My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 58

Today was the premiere of "The Secret Mission." Amanda was very nervous as she took her assistant
Vivian and her manager Linda to go and watch in one of the famous theatres.

This was the first she will appear in big screens. She could not help but be nervous.

Richard had not accompanied her because their relationship was still a secret even her assistant and
manager did not know about it.

"I'm so nervous right now. I don't know how the public is going to react to my acting skills." Amanda
said as she patted her chest. Her heart was beating at an irregular rate.

"How could you say that you are nervous. In fact you acted so well. I think everyone will like you."
Vivian said.

She had seen first hand how Amanda had acted in the whole movie because she was one of the crew
members, she had to say that she was amazed everytime.

"Don't worry. I know you did your best. From the one month we have been working together, I guess I
can say that I have some confidence in you." Linda also consoled her. She did not judge her after
seeing her brilliant work for the past one month. She was actually looking forward to this movie.

When they arrived at the theatre, they went to buy some popcorn and soda so that they can settle once
and for all. There were a lot of people who came to watch the movie. Although the previous scandal
had quite a huge impact, but after it was cleared up, some people still chose to believe in director Alex.

Amanda were already sitting in the hall, just waiting for the movie to start. Soon the lights went off as
the screens lit up with a trailer that the team had been using to promote the movie.

Amanda could not help but rub her hands together. They were already sweaty.


After two hours of watching, everyone remained seated. No one wanted to leave the theatre. They
wanted a replay.

"Wow..." Someone in the crowd gave an excited sigh.

It seemed that everyone was brought back to their senses from the movie.

Everyone started discussing and the hall suddenly became noisy.

"Wow, that was mind blowing." Someone said excitedly as she went online to share the good news.

"I think this is best movie I have watched this year." Someone said.

"You this year? I think for me, it is in the last five years. nowadays, people only shoot the movie with a
motive of making money. They don't even care how bad the actors act as long they take home a bunch
of cash."

"But gosh, this is very good. I almost thought that I was watching a live thing."


When Amanda left the theaters with her assistant and manager, the internet was already flooded.
People were discussing about the movie and those who had dissed it really regretted their decision.
But they vowed to go and watch it the next day.

Vallery knew that the movie was airing today and was waiting for Amanda to become a laughing stock.
She did not expect that she will get a lot of positive reviews. Even the people she had arranged to
speak bad of Amanda, were the one in the front line praising her.

How could this bitch have such perfect acting skills. Where did she learn it from. She really knew how
to hide herself.

As Vallery thought about it, she became very angry that she smashed the remote control on the wall
and swept everything that was on the dressing table to the floor.

She cannot let Amanda raise to fame. It will be dangerous. She did not know when Amanda became so
smart that she could even go against her.


After the movie, Amanda's fanbase increased tremendously. Her fame was on the rise and she
received many good scripts. The company now decided to promote her and gave her the best

But some people were not so happy about it.

Becky had been the star of Starshine before Amanda popped out of nowhere.

She has been worshipped by many people and all the best resources were given to her. As long she
wanted a certain script, or an advertisement, she always got it without needing to fight.

But since her movie was released at the same time as that of Amanda, it flopped and now she could
only get the second rate resources. She did not like this feeling at all.

"Tell me, Kevin, why are you favouring Amanda now. All my resources are snatched by her. Is it
because of that one movie."

Becky asked as she panted heavily.

"Those are president's orders and I cannot go against." Kevin said as he panted even more heavily.
They are used to sleeping together that is why Becky had the best manager and had always gotten the
best resources.

She also started from the scratch like Amanda. But since she knew how to please those in power, she
had not suffered all this while.

"You are the artist manager. You are the one who arrange our resources. Can't you do me a favour. I
have been serving you for a long time now. Or is it that you have found some fresh fish and now I'm not
pleasing to the eye anymore." Becky said as she bit the man on the shoulder hard.

Instead of feeling the pain, Kevin became excited.

"Of course you are the best. There is someone who has contacted me. She said that she had some dirt
on Amanda and as long I can work together with her, we can bring Amanda down. Now the president is
only thinking about her. I don't know what she offered him." Kevin said as he laid on the bed relieved.

After getting the assurance that she wanted, Becky smiled with satisfaction. Although Kevin was not
too old and was only in his forties, it was not fun sleeping with an old man. If not for the benefits that he
gave her, Becky could not have even looked at him.

He was also a family man and she did not want to be called a mistress.

So during all their encounter, she has been recording everything just incase Kevin went back on his
words or betrayed her, she will just threaten him with the videos and pictures in her hands.


It has been more than two months since the movies had been released. It has earned billions and
billions of money and everyone was happy.

But on Amanda's side, things were not going too smoothly as they had hopped. Someone was
constantly going against them.

Whenever they found a good script or a good magazine to shoot, the artist director, Kevin will always
say that it is taken and they should look for something else.

Amanda had been seeing Mandy with Becky being together a lot recently and she could not help but
doubt them.

Most of the resources that were taken from her ended up in Becky's hands, whenever they met, she
will always act arrogantly in front of Amanda.

Even a dumb person with a negative IQ could see that Becky was intentionally going against her.

But Amanda was patient. She is someone who did not provoke others but, but if you provoked her, she
will surely give you an unforgettable show. Becky had not reached a stage where Amanda needed to
personally deal with her but even so, she had already formulated a plan in her mind.