My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 49

The following day was Monday. Amanda arrived on set very early in the morning.

The shooting was going smoothly and they only had a few days to finish shooting the whole movie.

After her scandal, many people on set had become her friends. Her acting skills were also good. Many
people chose to support her. But some of them could not just swallow their jealousy. They tried playing
little tricks like keeping Amanda's lunch and water, but she did not care.

They will soon go their separate ways. It was a waste of her energy to keep fighting them.

Today's scene....

Jane was sitting in her office looking at the intelligence report the Vanessa had sent over.

She did not completely trust Vanessa and she had also taken a step foward and collected her own
data. As expected, Vanessa's report was vague and did not disclose everything. If they used the report
that Vanessa had sent over, their mission will definitely fail and it will not look good on her and her

Jane's eyes turned cold. This Vanessa was daring. How can she risk the life of her comrades because
of some private feud?

She took both the reports and went to look for the chief.

She did not expect to meet Vanessa their. Her expression did not falter as she looked at Vanessa.

She stood before Erick and gave a salute.

"Chief this is the report Major General Vanessa submitted. I have come to report and draw a plan for
our mission!" Jane said with seriousness.

Erick looked at her and smiled. "Have a seat. I was going to summon you. General Vanessa had
already brought the report to me."

"Thank you." Jane said as she sat down.

They discussed the report and their plan of action. Jane did not say anything about the tricks Vanessa
played in the report.

She knew that her chief must have noticed it too. She will wait untill Vanessa leaves before she can
raise her doubts. She cannot let her know that they have seen through her little tricks.

After they were done discussing, Jane requested to see the Chief alone. Vanessa had no choice but to
leave but that was after she gave Jane a warning gaze.

"General Jane, what is it?" Erick asked her as he looked at her gently.

Jane was uncomfortable under his gaze but did not say anything.

"Sir, I'm sure you have noticed that something is wrong with the intelligence report that General
Vanessa has submitted." Jane went directly to the point.

Erick looked at her with interest and nodded his head.

"Go on."

"This is the report I got my team to gather. you can tell that Vanessa deliberately concealed some
important points that would change the result of the mission."

"I don't want to put the life of my fellow comrades in line just because of some private conflicts. I did not
want to say it when Vanessa was here because she would have lost face and maybe she will
compromise our mission."

Erick looked at the report that Jane had submitted and nodded from time to time. It matched with what
he has collected.

"Call General Vanessa now." Chief Erick gave an order.

"No chief. Do not alert her. Let her think that we are using her report. Since she want the mission to fail,
we cannot give her that satisfaction. I have also come up with a plan according to my intelligence. Chief
can look at it and make some changes." Jane said.

After looking at it, Erick nodded his head. "We will go with your plan and see what Vanessa was
planning to do!"

"Yes sir!" Jane saluted and left the small meeting room.


After the scene was over, Amanda went to rest. Vivian brought her water.

"Why don't you hire an assistant? You don't even have anyone to help you with this little things." Vivian
said as she handed her a bottle of water.

"I will think about it. Or do you want to be my assistant?" Amanda asked.

"Me?" Vivian could not believe her ears.

"Of course you. Who else is here?" Amanda could not help but laugh.

"I have seen that you have been taking good care of me since I joined the crew. You did not judge me
like everyone did but you chose to trust me and stand by my side. I just want someone who is loyal to
me and who I can trust." Amanda said.

"I would like to be your assistant." Vivian said with obvious joy in her voice.

"Then let's finish shooting this movie first and we will talk about it." Amanda said.


Just then, one of the crew members came in holding a huge bouquet of red roses. It was so big that it
almost covered half of his face.

"Amanda someone delivered this flowers to you."

Amanda looked at the huge bouquet of flowers and immediately guessed who the sender was.

She took it and checked the card that was stuck inside.

"I hope these flowers will help cheer you up. I miss you and I can't wait for the day to end so I can hug
you." Reading those words, Amanda blushed. She smiled happily and stored away the flowers

Just then her phone rung. "Did you receive the flowers?" Richard low and magnetic voice was heard
from the other of the phone.

"I just received them now. Thank you I like them." Amanda said. Her face showing a tint of red colour.

"Call me when you are done. I will come to pick you up." Richard said.

"Okay. Take care."

"You too take care. I miss you." Richard replied.

The next scenes were easy and they were all done in one take. By 6PM, filming had wrapped up and
people were leaving.

Amanda was going to the washroom when she heard someone saying her name, she moved closer to
hear what the other person was talking about.

"Today Amanda received a huge bouquet of red roses. I don't know who sent them but she received
them happily and did not refuse."

"What did you say? Amanda received flowers?" The person from the other end of the phone said.

"Yes. Everyone was envious of her on set. We don't know which big shot she had hooked up with this
time round. Even director Alex did not say anything."

"Continue to keep an eye on her. If you found out anything, quickly inform me."

"Okay sister Vallery. I will tell you if I found out anything." The phone was hung up.

Melany heard someone clapping behind her. She was scared that she almost dropped her phone.

She turned around and found Amanda standing there smiling at her cheekily.

"Well.... well.... well.... our great actress Melany, when did you become a paparazzi?" Amanda asked.
She was smiling but her eyes had turned cold.

"I don't understand what you are talking about." Melany feigned ignorance.

"Do you believe that a word from me will get you replaced this instant?" Amanda continued to smile

"Who do you think you are. The female lead or the male lead?" Melany asked arrogantly.

"I'm just a nobody but believe me. I can end you career in this industry without lifting my finger."

"I'm not scared of you Amanda Jackson. You have no family or backing. Those old men that you rely on
will soon leave you." Melany said.

Amanda did not reply her and took out her phone to call director Alex.

"Hello director, I have found someone spreading rumours about our movie and the cast but they don't
want to repent, I think they should be replaced."

They talked some more before Amanda hung up.

Melany thought that Amanda was just playing a prunk and did not take it serious until she received the
assistant director's call.

"Melany Mobetto right, tomorrow you don't have to come on set, you are fired."

Her face immediately turned pale.

When she came back to her senses, Amanda was long gone.

She slumped on the floor not knowing what to do.