My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 45

In the cafe opposite...

Richard ordered tea for Amanda and helped her sit down.

Mandy looked at her coldly feeling uncomfortable.

Just then Richard's phone rung. He took it out to look at the caller. He gave Mandy a warning gaze
before he excused himself to answer the call.

Mandy did not notice that gaze as she was busy seizing up Amanda.

"Did you know that Richard and I are engaged?" Mandy asked Amanda the moment Richard left.

Amanda looked at her puzzled.

When was her business to know what people Richard is engaged to. They are not even together so
she definitely knows nothing about him.

"It seems like he does trust you enough. Maybe you are just a plaything for him to pass time." Mandy
smacked sarcastically.

"I want you to name your price and stay away from Richard from now onwards." Mandy said.

"I don't understand what miss is talking about." Amanda feigned ignorance.

This woman was now getting on her nerve.

"Don't play dumb with me woman. I know you are only after Richard's money. With your status, his
father will never allow you to marry into the Howell family."

Amanda hooked her lips. Which eyes of this woman saw that she was together with Richard only
wanted to squander his money.

"Excuse me miss. Which eyes of you saw that I'm together with Richard?" Amanda asked.

She was long fed up with this woman. She has been treating her politely because of Richard but now
she was getting on her nerve.

"Are you not together. Then why is he treating you so gently. I have never seen Richard treat anyone
with such gentleness." Mandy said. Not at all believing Amanda.

"I told you there is nothing between me and Richard. If you want to believe whatever you think is right,
then go ahead and entertain yourself." Amanda said. She was done playing polite.

"Does Richard know that you don't have any manners and you can just talk to people whoever you
want?" Mandy asked.

"That is none of your concern."

"Tell me miss, whatever your name is. You said that Richard is your fiancee right?" Amanda asked.

"You don't even know my name and dare to mess with me?" Mandy asked angrily. Who did not know
her name and status in city A. No wonder this girl was daring enough to hook up with Richard.

"Do I have to know you? Who are you anyway? Are you the mayor or the president of United States?"
Amanda asked sarcastically.

"You...." Mandy was mad that her face turned red.

"Now can you answer my question?" Amanda continued.

"What question?" Before Mandy answered, Richard interjected with a deep voice.

Amanda smiled at him lightly.

"This lady here is saying that she is your fiancee I just wanted some clarification. After all she thinks
that I'm your girlfriend and she even wants to pay me so that I can stay away from you." Amanda said,
without hiding anything.

Mandy looked at her with astonishment. Was there something wrong with her brains.

"Is that so...?" Richard looked at Mandy coldly.

"I....." Mandy tried to explain herself but was cut off by Richard.

"I thought that I was clear before. But since you seem to have forgotten I don't mind repeating it once

"I, Richard Howell, I'm not engaged to any woman. Since the day you decided to collude with my father
to drug me, that was end of our relationship. I don't like people who scheme behind my back and play
dirty tricks."

"You wanted to sleep with me and you got your wish. You even faked being pregnant so that I can
marry you. How low do you think my IQ is in that I cannot see through your petty schemes?"

"I told you that I will never touch you again. Not in this life and not in the next. You should stop
pestering me. A friendly advice, you would have just remained overseas instead of coming here to
provoke me."

"But since you want to marry into the Howell family so much, why don't you marry the old man. Didn't
you collude with him to drug me? Didn't he advice you to throw yourself in my bed. You already got
what you want. I'm not that patient and noble so do not try to cross my bottom line." Richard said coldly.

Mandy was in a daze. Before she could react, Richard had already left with Amanda.

She clenched her fists and a vicious light crossed her eyes.

After some time.....

"Mandy are you alright?" Her girlfriends asked with concern. She did not know when they had come.

"I'm fine girls." Mandy forced a smile.

"Why did Richard leave so suddenly. We thought the since you have not seen each other for a long
time you had a lot to talk about."

"He is busy so left earlier." Mandy found an execuse.

Her friends did not ask anymore after seeing that she did not look good.

"Do you know that woman. The one who was with Richard?" Mandy asked her friends.

"She is called Amanda. She has just entered the entertainment industry and already shrouded with
scandals." One if the girls answered. She had a good feeling about Amanda before, but seeing that her
friend's unhappiness might be caused by her, she decided to throw mud at her without hesitation.

"What is wrong with her. Is there something going on between her and Richard?" Sheila, one of the
girls asked.

Mandy did not answer but the look she gave them answered their question.

"How dare she seduce your man? Does she not want to live anymore."

"Now that I think about it, it seems that the rumours had some truth in it. I was just wondering how
director Alex is so noble and gentleman and he can stand up for a woman, it seems that he already got
the benefits."

"This is so disgusting. Now she has already hooked up with Richard. How dare she?" Mandy looked at
her friends being mad on her behalf and said nothing. Although she was not sure of the relationship
between Amanda and Richard, she had to act as soon as possible before anything happened between


In Richard's car...

Amanda looked at the man with a gloomy face and sighed. She did not ask him anything but
accompanied him quietly.

"Don't you want to ask anything?" Richard asked, looking at the girl in the passenger seat.

"What is there to ask. That is your privacy and your life. If you want to talk about it I will listen." Amanda
answered with a warm smile.

Looking at her gentle smile, Richard felt his erotic mood calm down.

He sighed. "It was five years ago on my birthday. Mandy and I had been engaged for some time. I was
not enthusiastic about this relationship because I thought that it was just a waste of time. I did not treat
her coldly on the account that my father really adored her. I had never touched her before since it was
a relationship arranged by our families."

"I just wanted to make my dad happy because since mom died, he has been alone with no one to
accompany him. Then Mandy came. She would always keep dad company which made him happy. He
then said that I should marry her. I did not object seeing how happy dad was."

"Then on my birthday, I was drugged by the two of them. I was not aware and only woke up in the
morning and found myself lying beside Mandy. I was shocked and immediately asked her what

happened. She told what happened. I was so mad that I immediately chased her out of the house. But
what surprised me was that dad stood beside her and defended her."

"He took all the blame and said that it was not Mandy's fault. It was my fault for not treating her well
and they just wanted to see if I could perform."

"I immediately stormed out of the house and never looked back. One month later dad called me and
told me that Mandy was pregnant. I did not know that it was yet another prank so I decided to go home
because dad was all the family I had left."

"One week later, I stumbled upon her pregnancy report. It indicated that she was not pregnant. Dad
tried to explain that they only wanted me to go back home. But I did not care. I took my mom's
belongings and left home. And that was the last time I have been home. Now I have just been on my
own untill I met you." Richard said as he looked at Amanda gently.

Amanda's eyes had already turned red. She did not know that the man she viewed as an unbreakable
pillar had gone through so much pain.

She could not control herself and hugged him tightly.