My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 57

The following morning, Amanda woke up at 6.30 am. Richard had already woken up and he was in the
kitchen preparing breakfast. She stretched out her hands lazily and feeling the sourness on her waist,
she blushed furiously. Thinking of what had happened yesterday, her face heat up some much that
could even see the blood veins.

But she did not regret any of the things that had happened yesterday. She has already fallen in love
and it was just a matter of time. She wrapped herself in the bed sheet and went to the bathroom. After
washing up, she suddenly realized that she did not have any clothes. The clothes that she had worn
yesterday were all tone into pieces.

"What am I going to do now?" she was frustrated because she had to go to the company and yet her
house was quite a distance from here. She finished washing up and went to Richards’s wardrobe. She
took out one of his shirts and wore it. After drying her hair with a towel, she made her way downstairs.
She has been here several times and she was more familiar with the place.

Richard who was busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen was startled when he saw Amanda coming;
she was only wearing his white shirt. It only covered up to her thighs. Her legs were long and straight
like that of a model. Richard looked at her without blinking. She looked even yummier than the
breakfast he was making. Her skin was white and without any blemish. It looked like you could squeeze
milk out of it if you pressed it.

Richard swallowed hard, his throat already burning. The heat was travelling from his head all the way
down there. This girl will really be the end of me. Richard thought as he glared at Amanda with a
darkened expression.

Seeing his expression, Amanda wanted to flee back to the bedroom but her legs did not listen to her.
They kept moving forward as if they had their own mind.

When she came back to her senses, she as already in Richard’s arm.

"Did you sleep well?" Richard asked in a deep rich voice. It was as if he was intentionally seducing her.

"Yes." Amanda nodded. Her hands had already reached inside Richard’s shirt and she was practically
drawing circles on his chest.

Richard caught the little hands that were misbehaving and held them tightly.

"If you continue to misbehave, I will definitely have you for breakfast." he said in a warning tone.

Amanda shrieked deeper in his arms. She did not know where she found the courage to play around
like this, or maybe it is because of what happened yesterday, and they have a more intimate
relationship than before.

"You can't!" Amanda said as she lifted her head to take a look at her beloved man.


"Because i have to go to work and you cannot bear to see me going to work while feeling tired."

"You really know me quite well." Richard chuckled.

"Speaking of work, will I go like this? I don’t have any clothes here." Amanda said as she looked down
at uncovered legs.

"I told Thomas to prepare some clothes for you. I think he is almost here."

Just then, the door bell rung.

"I think it is him." Amanda said as she prepared to go and open the door.

Richard caught her time and looked her up and down. Amanda finally understood. How could her
memory be so poor? She forgot that she was wearing only a shirt and all her thighs were exposed.

"Go to the bedroom I will bring the clothes. Don’t ever let another man see you like this. Only I can."
Richard said, bent over to kiss her lightly and pushed her towards the stairs. He then went to open the

"Boss, everything that you asked is all here." Thomas said the moment the door opened.


"What is in my schedule for today?" Richard asked as he took several shopping bags from Thomas

"You have a morning meeting at 9am till 12 noon with the executives. You will be having lunch with Mr.
Wilson of Firmview Corporation and then at 3 pm, you will have an online meeting with the overseas

"Cancel the online meeting and arrange it to tomorrow. I will have something to do at that time."
Richard said as he matched towards the bedroom with the bags in his hands.

Amanda was lying lazily in bed when the door was pushed open.

"I forgot to tell you that auntie called in the morning. She wanted to know if you are okay because she
did not see you since yesterday afternoon until today in the morning. She was worried about you."
Richard said as he handed her the shopping bags.

"What did you tell her?"

"That you are at my place and she need not to worry." Richard

"Change into something comfortable and warm. It is very cold outside. I know you are going out station
today for a magazine shoot; I will pick you up later. Call me when you are almost done." Richard said

and left to finish making breakfast.


After breakfast, the couples left. Richard insisted on sending Amanda to her workplace before going to
his. On the way she called her mother to tell her that she was going to work and shy will see her in the

When she reached Startshine Entertainment Company, Amanda went directly to Linda’s office. Vivian
had already arrived and they were waiting for her.

"Did I keep you guys waiting for long?" Amanda asked the moment she reached the office.

"No. you are our employer, waiting a little wait is not a big deal." Vivian joked.

"We are going in City B to shoot for Fashion Focus Magazine for their next month issue. You will wear
multiple clothes ranging from ancient costumes to modern wear. Although it sounds simple, it is not
easy to. Because every clothe will display a different theme and different outlook. You need to be
mentally prepared."

"Don’t worry I think I can do it". Amanda said with a smile.

They soon packed their things and left.

On the shooting set, the photographers and the magazine personnel had already arrived. Of course
Amanda was not the only celebrity who was there. Some were shooting for different issues and
everyone was dedicated to his or her work.

On the Amanda’s side, she was more professionals than even a veteran model. Every pose that she
made was on point. She showered a lot of professionalism that the photographer could not help but
applaud her after every take.

Even Linda was shocked. She was told to manage Amanda; she was quite reluctant because she was
just a new comer who did not have any backing. But she convinced by the artist director of Startshine
that is why she accepted. But it was only under one condition that if Amanda did not do well in six
months period, she will quit her job as her manager. But seeing how she displayed her skills, she could
not wait to put her heart in her work and groom her artist well.

Richard had arrived at location earlier enough. He packed his car at a distance and waited patiently for
Amanda’s call.