My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 56

"I thought you said that you were busy?" Richard asked as he nibbled on her ear.

"I wanted to surprise you." Amanda said as she put her arms around his neck.

They kissed passionately and before things could go south, Richard withdrew and stood up with
Amanda and walked toward the sofa.

"I need to go to the washroom for a bit." Richard said in a husky voice as he kissed his girl on the

Amanda looked at him and did not say anything. Everytime things heated up, Richard will always stop.
He has never taken any step further and will always help himself with cold showers. Amanda looked on
feeling guilty.

She did not have the courage for taking that last step but it seemed Richard was having it hard. She
made a resolute decision and could not let him wait any longer.


After a delicious lunch, Amanda laid lazily on the sofa as she browsed through the entertainment news
on her phone. Richard was reading through some documents and would occasionally look towards the
sofa, revealing a gentle smile.

After work, the two left hand in hand and were soon out of the company.

"You said that you are starting work tomorrow?" Richard asked in the back seat.

"Yes. My manager called me and told me to go to the company tomorrow. She arranged some work for
me and I need to review it. I have rested enough and I was starting to get bored." Amanda said with a

"My wife is so hardworking. She cannot even stay at home for a few more days. What I'm going to do
when we finally have children." Richard said in a reading tone.

"Who is your wife and who is going to give birth to your children?" Amanda, her glossy cheeks

"No one." Richard looked at her and bent over to kiss her.

"What type of candy are you? I cannot get enough of you no matter how much I kiss." Richard said as
he looked at her with a heated gaze.

"You know, you don't have to wait anymore." Amanda gathered her courage and whispered in his ear.

"What did you say?" Richard asked.

"I said you don't have to wait anymore to..." Before Amanda could finish her sentence, she felt her body
floating in air. She was so startled that she almost screamed in fear. Richard secured her perfectly in
his arms and did not let go.

"Are you sure about what you are saying?" Amanda nodded in daze. The kisses were so overwhelming
that she did not even know whether she was standing with her head upside down.

"Drive faster." Richard groaned. He had been waiting for this moment patiently. With her past
experience, he did not want to scare her.

It took half the normal time to reach his mansion. He did not even wait for the car to stop steadily
before he rushed our with Amanda in his hands. The driver and the bodyguards who were in the other
car could on shook their heads and smile. Their boss has really endured for long.

Richard did not care what they were thinking and immediately pressed his palm on the door to unlock
it. Even if he knew, he will only shrug his shoulders like he could not understand why grown up men

could stay single.

The kisses never stopped all the way to the bedroom. Amanda did not know how the world looked

"One last time Amanda. Are you sure about this?" Richard asked, but his hand haf already reached out
to remove Amanda's top.

To show that she was serious, Amanda also clumsily tried to undone the buttons of his shirt, but no
matter how much she tried, they could not be opened. Her eyes were misty and dazed, looking sexier
than anyone else Richard had ever seen.

The curtains in the bedroom stayed lightly. Outside, the street lamps illuminated the light as it stretched
all the way to the bedroom.

The room was emitting a faint yellow light. There were two figure in the sheet as they poured their
hearts to each other without any restraint or fear. They moved up and down in a regular rythm and you
could hear some mourning of pleasure escaping through their throats.

They were wrapped in the warmth of love as they merged their bodies to become one.

The first battle lasted for a long time untill Amanda could not take it anymore. Richard knew that it was
her first so he tried to be as gentle as possible but he still lost control.

"Does it hurt?" Richard asked in a husky voice as he hugged Amanda in his arms.

"Yes. I feel sore." Amanda answered honestly.

Richard scooped her up and walked directly to the bathroom.

"Where are you taking me?" Amanda asked when she felt her body floating in the air

"To the bathroom. I want to see if I hurt you badly. I'm sorry I scared you."

"It is all right. It is my first time so it is inevitable. Maybe I will be fine in a while." Amanda said blushing.

Although they have just been intimate a moment ago, but she was still not used to Richard seeing her
naked body.

But Richard was not thinking about anything else. He quietly placed her in the bathtub and checked
every part of the body but especially the 'that part.'

After confirming that it was nothing serious, he was relieved and joined her in the bathtub. After helping
her wash up, Richard too took a quick shower, wrapped her in a white towel and left the bathroom.

He placed her on the sofa in the bedroom as he went to change the sheets.

Richard hugged her to sleep, his heart which has been hanging aimlessly in the air has finally found
somewhere to land. He now felt complete.

Amanda had slept the moment her head touched the pillow. She was exhausted after the intense

"Good night my love. Thank you for making your way into my lonely life. I promise you that you will
never regret this. I will work hard to provide you with a comfortable life and no one will ever look down
on you again." He kissed her forehead, closed his eyes and succumbed to the fairy tale world.