My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 46

Richard was shocked when Amanda hugged him. But it was only for a second before he hugged her
back tightly. It was if he wanted to merge his body with hers

They stayed in that position for sometime before Amanda let go.

She had already come to a decision. She did not know if she will regret it in the future but for now she
just wanted the man before her to feel the warmth that he has constantly been giving her.

"Richard..." Amanda called out softly.

"Huh.." Richard looked at her with a tender gaze.

He was still reeling in the feeling of being hugged by her.

"I don't want you to wait anymore." Amanda said. She was shy that she did not dare look at him in the

"I don't understand." Richard said in confusion.

Amanda was abashed that she did not want to repeat. But she gathered her courage and looked at
Richard in the eyes.

"I said that I don't want you to wait anymore. I'm willing to be your....."

Before Amanda could finish her sentence, a torrential of kisses befell her innocent lips. She was
shocked that she almost fainted.

She clutched on Richard's collar for support. Althoug they were in the car, Amanda felt like she was
floating in the clouds and any wrong move will land her on the hard ground. She could only clutch the
collar of the wild man tightly.

When Richard felt that the girl before him could not breathe anymore, he released her.

He engulfed her in a tight hug without letting go.

"Do you mean what you said just now?" Richard asked is husky voice.

Amanda looked at him, perturbed. Her mind was still muddled from the fierce kiss just now and she had
not registered what Richard was saying.

"Have you accepted by pursuit?" Richard asked again, seeing how confused she looked.

Hearing that Amanda nodded shyly. She could not help but bury her face in his hard and strong chest.

Richard chuckled.

"Thank you Amanda. I promise that you will never regret your decision today." He looked at her as he
said emotionally.

Amanda's eyes were glistening, her tears threatening to fall.

"I know. You are such a good man and maybe it is me who does not deserve someone like you. Maybe
one day you will find that I'm not as you thought and leave me just like Jason did. I'm afraid Richard but
I also don't want you to be alone after all that you have been through." Amanda said. Tears has already
stained her beautiful face.

"I'm afraid that I'm not as beautiful as Mandy. I'm afraid of you walking away from me that is why I
dared not accept you. But now I can't think of you being intimate with other women. I can't think of you
being lonely. I want to be your source of strength, your source of warmth but I don't know if I can do it."
Amanda poured out her heart.

"You are the best thing that has ever happened in my life. From the very first I saw you, something in
me seemed to have come back to life. The first time I talked to you, I knew that you are the one I have
been waiting for. I don't want anyone else Amanda. You are enough for me be it in this life or the next."
Richard said as he tightened the hug.

"I never thought that I will fall in love with a girl the moment I saw her. But you are different Amanda.
Just thinking about you makes my day really good and wonderful." Richard said, releasing her from the

He held her small face in his big hands and looked at her with a gentle gaze.

He moved his face closer to hers. Amanda closed her eyes in anticipation but she only heard a low
laugh beside her ear.

Amanda opened her eyes and looked at the man laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Amanda asked.

"You are so cute. What were you anticipating just now. You even closed your eyes!" Richard teased

"Nothing." Amanda said. This man was such a teaser. She thought that he was going to kiss her and
even closed her eyes. She was so ashamed that she just wanted to bury her face where it will not be

"Were you waiting for this..." The moment Richard finished his sentence, his lips touched hers.

His was licking her lips gently like it was some kind of candy that he could not get enough of.

It was not like the first kiss which was filled with emotions and passion.

Instead of closing her eyes, Amanda open them wide. Was this man addicted on giving her sneaky

She opened her mouth in shock and Richard took the chance to stick his tongue in her mouth.

She tasted as sweet as he had imagined and he could not get enough of her.

"Richard...." Amanda came back to her senses and called out in a small voice.

"Yes..." Richard answered, his lips still hovering over hers.

"We are in a car and someone might see us." Amanda said.

"Oooh...." Richard seemed not to have heard her as he continued to kiss her gentle.

After some time, he released her lips and pulled her in a hug.

"Sorry I was too excited that I lost my cool. But don't worry no one can see us from the outside."
Richard said.

Amanda rested her head on his chest as she panted lightly.

Her heart was still beating rapidly. She cannot even imagine that now she is Richard's girlfriend. The
most precious bachelor in the girls' eyes was now holding her in his arms.

Amanda's lips formed a silly smile, just in time for Richard to see it before it fell.

"What are you smiling about." Richard asked, sucking on her already red ears.

"I didn't know that it felt so good to have a boyfriend. And my boyfriend is the best man in city A. If word
of this came out, I don't know how many ghosts will be stalking me." Amanda said.

Remembering something, Amanda raised her head and looked upto to the man.

"I have a request. Can we not make out relationship public for the time being. I know I have just been
out of scandal and if word got out that I'm with you, I don't what I would do." Amanda said.

Richard understood her worries and nodded without hesitation.

"Thank you." Amanda said.

"Shall we go home now." Richard said as he released her.

Amanda's hand happened to touch somewhere and she jumped up in shock.

Richard had a quick reflex and placed his hand above her head so as not to hit her head.

"What is it?" Richard asked.

Amanda looked at where her hand had touched just now and blushed.

Richard followed her line of sight, and when he saw a bulging below his belly he just smiled.

The moment she said yes, he already had a reaction. He just did not want to frighten her.