My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 48

"Madam, those from William family are here." The maid said anxiously. When the door rang, she had
hurried to check and saw the people from William family standing at the door.

They were not many. Jason, his mother and his father and a few servants who helped them carry
several bags of gifts.

Juliana hurried to the door. She straightened her clothes and touched her hair.

"Do I look presentable?" She asked the maid who was standing at the door.

"Yes madam. You look absolutely stunning." The maid said.

"Okay, you should go back to the kitchen. Let them hurry up with the cooking."

The maid left.

Peter had also gone downstairs the moment he heard the door bell ringing.

Juliana opened the door with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Come in... come in. Don't keep standing at the door." Juliana welcomed them in.

The William's family entered the house. For Liz and Jason, this was not there first time coming to
Jackson's family Villa but for Anderson, it was his first although they have been friends with Peter for a
long time.

"Why did you bring so much gifts. We are a family there is no need for such formalities." Peter said as
he shook hands with Anderson.

"This is the right thing to do. Vallery is carrying our next generation and we cannot wrong her in any
way. Even if we are already a family, some things cannot be ignored." Liz said.

They went directly to the sitting room as Juliana called Vallery. She had to serve tea to her elders.

Vallery walked down the stairs in long sapphire mermaid dress. She had applied delicate makeup and
she looked a absolutely stunning.

Jason looked at her without blinking. Although she could not compare to Amanda, she had her own
charm which got him hooked and refused to let.

Seeing how beautiful she looked Jason thought that it was not a loss to marry her. He loved her for the
past five years wholeheartedly and promised to give her the best life. But seeing Amanda recently and
being in contact with her, Jason did not known what his heart wanted anymore.

But he could not show it after all Vallery was now carrying his baby. He should treat her well.

He smiled at her gently. His eyes overflowing with affection.

After serving the tea, both families talked. The atmosphere was harmonious and everyone was happy.


After breakfast Richard took Amanda to buy house appliances. Since the renovation was on going they
had to set everything ready and once it was done they will move in immediately.

But it was more of a date than shopping. After Amanda chose what she liked, Richard assistant took
care of the rest. But Amanda insisted on paying so Richard did not insist.

He liked how independent his woman was.

In their hassle Amanda received a phone call from grandma Catherine.

"Hello Amanda. How are you?"

"I'm fine grandma. How is your recovery?" Amanda asked softly.

"I'm fine. I'm not sick anymore. How is your mom doing?" Grandma asked.

"She is fine. She even wanted to discharged today but I told her to stay for a few more days." Amanda

"That is good to hear. Where are you now. Can I see you?" Grandma asked.

"I'm outside doing some shopping. We are moving to a new house after mom is discharged so I need
to buy some things in advance." Amanda answered.

"Okay. If you are busy it is okay. I will see you some day when you are free." Grandma said.

"You had something to tell me grandma?" Amanda asked after hearing that something was not right.

"No I just wanted to see you. I miss you." Grandma said.

Amanda's heart warmed. She missed her grandma too although she was not ready to go to William's
house now.

"I miss you too grandma. But I don't want to see anyone from the family." Amanda said bluntly.

"I understand. Actually I'm alone. No one is home." Grandma said.

"Where did they go?" Amanda asked. Today was a weekend. How comes no one is home.

"Come over. I will tell you the details." Grandma said.

"Okay I will be right there." Amanda said.

"Can you take me somewhere?" Amanda asked the man who was in the driver's seat.

Today he was acting as her chauffeur. But he seems to be enjoying it as he got to spend more time
with Amanda.

"Okay." Richard had heard her conversation and did not ask anything else.

Amanda gave him the address and they were soon on the highway heading towards the William's

The security guard saw Amanda and immediately allowed her to pass.

He was familiar with her because she has been visiting in the past years and everyone in the family
was familiar with her.

Amanda rung the door bell.

"Miss Amanda, you are here to see our matron?" The servant who opened the door asked.

When she looked at the tall man standing next to Amanda, she was mesmerised. This man had an
aura that even their master could not match.

He was handsome and had an aristocratic air around him.

She was lost in the beauty of the man before her untill she heard the matron's voice.

She was embarrassed and immediately ushered them in.

"Amanda you are here!" Grandma said as she went to hug her. Seeing the man standing before
Amanda and looking at her gently, grandma was also shocked.

"Amanda..." She looked at her questioningly.

Before Amanda could say anything, Richard had already stretched his hand to greet grandma.

"Grandma, I'm Richard Howell, Amanda's boyfriend."

Grandma was even more startled. They in the world of business, who hasn't heard the name Richard
Howell. She did not imagine that such a prominent man will be Amanda's boyfriend. But she was
happy, at least he seemed more reliable as compared to her stupid grandson.

"Amanda only accepted to be my girlfriend yesterday. I have been chasing her for a while now."
Richard explained. He did not want grandma Catherine to misunderstand Amanda and think that she
was not faithful to his grandson.

"Grandma, where is everyone?" Amanda asked as grandma led them to the tea house in the garden.

"They went pay the bride price for Vallery and propose the marriage." As grandma said that, she looked
at Amanda to see if there will be any change in her expression. But seeing that she was calm, grandma
said nothing.

She did not know if she should be happy that Amanda has moved on or sad that she will never be her

"Vallery is pregnant so we don't want her to give birth out of marriage. Although I don't like her, I want
my great grandchild to have a complete family when he or she is born."

"I knew about the pregnancy." Amanda said calmly.

She did not care if they get married or not. Now it was not any of her business.

"Grandma, thank you for taking care of Amanda. Sorry we just came empty handed and did not bring
any gifts." Richard said as he served grandma tea.

"Amanda is like my own granddaughter. But I did not protect her well and she ended up hurt by the
people she thought were her family." Grandma said.

"You did enough grandma. You are my family. I don't care about what others say, as long you treat me
well, that is enough for me." Amanda said.

They left at six o'clock after staying with grandma the whole afternoon.

The moment they left, Jason and his family also arrived.

If they had stayed anymore, they would have met.