My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 43

"What kind of house do you want?" Richard asked as he drove Amanda out of the hospital.

"Didn't you say just now that you know quite some good places." Amanda asked, puzzled.

"That was just an excuse to convince Auntie and also to make you not refuse my request of
accompanying you." Richard with a straight face.

'How thick is this man's skin. How could he lie without even flinching.' Amanda thought.

"But since it is a weekend and we are both free, we can look around, if we find anything good then we
take it." Richard said.

Amanda had no objections and just nodded her head.


"Grandma how are you feeling?" Jason asked after entering the ward.

"I'm fine. I just want to leave this place." Grandma Catherine said.

"Okay grandma. We are here to take you home." Jason said.

"Val, come help me hold grandma." Jason said as he beckoned Vallery who was standing at the side.

They helped grandma up and put her on a wheelchair. Jason pushed the wheelchair as they walked
towards the car.

"We just came the two of us. Grandpa and the rest are waiting at home." Jason said after settling his
grandmother in the car.

"It is fine. There is no need to attract a lot of attention." Grandma said.

She knew that her husband was guilty and did not have the courage to face her now. She did not dwell
on the matter too much.

"What are you planning to do with Vallery?" She changed the topic.

"We were waiting for you to get discharged. We are planning to hold a wedding before her belly start
showing." Jason said.

"It is good to hold a small wedding now. Or you can just get the certificate and you will hold your
wedding later after she has delivered. There is no need for too much fanfare." Grandma said.

She had thought hard and long about the issue. Since the child was their own flesh and blood, she
could will make sure its is born in a complete family.

Although she did not like Vallery and her mother, she will still have to accommodate them because of
her great grandson.

"Grandma why are you saying so?" Jason asked. Although he was not in the mood for the wedding, he
did not want to show it.

"She is already pregnant. Is there a difference if you get a marriage certificate. She will still be your wife
and enjoy the benefits of being the madam of the William's family." Grandma said.

Jason knew that his grandmother did not like Vallery. He had even thought that she will not allow them
to get married. But because of Vallery's pregnancy, she was allowing them to have a marriage
certificate. That was more than he had imagined.

Vallery on the other hand clenched her fists tightly. She had thought that with this baby, everything will
go smoothly, but now according to grandma's words, they can either hold a small wedding or get a

marriage certificate. She had planned to use the baby as an excuse to establish her status in the

She wanted to have a huge and unforgettable wedding. She wanted to show off to Amanda that she is
still the winner. That she had stolen everything from her.

"Jason, we will just do as grandma says. What is important is our baby. As long as the baby is born in a
complete family, I don't care about the wedding." Vallery said.

She had to master up all her acting skills in order to put on that innocent and considerate act.

"All I want is to be with you. As long we are together, everything else does not matter." Vallery
continued in a small voice.

How could Jason not tell that she was just putting on a strong front.

He once promised her that he will give her the wedding of the century but now he was about to break
his promise.

Looking at her innocent and fragile look, Jason felt guilty. He had already failed one of the person he
loved, if he failed another one, won't he be the jerk of the year.

He cleared his throat and looked at his grandmother through the review mirror. "Grandma we will talk
about that when we reach home. I also want to marry Vallery and make her my rightful wife. Since she
is the madam of the William family, we cannot let her down."

Grandma just snorted and closed her eyes to rest.

She did not know that his grandson was a hopeless bastard who loved so blindly that he could not see
through a woman's facade.


"Let's go here and take a look. It looks great." Amanda told Richard after she saw a post advertising a
vacant house.

"The security looks good and the environment is also quiet and clean."

"Okay." Richard replied as he drove towards the gate.

"Hello, we are here to look for a house." Amanda said to the security guard after the gate was opened
for them.

"Okay. Wait a minute. I will call the person in charge." The security guard left to make the call.

"He is on the way. Can you please be a little patient and wait for him." The security guard said politely.

"It is fine. We will wait at the packing lot." Amanda said as Richard drove away.

After ten minutes, the sales agent arrived.

"Thank you for choosing our property. It is an honour to be of service to you." The agent said.

He had talked too much that Amanda did not even remember his name.

"Can you please show us the house. We need to take a look before we make a decision." Amanda

She had noticed that Richard was frowning, clearly displeased with how the agent was talking too

"This way please." They followed him towards the apartments.

When they reached the vacant house, Amanda immediately fell in love with it. It had the perfect view
and a large garden that they can use to plant flowers.

The surrounding environment was great. It had clean pavements and the cherry trees planted on the
side walk gave one an artistic feeling.

Amanda could not help but grin. "In already love the ebevrionmet. Let's go in and take a look."

Richard looked at her. Gentleness overflowing from his eyes.

"Okay." He nodded as he hold her hand. He could not resist the urge to hold her.

Amanda blushed but she did not push him away.

When they reached the house, Amanda was even more amazed.

The design of the house was one of a kind. The agent opened the door and ushered them in.

The house had a spacious living room. A big dining room. She walked towards the kitchen, it occupied
a larger space and had great furniture.

The house had two floors. The ground and the first floor.

After touring through the whole house, Amanda was pleased and immediately signed a five year
contract with the agent.

She was given a bunch of keys and after everything was finalised they left.

She will redecorate the house and buy some furniture because it had nothing.

After leaving the place, Richard drove to a five star Michelin restaurant to have lunch.