Evelyne asked as she took the bags from Richard's hands.

"These are what you need for your recovery. Actually it was given to me by a friend of mine. So instead
of wasting them in away in the house, I thought they might be of help to you. So just take it." Richard
explained simply.

"Go wash your hands and come have breakfast."

Richard went to wash up in the bathroom.

"Why are you standing there for?" Evelyne asked Amanda.

"And where is Felix and Charles?"

Amanda then remembered that she had gone out to call the bodyguards.

But looking outside, no one was standing out side the door.

"Where have they gone. When I was talking to Richard, they were still here." Amanda mumbled.

"I told them to go and rest since I'm here." Came Richard's voice came from the other side.

"Ohh..." Amanda answered, appearing absent minded.

How could Richard allow them to eat the food prepared by his mother-in-law before he even ate it
himself. He had long signaled them to leave.

"Okay. Let us go and have breakfast."

The three sat on the coffe table just outside the kitchen. They ate in a harmonious manner and you
could even think that they were already a family.

Although Richard did not like to eat too much in the morning, but this breakfast was well balanced so
he ended up eating more than he should.

Amanda who was worried that the food would go to waste was relieved when she saw that Richard had
cleared almost everything.

It was good to have a man in your life. At least he will help with things ladies cannot do.

"What do you plan on doing today?" Richard asked Amanda after breakfast.

"I wanted to go and look for a house. After mom is discharged, we will need somewhere to stay."
Amanda said.

"Why did you not tell me? Do you have the money for rent?" Her mom asked.

"I was to tell you after breakfast." Amanda said.

"About the money. Richard here helped become a mini-millionaire. Many things have happened since
my scandal so I did not get the chance to explain it to you." Amanda said.

After saying that, she explained to her mother about everything that had happened untill she cleared
her name.

"It is all thanks to Richard here." Amanda said with a smile.

"It was nothing really. I just did it because I couldn't stand and watch people misunderstand you."
Richard said with smile. Sounding like it was not a big deal.

"I have seen that Auntie is okay. Go and change I will accompany you to look for a house. I know some
houses that are in a good location and have good security." Richard said.

"Go change. Don't keep Richard waiting for long." Her mom urged her.

After Amanda was gone, Evelyne turned towards Richard.

"Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I did not know that you had done so much for her when you
have barely known each other."

"Don't say that Auntie, I did it willingly. I will just tell you the truth. I really like Amanda. The moment I
saw her, I knew she is the one I have been waiting for. And now I'm wooing her." Richard confessed

"I know. But I'm afraid my daughter is not very active. She has been hurt before by the men she trusted
so it will be hard for her to open her heart to you. You will have to work harder." Evelyne said.

"Don't worry Auntie. I will do all I can so that Amanda fall in love with me. I will not give up on her."

"That is good to hear. My daughter is always muddled headed sometimes. You need to take care of her
on my behalf."

"You don't have to worry about that. With me around, no one will mess with her."