My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 55

During the whole dinner time, Cyndy tried to get close to Richard but she was not successful and since
she was still feeling uneasy after almost being caught, she did not make it obvious.

Richard sat their quietly only concentrating on Amanda. He could only nod his head if someone asked
him a question.

Cyndy was very jealous. She had seen this man when she attended a dinner party with her father one
time. Since that day, she had dreamed of different scenarios of them meeting again. She never thought
that after seeing him again, she will never even have the chance of getting closer.

She now regretted playing that game. If she had not wanted to embarrass Amanda maybe she will be
the one sitting beside Richard now.

Feeling a cold gaze on her, Amanda turned around and met Cyndy's cold eyes. They were filled with
undisguised hate and envy. Seeing that, Amanda decided to infuriate her further as she smiled at her

After dinner, everyone left only Amanda and Richard were left in the big room.

"Aren't we leaving?" Richard asked he looked at her gently.

"You know we cannot leave together." Amanda said.

"Okay. I will wait for you in the car." Richard said as he removed his coat and placed it on her
shoulders. Feeling the warmth emitting from his coat and his unique scent, Amanda gently hugged the
coat closer to her body.

When Richard left he was blocked by a petite figure. He frowned a little and you could see a sense of
impatience on his handsome face.

"Mr. Richard." Cyndy called out softly. No one knew where she had popped out from. The bodyguards
became vigilant and made a protective wall around their boss.

Richard did not even look at her and continued to walk forward.

Cyndy did not give up and tried to stop him. The bodyguards pushed her away without showing any

"Don't be deceived by that Amanda. She is not all she seems to be. She is scheming and has a lot of
sponsors outside. Do you know how many investors she has slept with. A word from her got my friend
replaced. Don't be deceived by her innocent outlook. She is a bitch on the inside." Cyndy shouted as
she helped herself stand up.

Her butt hurt so much that she almost cried but she did not shed even a drop of tear. She only looked
at the man going in the car with an infatuated expression.

Richard did not slow down and soon reached the car.

The driver opened the car door respectfully. When Richard entered, he was shocked that Amanda was
already sitting in the back seat.

"When did you come?" He asked with unconceled surprise.

"I came out from the back door." Amanda answered.

"What took you so long?" She could not help but ask.

"I was held back by some dog. It could not stop backing and it was irritating." Richard said, his voice
filled with disdain.

"A dog?" Amanda obviously did not believe him.

"It's nothing. I will send you home." Richard said as he seated himself beside her and naturally reached
out to hug her.

Amanda did not refuse and rested her head on his shoulders. She was exhausted and she could not
wait to close her eyes.

"Tired?" Richard asked as he massaged her forehead.

"Uh uh." Amanda nodded lazily.

"Sleep then." He adjusted her head so she could not hurt her neck and then said to the driver. "Drive


After one week of resting, Amanda was notified by her new company that she needed to start work.
They had already signed the contract and she just needed to report to the company.

"You need to come to the company tomorrow, I have accepted some magazine shoots for you. You
also need to attend some opening ceremony for various famous brands, this will help in your
exposure." Her manager, Linda said over the phone.

"Okay. I will follow your arrangement." Amanda said. Richard had done a background check on the
lady and he said that she can be trusted. Only then did Amanda feel relieved.

The entertainment industry was not a simple place and you could not just trust anyone you meet.
Betrayal was a common occurrence among artists and their managers.

Vivian was already her assistant and the company did not oppose.

"You also need to prepare. Director Alex will start promoting your movie in the following weak. As one
of the main actors, you will be needed to move around some more."


After hanging up the phone, Amanda gave a relieved smile.

Her mother had mostly recovered, her career was going smoothly and she had the best man in the
world as her boyfriend. Thinking about her past life and her present life, she could not ask for more.

She stood up and went to the kitchen.

During the past week that she had been on break, she had developed a habit of cooking for Richard
every lunch. She would prepare a lot of food and take it to the company personally. She had noticed
that Richard did not know how to care for himself and he will always eat when he felt hungry.

After being with him for quite sometime, she wanted to take care of him.

After preparing lunch, Amanda packed it in two lunch boxes, left some for her mother and made her
way to R$S company.

On the way, she was delayed by traffic. She wondered what was going on today as this has never
happened before.

Before she reached the company, she received Richard's call.

"Babe, do you want me to starve to death?"

Amanda laughed as she squinted her eyes.

"Why don't you go and eat at the canteen or order take away. Today I'm quite held up and I don't think
that I will be able to make it in time before you starve to death." Amanda said with a smile in her voice.

"Then I will just pass lunch. After testing your food, I don't think I can stand eating anywhere else."
Richard said, his voice filled with regret.

"But I'm starting work tomorrow, won't you be eating lunch then?" Amanda asked, raising her eyebrows
lightly although Richard could not see it.

"Yes. I will starve myself untill you cook for me."

"No you are not allowed to do that!" Amanda said. When she raised her head, she noticed that she was
already outside R$S company.

Everytime she came here, she will always feel a sense on inferiority. She wanted to soar as high as this
building so that she can rightfully stand beside Richard with her head held high.

She removed a mask from her bag and wore it. This way people will not recognize her.

Outside the CEO's office.

"Come in.." After Amanda knocked, a deep voice was heard from the inside. It was not as gentle as
when he talked to her.

Amanda pushed the door open and entered.

"Sir, I'm here to deliver you lunch." She said the moment she reached the huge mahogany desk.

Richard looked up, pleasant surprise apparent in his deep eyes.

Amanda smiled cheerfully as she went over to give him a kiss.