My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 47

The following day...

Vallery had already gone back home from the William's family.

Jason was coming to pay the bride price. Grandma had allowed them to hold a small wedding after too
much persuasion.

"Make sure everything is perfect. I don't want my in-laws to feel out of place. If anything goes wrong be
prepared to pack your staff." Juliana commanded the servants.

She had woken up very early in the morning to prepare. They have been looking forward to this day
since Vallery started dating Jason.


On Amanda's side.

A phone call woke her up from her drowsy state.

"Hello..." She said drowsily.

"Still lazing around in bed." A low chuckle came from the other end of the phone.

Richard was wiping the sweat on his body. He has just completed an intense work out and he was
sweating profusely.

"What time is it?" Amanda asked.

"It's 7a.m." Richard checked his wrist watch and answered.

"It's so early." Amanda said lazily. She clearly had no intention of waking up at this time.

"I just wanted to know if you are okay. I will come visit Auntie later. You can continue to sleep." Richard

"And I also missed you through out the night so I just wanted to hear your voice." He added.

Hearing that, Amanda smiled sweetly. This man's words seemed to be coated with honey. They
sounded so sweet to the ears.

"I'm not sleepy anymore. Wash up and come over. I will go make breakfast for you." Amanda said.

Looking at the coffee that had already turned cold, Richard was happy and accepted thr offer

He immediately rushed to the bathroom to shower.

Amanda woke up and took a light shower before she went to make breakfast.

Their small kitchen was well stocked and she did not need to worry about what to cook.

"Why did you wake early." Evelyne asked as she approached the kitchen.

She had woken up early so that she could make breakfast for her daughter, little did she know that her
daughter was already awake.

"Mom, it is still early. You should sleep some more." Amanda said as she stirred the porridge in the pot.

"I have been lying down for a long time. My body is getting stiff." Her mom answered.

"Actually I'm fine. I could even be discharged today."

"No mom. You still need to be under doctor's observation moreover the house is still under renovation
and it might take some few day for it to be ready." Amanda denied instantly when she heard that her

mom wants to be discharged.

"I'm fine. See I can even walk on my own. I feel that my body is getting better and better." Evelyn tried
to convince her daughter..

"Then stay for two more day. I will talk to doctor Martin and see how you are recovering."

"Richard is coming over for breakfast, if you don't want to sleep anymore go and wash up a little."
Amanda said.

Amanda had told her yesterday after coming back that she has accepted Richard's pursuit and her
mother was happy for her.

She just wanted her daughter to find the happiness she deserved. Richard being a reliable young man,
she was assured that her daughter will be happy.

She looked at her daughter meaningfully and smiled.

"What is with that gaze mom. I'm just making him breakfast alright. I just want him to feel the warmth of
a family." Amanda smiled as she said.

"Okay. My daughter is all grown up and knows how to take care of people. I'm relieved." Evelyne said
as she went to wash up.

Not long after, the door was knocked from the outside.

Amanda went to open the door.

"You came so first. Were you near by?" She asked the moment she saw Richard.

Richard entered and pecked on her lips. "Nope. I just came at the fastest speed. I did not want to keep
you waiting."

Amanda blushed from the kiss.

"My mom is around, can you behave yourself." Amanda said in a small voice.

"So can I misbehave if she is not around?" Richard teased her.

"In your dreams." Amanda said as she escaped to the kitchen.

Richard giggled happily and followed her in the kitchen.

Today being a Sunday, he was not dressed formally.

He was wearing black pants and a maroon short sleeved casual t-shirt.

"Where can I help?" Richard asked the moment he reached the kitchen.

"Do you know how to cook?" Amanda asked. She clearly did not believe that such a rich man would
know how to cook.

"Of course. I was once in the army. How could I have survived if I did not know how to cook?" Richard
said nonchalantly.

"You are our visitor. Just sir back and relax. Breakfast will be ready in no time." Amanda said.

"Just tell me what do. It is boring just sitting down and doing nothing." Richard said. He had already
entered the kitchen and was preparing the ingredients.

Amanda had never been able to convince this man otherwise so she just let him to whatever her

Their tacit understanding surprised the both of them.

When Evelyn came down from the bedroom, she was surprised to see their small table filled with
mouth watering dishes.

When did her daughter make so much food in such a short period of time.

She approached the kitchen only to hear her daughter laughter.

When she reached at the door, she was surprised to see that Richard was holding a spoon and he
seemed to be cooking.

"Richard you are here!" Evelyn called out.

"Auntie. Good morning. How is your body?" Richard greeted.

"I'm feeling much better. Is wanted to be discharged today but Amanda refused that I should stay for
some few days."

"Amanda is right. You should stay for a few more days untill we are sure that your body is recovering
well." Richard said.

Evelyne smiled. "Okay then I will do as you guys say."

After that the family of three sat down for hearty breakfast.


The preparations at the Jackson family was going great and it was almost time for Jackson and his
family to arrive.

"Siz you look so beautiful. No wonderful Jason fell in love with you and left that country bumpkin." Ryan
said as he admired her sister.

He had specifically asked for leave from school so that he can come and share the joy with her sister.

"Soon, you will be Mrs Jason. I can't even imagine someone like Jason being my brother-in-law."

"He already is. You should also work hard and finish school soon." Val eyed her brother through the
mirror and said.