My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 54

Richard slowly pushed the door to the private room where Amanda and the crew were having their

Cyndy looked at her watch and was confused. Didn't she tell that scumbag to wait until ten minutes
were over. There was still one more minutes. But some people did not know what was going on in
Cyndy's mind and immediately pushed Amanda towards the door. They only wanted to watch the show
that will unfold.

When the door was opened, a slender but a well build body came into people's view. Some people
gasped while others dropped their wine glasses.

The man who was standing at the door was absolutely breathtaking. With a pair of gold rimmed
glasses on his handsome face. His nose was long and straight. His pinkish lips were pressed into a thin

He was wearing an black English tuxedo suit which enhanced his broad shoulder. Inside was a white
shirt and a light brow bow tie. It seemed like he had come from a formal gathering.

His trousers were tightly pressed on his thin thighs enhancing his manhood. His waist was narrow and
it was hugged by a belt which was custom made.

Who else could it be if not Richard Howell the number one sought after bachelor in the entire City A.

If you looked closely to girls in the room, some of them had already started drooling.

"Huuuh..." Someone gave out an excited sigh which brought everyone back to their senses.

Cyndy looked at the man who had entered, her eyes glued on his handsome. She instinctively wanted
to stop Amanda but someone had already pushed her forward.

"What is going on?" Richard asked director Alex coldy.

Director Alex cleared his throat before saying lightly. "We were waiting for you. So the crew decided to
play a game of truth or dare. I was not aware because I was busy talking to some investors. Amanda
happened to have picked the wrong card and she was dared to kiss the first man who will enter the
room in ten minutes time." Director Alex said, without omitting anything. He feared that Richard might
flare up if he concealed anything.

"Is that so?" Richard asked with a raised eyebrow and he eyed everyone in the room one by one.

Everyone wanted to deny, but they had no courage. Director Alex had already explained and if they
denied now, wouldn't that mean that director Alex had lied. In front of this big boss, they could only
lower their heads in shame.

The most unsettled person was obviously Cyndy. Ten minutes was up and she did not have the chance
to tell the person she had arranged not to come.

Just then, a phone alarm sounded. The owner of the phone was so embarrassed that she wanted so
badly to crawl in a hole and never come out.

Since the room was silent, everyone heard the alarm and immediately turned to look at her.

"I had set an alarm for ten minutes just so we don't forget. Time is up." She braced herself to say but
her face had already turn red from embarrassment.

Just after her words, the door was pushed open again. Richard was still standing closet to the door and
was the first to see the person who entered.

He was wearing rugged clothes, they were dirty and almost stinking. The person had unkempt hair, his
body was filled with tattoos. He looked like a gangster on the street.

Seeing the man come in, Cyndy's face instantly turned pale. She was now panicking and hoped for the
man to disappear.

"Hey, where is the beauty that was supposed to be kissed?" He asked as he licked his lips disgustingly.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard the man. Who could want such kind of a person to kiss
them? They can as well drink a whole bottle of wine.

Richard had a frown on his face and his eyes had already turned cold.

Amanda was even more puzzled. So this was the plan to embarrass her. Let her kiss with a rogue as
they secretly took pictures and then post them online to tarnish her reputation. This move was small but
extremely vicious.

Amanda looked at Richard and then turned to look at Cyndy. Cyndy was busy giving the man signals
with her eyes that she did not notice Amanda's gaze, but Richard understood her meaning instantly.

After seeing the warning look of Cyndy and the cold gaze that was locked onto him from the side, the
man trembled and immediately bowed his head.

"Sorry I walked into the wrong room." Immediately after saying that he ran away. Richard turned to
Thomas who was standing beside him and gave him a signal. Thomas understood and immediately left
the room to chase after the man. They had to collect evidence in order to return the favour. How could
someone dare to play with the lady boss.

When the man left, the atmosphere was less tense.

"Where did that man come from?" Someone from the crowd asked.

"It seemed like someone told him to come. How could he be sure of the game we were playing?"

"Who could do such a disgusting thing? Did they want to embarrass Amanda."

Some people turned to look at Cyndy. She was uncomfortable under their gaze but had nowhere to
hide. She could only be thick skinned and remain in the room.

"Should the game continue?" Someone asked from the crowd.

Seeing that the person who came in was Richard, everyone already guessed that Amanda will
probably be rejected.

She was a newcomer in the industry and Richard might not even know her.

"Then I will drink." Amanda offered to drink. She did not want people to know about her relationship
with Richard, not just yet.

As she said that, she eyed Richard so that he can flow with her. Richard understood her gaze but was
not planning on letting this opportunity go. When will he ever found another chance to kiss his wife in
public. He must use this opportunity well.

When Cyndy heard that Amanda wanted to drink, she was relieved. At least she still had some sense
in her and maybe did not want to feel embarrassed from being rejected.

She turned around and went to the table to get the alcohol but her hand was suddenly held. She turned
around in confusion only to find Richard staring her intently.

Amanda's heart beat accelerated. Did he not get her signal? Her cheeks had already turned red. She
looked at the big hand that was holding hers and felt sweet. Although she did not want to admit their
relationship just yet, but being held in public with him gave her a new feeling.

Amanda looked at him nervously and everyone else looked on with anticipation. Was the big boss
displeased with Amanda and was going to punish her? Everyone made a silent prayer in their heart for

"This is a game and we should follow the rules, isn't miss Amanda?" Richard asked as he smiled lightly.

His smile was beautiful. Amanda felt like pouncing on him and kiss him.

In her confusion, she felt a warm feeling on her lips. Richard had kissed her in public. And he was even
deeping the kiss.

Her mind was a mess and she resisted the urge to respond. Finally he let her go, took her hand and led
her to the sofa, without a care of how people will think. The feeling was so good that he did not want to
stop but he still considered Amanda's feelings.