My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 53

One week later, "The Secret Mission" was finally completed. Everyone was in a celebratory mood as
they hugged each other.

"This journey has been a rollercoaster to most of us. Thank you everyone for you cooperation. Those
who have shown great professionalism, I appreciate you. Continue with the same spirit and you will
definitely go far." Director Alex said.

"I have booked dinner at Hills Hotel, let's go there and celebrate. Our biggest investor will also be
attending and some others." Director Alex said as everyone cheered on.


At Hills Hotel, the mood was good as everyone was exchanging contacts and talking about their next

"Amanda, what are you planning to do since we are done filming? Have you thought of the agency you
want to join?" Stacy asked Amanda.

Although they were enemies in the movie, but during the whole filming, they have developed a close
relationship and they could be considered friends.

"I have thought about it and I will be signing with Starshine entertainment. I can't go for bigger
companies because I have just joined the industry. My resume is still lacking." Amanda answered.
Although people praised her for her brilliant acting skills, she still needed a place where she can learn
and develop her skills even more.

"That is also a good choice. It is not too grand or too small. I have faith that you will do better there."
Stacy said as she sipped on her wine.

"Thank you sister Stacy, I hope you take care of me in the future."

Just then, Cynd's voice was heard.

"Guys who wants to play a game." Cyndy asked in a crisp voice.

Since everyone was in a good mood and and the main investor had not yet arrived, they decided to
have fun.

"I'm in..."

"Count me in..."

"Me too...."

Most the people joined the game, only Amanda, Stacy and a few senior members of the crew did not

"What about you Amanda, don't you want to join in the fun?" Cyndy asked as she looked at Amanda.

She was friends with Melany and did not like Amanda, after knowing that her best friend was replaced
because she offended Amanda, her hatred deepened.

She wanted to embarrass Amanda so that she can avenge her friend.

She was not worried about the consequences because her father was a big shot in the entertainment
industry and she was not worried about offending anyone. Even director Alex had to give her face.

"No. You guys have fun."

"How could you say so. You are our second female lead. How could you not play with us. Are you
looking down on us because you had a better role than us." Cyndy said.

Amanda frowned. How and when did she offend this rich missy. Just then she remembered that she
was Melany's friend. They were always inseparable on set.

Does she want to avenge her friend? But she had definitely picked the wrong person as Amanda had
already seen through her little tricks.

"I don't look down on anyone. I'm not just in the mood to play the game now." Amanda explained

But Cyndy was bent on forcing her to play.

"Then you have to play. Or else we will know that you are looking down on us." Cyndy said.

How could she embarrass her if she does not get her to play.

Everyone now understood Cyndy's intentions when they heard her insisting like that.

"Okay. I will play with you." Amanda resigned to her fate and nodded.

"What game are we playing?" Someone from the crowd asked.

"Truth or dare." Cyndy answered with an evil grin.

Amanda was speechless. What kind of game was that?

However, as one of the classic games that was suitable for a party with many people, Cyndy's
suggestion immediately received everyone's approval.

As for the rules of the game, it was very simple. To pick the big ghost card was to win, and to pick the
small ghost card was to lose. The person with the small ghost card could choose between truth or dare,
but if they were unwilling to tell the truth or do the dare, then they failed and would be punished with
two glasses of wine.

Very quickly, the game started.

At first, everyone was still restrained but at last many different questions like "At what age did you give
your first kiss?", "How many adult moves do you have in your secret folder?", and "How long did you
last on your first day?" started to become frequent...

"Amanda, truth or dare?" Cyndy who had gotten the big ghost card from who knows where asked her
with a malicious expression.

Amanda's luck has been pretty good the first few times, and she had not picked the small ghost card,
but after a while, she had unfortunately been hit.

Amanda then replied, "Dare!" On such an occasion, the truth was more dangerous than dare.

"Then, please ask for a kiss from the first person who will enter through that door first in the first ten
minutes." Cyndy said as she pointed at the door.

Everyone started to get excited.

Amanda's eyebrows creased together. What kind of shitty dare was that. How could she just kiss
anyone who entered the door. She already had a boyfriend, okay!

"Can I drink up as punishment?" Amanda asked.

"No. You will only drink after ten minutes is up." Cyndy said. She had formulated a perfect plan to
humiliate her and she could not let it go.

Some people thought that Cyndy was going overboard but they couldn't say it in front of her. Others
who did not like Amanda so much rejoiced secretly.

Director Alex had been busy talking to other investors and did not know what was going. When he
realised what was going on, it was too late and Amanda only had five minutes before she kissed a

Cyndy had already secretly sent the message and told the person she prepared to be ready in ten
minutes time, not a second late.

Director Alex was sweating. He had already known the relationship between Richard and Amanda and
Richard had specifically trusted him to take care of Amanda. If something was to happen to her, he
might as well be buried alive.

He hurried to the corner to make a call.

"Richard, where are you?" Director Alex asked. Although he tried to keep his voice, he still trembled.

"I'm still on the way. What is wrong?" Richard asked.

"How long until you are here?"

"Around eight minutes!"

Director Alex's back was drenched in cold sweat.

"Can you hurry up and be here in five minutes time. This concerns Amanda and is a matter of urgency.
I will explain to you later." Alex said, he could not care about anything now.

Hearing that it concerned Amanda, Richard immediately urged the driver to hurry up and within four
minutes, he was outside the hotel entrance.