My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 52

After messing around some more, the two lovebirds finished their dinner and left hand in hand.

When they reached the entrance, Amanda saw Jason leaning on the pillar at the entrance and smoking
a cigarette. She was not planning on going over to say hi, after all he was among the last people
Amanda wanted to come in contact with. She took Richard hand and led him in a different direction.
But how could Jason let her leave, after all she is the one he has been waiting for.

"Amanda, can we talk?" Jason said as he flicked the cigarette ashes in the nearby dustbin.

Amanda stopped in her tracks. She slowly turned around and looked at Jason coldly.

"What is there anything to talk about between us?" Amanda asked coldly.

Richard also turned around and looked at him. But unsurprisingly, Jason did not falter this time. He did
not know where he found the courage to face Richard, if it was on a normal day, he was sure that he
would never dare face this man head on.

But maybe a man's instinct to conquer was too strong that he did not feel the danger he was putting
himself into.

"How long have we known each other, Amanda? Don't you care even a little how I feel. We were once
considered childhood sweethearts and we were even engaged." Jason said.

"At least now you remember that we have known each for a long time and we were even childhood
sweethearts." Amanda said sarcastically.

"But Jason, what did you do to our relationship? You threw away our friendship just because Vallery
gave you what I could not give you."

"Who used to tell me that he is not in a hurry to get intimate with me and once we get married, we will
be legally together. But one night with that bitch made you forget everything."

"What do you want me to say to you. Actually the moment I knew that you were together with Vallery, to
me you were as good as dead." Amanda said coldly.

"How long have you known this man? Do you dare swear to me that this man will love you for the rest
of your life?" Jason did not admit his mistakes but asked a different question.

"We can start over Amanda. I can give you everything that Richard can give you. Money, status, I will
give it to you as long you accept me back."

"Hahahaha..." Amanda suddenly laughed out loud. She looked at Jason as if she was looking at an

"Why have I never known that you are such an asshole. Does Vallery know that you are out here
seducing another woman when your wedding date has already been set? I think she will be super
happy if the news reached her." Amanda looked at him with an indifferent gaze.

"You know about our wedding?" Jason asked in disbelief. Apart from his family members, no one else
knew about this.

"Of course, the day that you went to give the bride price, grandma called me back and told me
everything." Amanda said as a matter of fact.

"Let me tell you this Jason, this man here loves me so much and does not care how awful my past was
or how people judge me. He supports me unconditionally without asking anything in return. He has
helped me walk out of my painful past. When I suddenly lost faith in men, he appeared like an angel
and put me under his protective arms. I can't even love him enough." Amanda said emotionally.

Richard's heart thumped. Amanda said the she love him. Maybe this is the best words he had ever
heard his whole life.

He looked at her with a loving gaze and really wanted to trap her on the wall and kiss the hell out of

"When people were talking bad about me online, he was the first person to come out and calm me. He
did not even ask whether I did those things but all he did was to trust me."

"Jason, do you remember five years ago before you went abroad when my mom and dad divorced. Did
you ever come to ask me how it was or even if the rumours were true. Maybe you were busy hooking
up with Vallery and believed every shit that she told you."

"But I never gave up on waiting. I knew that Jason that I knew, loved and grew up with will never judge
me without asking for the truth. But I was very wrong. You never even called for a day. If it was not for
grandma I wouldn't have even known that you had gone abroad."

"When I wanted to call you, you suddenly sent me a message saying that I should to disturb you and
you will be back after five years. That you wanted to concentrate on your studies." Amanda continued.
But Jason did not know this part because it happened in her past life. She only said it depending on her
past experience.

"Like the idiot, I waited for you to come back so that you can find justice for me and my mother, but
instead you hooked up with my sister, and even planned to embarrass me on your engagement party.
Who did you take me as.... huh? Some doll you can just play with and throw it away once you get
tired." Although she was talking about herself, Amanda felt so calm as if she was discussing an
irrelevant topic. She was beyond the stage of feeling emotional for people who don't care about her.

Richard squeezed her hand gently. Although she had told him about her past and he had even done a
thorough investigation about her... but hearing her say it in details, made Richard's heart twist with

pain. He felt like punching someone to release his hand.

But having nowhere to release his pent up anger, he could only squeeze Amanda's hand tightly.

Jason looked at Amanda with a lost gaze. He did not know what to say and he could not justify himself.
He had really hurt her deeply.

"So Jason, there is nothing for us to talk about. If you are really apologetic then stop pestering me and
let me at least live a peaceful life."

After saying that, Amanda took Richard's hand and dragged him to the car.

Jason was still standing there in a daze. No one knew what he was thinking about.

When they reached the car, Amanda had no time to sit when she found herself landing on someone's
legs. After sometimes her lips were swollen red she could not help but touch them.

She had realised that whenever this man was happy or angry, he will always kiss her hard.

"Repeat what you said to Jason just now." Richard said in a hoarse voice as he nestled his chin in the
crook of her neck.

"Huh?" Amanda did not quite register what this man was talking about. She had said so much to Jason,
what was he talking about.

"About you saying that you love me. Say it. I want to hear you say that you love me." Richard said as
he looked deep into her eyes.

Amanda blushed. So it was this. But no matter how much she tried, she could bring herself to say it.
She was embarrassed beyond words.

"If you don't say I will....." Richard did not finish his sentence but with his dangerous gaze, Amanda
knew that it won't be anything good.

"I...." Amanda said in a small voice. Although it was like a whisper, Richard still heard it
clearly. His body seemed to have been turned on as the heat was getting hard to bear. He did not do
anything but hugged her tightly.

He knew that if he made any wrong move, he will not be able to control himself. He could only hug her
in order to calm his frantic heart down.

"I love you too, Amanda." Richard finally said after barely calming himself down.