My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 51

In the private room where Jason and his friends were gathered. Jason kept on drinking glass after
glass of wine and did not talk much. He seemed to be in a bad mood.

"Buddy, what is wrong. You seem to be in a bad mood?" Mike asked. One of his buddies.

"Yes, since you came you have only been drinking. Have you even been listening to what we have
been talking about?" Dan asked.

"I'm okay guys. You go on with your business. Today I'm not in the mood to have fun." Jason said as he
drowned another glass of wine in one gulp.

"What is wrong with him. We specifically came out here to celebrate his successful marriage proposal.
Why is he acting as if he is forced to get married?" Mike asked.

"Nelson what happened on the way here. You are the one who came with him. Wasn't he cheerful on
the phone just a while ago?" They all turned to look at Nelson.

Nelso shrugged his shoulders not knowing what to say.

He looked at Jason and also drowned his wine.

The people around them felt that something was not right but did not ask anymore. If they wanted to
talk about it, they will.

Nelson finally opened his mouth to explain.

"Actually when we were coming we bumped into Amanda. Not actually bumping but saw her waiting for
the elevator with a man. Jason saw it and immediately his mood changed. Maybe he has never gotten
over her. Or he loved her but he has been denying it all along." Nelson said.

They had grown up with Jason so they definitely knew his relationship with Amanda the most.

Before Vallery came into view, Jason always dotted on Amanda and often called her his wife, but the
moment he got together with Vallery, he changed completely and said that he was only putting on a
show for Amanda and did not actually love her.

His buddies were shocked but did not comment. Everyone liked Amanda. They hated Vallery because
she was too pretentious.

"Jason, when you started dating Vallery, did you tell Amanda?" Mike asked.

When they heard Jason say that he was together with Vallery, they did not ask for details and only
blessed him as their buddy.

Jason looked at them and shook his head.

"No. When I went abroad, Vallery followed me. We were so much in love that it did not cross my mind
to tell Amanda. Actually I should just say that I forgot about her." Jason said.

"Did you ever think of how Amanda will feel when she found out about your relationship with her sister.
You ruined your years of friendship because of a bitch who came out of nowhere. Jason do you even
have heart." Nelson yelled angrily.

"Amanda wasted all her youth on you. Waited for you patiently, but what did you give her in return...

"Are you proud of yourself for breaking her heart. Now seeing her with another man, you can't seem to
accept it. Do you regret it or are you planning to have both sisters?" Nelso finally lost his cool and
scolded Jason.

Everyone was shocked with his outburst but they understood his anger. Everyone in the group had a
good relationship with Amanda and they treated her like she was their sister.

Nelson took his coat angrily and left in a huff.

The others looked at him but did not stop him.

"Tell us Jason, what really happened between the three of you?" Mike asked. He did not get angry like
Nelson and show all his expression on his face.

"Actually before I went abroad I had started to go out with Vallery. When Amanda's parents divorced,
there was this rumours that her mom had cheated on her dad. So when they left the family, Vallery
came into contact with me."

"She used to say a lot of bad things about Amanda and her mom. She also had pictures of them. I was
heartbroken and immediately slept with her. That is when our relationship began. My mom also told me
to avoid Amanda and her mom because they were not good people. Before I found her to explain
everything that happened, I went abroad. Vallery followed me and we were practically inseparable so I
could not even think of anything else."

"When I wanted to tell Amanda, Vallery always brushed it off saying that we need to wait for a perfect
opportunity. Amanda was in the dark because she knew that once I come back from abroad, we will be
engaged. She did not know that everything had changed."

"Her family also kept her in the dark and they planned to tell her on our engagement day with Vallery."
Jason felt frustrated.

Why was he dumb and let those people lead him by the nose. Now talking about it, he realised how
stupid he had been.

He never admitted that he loved Amanda after being together with Vallery but the truth is that deep
down he loved her. He wanted to be with her, especially after seeing her after five years.

She is now beautiful and it hurts every moment he looks at her but could not have her.

Seeing that he stopped talking, his friends knew that he was regretting his actions.

They did not judge or yell at him like Nelson did but everyone was occupied in their own thoughts.


In the presidential suite on the fourth floor, Amanda had already showered and she was having dinner
with Richard.

"How did you know that I needed a shower before anything else?" Amanda asked as she put the steak
that Richard had cut into smaller pieces in her mouth.

"It is common sense. I also like to take a shower the moment I'm done with work to wash away the
day's exhaustion." Ricahrd. Said.

He also taken a shower and he was looking clean and energetic.

"Thank you." Amanda said.

This man was considerate and always thought of things that she neglected.

Actually she knew that she will be uncomfortable eating dinner when she has not showered. But she
was hungry. She did not want to eat take away or disturb her mom to cook for her. She also did not
want to go back and forth from the hospital and hotel. She could only eat dinner first then go back.

"If I hear you saying thank you again next time, I will punish you." Richard looked at her dangerously.

She shrunk her neck and did not dare look at his dark eyes. She was afraid of getting lost in them.

But she still gathered her courage and asked.

"How will you punish me?"

"Do you want to know?" Richard asked with an evil smirk on his lips.


The moment she nodded her head, she was scooped by a pair of large hands and soon landed on hard

Richard did not give her time to react as he cuped her face and kissed her hard. He only released her
when they were both out of breathe.

Her eyes were misty. She looked seductive with her dazed look. Richard could barely control himself as
he went in for another intense kiss.

"If you continued looking at me like that, I will definitely eat you up." His voice was low and carried a
dangersome tone.