My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 50

Amanda deliberately delayed so that she would be the last to leave. She did not want to arouse any
suspicion when people saw her entering Richard's car.

"What took you so long?" Richard asked the moment Amanda sat on the passenger seat.

"Have you waited for long?" Amanda asked as she fastened her seat belt.

"No. Around ten minutes." Richard said.

"I wanted people to leave first. If I'm seen entering in such a luxurious car just after my scandal, will I
not be shooting myself in the foot again?" Amanda said.

"It was not in vain too. I found someone talking about me in the washroom. I did not know that a lot of
people were spying on me." Amanda said.

"Who was talking about you. Tell me and I will teach them a lesson." Richard said.

"Don't worry about it. I have already called director Alex and he will deal with it." Amanda said.

When she looked at Richard, she found that his expression was not right.

"What is with your expression." Amanda asked, puzzled.

Richard did not speak. He just unbuckled her seat belt and pushed her towards him gently.

Before Amanda could react to what was happening her lips were beaten.

"Why did you not contact me first. Why did you find director Alex first and not me?" Richard asked,
feeling extremely wronged.

"Are you jealous?" Amanda laughed.

"It is just that director Alex is in charge of the movie. Him replacing her is easy. Why would I bother you
with such a small issue?"

Hearing her laugh at him, Richard increased the force of his kiss and soon there was a taste of blood in
their mouth. He licked her lips with satisfaction before kissing her gently as if to blow away the pain.

"Next time don't forget to call me no matter how small the matter is. When it comes to you, everything
is of great importance." Richard said and he helped her fasten her belt again

"What do you want to eat tonight?" Richard asked as he started the car.

"Can you take me to Hills Hotel, I hear the dishes there are very good." Amanda said as she rested her
head on the back of the chair.

"Was today shooting tiring?" Richard asked with concern when he saw her tired face.

"Yes but I'm getting used to it." Amanda said with her eyes closed.

"You can rest. I will wake you up when we are there." Richard said.

Amanda nodded and soon closed her eyes as exhaustion overcame her.

After one hour, Amanda opened her eyes slowly. She found that she was still sitting in the car and a
pair of gently eyes were staring at her.

When she looked outside, it was dark but she could still see that they have not moved an inch.

"Why didn't you drive." She turned towards Richard and asked.

"I did not want to disturb your rest. So I figured that I might as well let you rest first before we go. If I
drove while you were sleeping, you wouldn't be comfortable." Richard said.

"Didn't you get bored for the one hour I was sleeping?" Amanda asked.

"No. I got a rare opportunity to watch you sleep!" Richard answered.

Amanda did not know what to do and coughed slightly.

"Let's get going then!"

"Should we go to the hospital since it is already late?" Amanda asked.

"I already ordered but we can still go to the hospital if your tired." Richard said.

"No I have rested enough. Let us go and eat."

"As you wish, milady." After saying that Richard started the car.

Since it was late in the evening, there not many cars on the road so they reached Hills Hotel in no time.

"President!" The manager who has been waiting at the entrance the moment he received their
president's call greeted immediately.

Richard nodded at him.

"Is everything prepared?"

"Yes. Everything is prepared as per your instructions."

"Good." Richard said as he led Amanda towards the elevator.

Hills Hotel was one of his many business. He did not need to make an order in advance. He even has
his own room. But he wanted to prepare some things for Amanda that is why he called the manager in

"It is good to be a big before. It seems like the manager has been standing their for a long time even
his legs seemed to be shaking." Amanda said to Richard.

"I just called him so he can prepare some things for you. I did not tell him to wait at the entrance all that
time." Richard said with smile feeling like he was innocent.

"Who would dare not wait for their big boss." Amanda as said as she winked at Richard mischievously.

"Naughty." Richard said as he pinched her nose.

When the elevator opened, they stepped in and Richard pressed number 4.

They did not know that their interaction has fallen into someone's eyes.

Jason who had just arrived happened to see that scene. He did not approach them and stood at a
distance and watched as Amanda smiled cheerfully at Richard.

He of course knew who Richard was and dared not mess with him.

He felt so bitter as if he had drunk a bottle full of vinegar.

His friend, Nelson had also noticed the scene.

"Come on bro, I thought you said that you have never loved Amanda. You were only good to her
because of your family relationship with theirs."

"Didn't you finally get the goddess of your heart. Why are you feeling bitter now. Don't tell me that you
still like Amanda!" Nelso said as he patted him on the shoulder.

Actually he had secretly liked Amanda for a long time but he has never told anyone.

Even when he knew that Jason was dating Vallery and he will probably break up with Amanda, he
never told anyone that he wanted to pursue Amanda. He has kept this secret for a long as he could
remember. He did not expect that Amanda had already found herself a boyfriend. And it was Richard
who he did not have the guts to compete with.

He could only swallow his pain as he consoled Jason.

"Who said that I like her. I told you that I have never liked her for a single day. Our relationship was
more of a transaction." Jason denied instantly but his expression said otherwise.

Nelson did not expose him and only walked foward calmly.

"Don't keep our bros waiting, we should get going."

Jason clenched his hands and released them. He walked forward with a resolute expression on his

"Amanda I'm not giving up just yet. I have to make you mine no matter what it take."