My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 44

At William's family home...

The atmosphere was joyous as everyone welcomed grandma.

"Welcome mom. We are glad that you are okay." Said Jason's father.

"Yes mom. We were so worried but thank God you are okay." Liz added.

Grandma Catherine just looked at them coldly and said nothing.

"Lunch is ready. Let us have lunch and we will talk later." James said after seeing that his wife's
expression was not right.

"Yeah, mom just came from the hospital. Let's eat first." Liz said.

The family went to the dining area.


After lunch, Richard took Amanda to do shopping. They walked around aimlessly just to pass time.
Richard wanted to spend more time with Amanda so he gave an excuse of shopping.

They went from shop to shop either to buy or to just take a look. It seemed like Richard was a VIP
member in every shop they stepped into. And whenever Amanda saw something that she liked,
Richard will immediately pay for it.

She was so embarrassed that she did not want to look at anything anymore. She tried to let him stop
but he could not listen. Amanda gave up trying to convince him otherwise.

They were in this particular shop when a voice stopped them.

"Richard is that you?" A female voice called out from behind them gently. Richard and Amanda turned
around instinctively at the same time.

They were met with a group of ladies approaching them. The lady infront was wearing a channel dress
with a ten inch high heels. She was carrying a blue Gucci handbag in her hand matching perfectly with
a her blue dress.

She had on smoky makeup, long eyelashes and her mouth was painted red.

She is not the type of beauty that were enchanting at first glance. But looking at her twice one could not
let their eyes off.

Beside her, she was accompanied by four ladies, probably her followers. They were following her from
behind and were laughing from time to time.

"Richard, it is really you. I thought that I was mistaken." The lady was called Mandy. She said softly and
her eyes softened.

Richard had a frown on his face as he looked at the woman before him coldly.

Amanda could not help but give him a questioning look.

Sensing her gaze, Richard looked at her and smiled gently. But when he turned to look at Mandy, his
expression turned gloomy.

"I just came from overseas not long ago and thought of visiting you. I went to your house and uncle
said that you rarely visit." Mandy said gently. All this while she had not looked at Amanda even once.

"Ooh. Continue visiting then. I don't care if the old man want to marry another wife. That is upto him to
decide. It is none of my business." Richard said coldly.

Mandy's expression instantly fell. Richard was still mad at her. She had gone abroad to give him time to
heal but it seems like he was still the same.

"What are you talking about Richard. I take uncle as my own father. How would I think of marrying him.
I came back because I was worried about you. How could you talk to me like that." Mandy could not
help but feel wronged.

She went forward and wanted to touch Richard but he effortlessly avoided her touch.

Her hand hung in air awkwardly.

"Uncle is not feeling well. You should go and visit more often. You know you are all that he has left. You
should let by gones be by gones." Mandy gritted her teeth and said.

She had loved this man for a long period of time and thought that her love will be reciprocated in the
end, but all her efforts were in vain.

Seeing that they knew each other and maybe had a lot to talk about, Amanda decided to excuse

"I will be in the cafe over there. Call me when you are done." Amanda said to Richard as she pointed at
the cafe opposite the shop they were at.

She did not wait for Richard to respond and left.

She had just taken a step when her hand that was hanging on the side was held in a firm grip. Amanda
was startled and did not immediately turn around.

"There is nothing to talk about here. And there is nothing you cannot listen to." Richard explained

He did not want Amanda to misunderstand him and think that he was a scumbarg who was entangled
in different relationships.

It was then that Mandy took a good look at Amanda. She had intentionally ignored her when talking to
Richard because she did not feel any threat from her.

To her she was just a plain looking girl who was not worthy of being her opponent.

But seeing how Richard talked to her gently, Mandy gave her a second look.

"Richard who is she?" Mandy could not help but ask.

"It is none of your business." Richard answered in a stoic voice.

Mandy's lips twitched. Why did he change at a lighting speed. Wasn't he talking in a gentle voice just
now. Why did he sound so cold in the next moment.

"Can we go somewhere and talk?" Mandy asked.

Instead of looking at her, Richard turned to look at Amanda.

Amanda just shrugged her shoulders and said nothing.

This was his business, she could not interfere. Although she felt uncomfortable at how Mandy was
looking at Richard with a gentle gaze.

"Let us go to the cafe over there." Richard said. He also wanted to solve this once and for all.

Mandy looked at her girlfriends and told them to stay. She looked at Amanda but seeing that Richard
was clutching her hand without letting go, she did not say anything and followed after them.


"Hey girls, that girl just now looks familiar." One of Mandy's girlfriend whispered the moment Mandy and
Richard left.

"Yes I think so. I have seen her somewhere and but I cannot remember where." One of them

The other one who was on phone answered them. "She is the girl who has been trending on social
media recently. She was rumoured to have slept with a lot people in order to get the role she is playing

"Ooh. I remember now. Even director Alex helped her clear her name."

"But why is she with Richard. Everyone knows that Richard is engaged to Mandy. Maybe the rumours
about her are true. She wants to hug those with thickest thighs."

"We cannot judge. After all the scandal was already cleared. Mandy has also been overseas for long
and maybe Richard was tired of waiting."

"Okay. Let us wait and see. But if she is hooking up with Richard, Mandy will not let her off easily."

"Let us just wait for the show."