My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 59

At Richard's mansion, Amanda was lying lazily in his arms after an intense 'work out'.

Richard was lightly playing with her hair.

"Honey..." Amanda called out softly.

"Huh..." Richard looked at, indicating for her to continue.

"Can you help me look up to someone?"


"Kevin Anubi the artist director of Startshine and Becky Leaky. I think this two have an interesting
relationship. And also the relationship between Mandy and Becky those two have been close recently."
Amanda said.

"I have been waiting for you to ask me to do something for you. I was starting to think that I'm an
incompetent boyfriend." Richard said, feeling gleeful.

"How could you say that about yourself. To me you are the best boyfriend. No one came compare to
you." Amanda said as she kissed him on lips.

Richard did not allow her to retreat as he deepened the kiss. After another round of excitement,
Amanda soon feel asleep from exhaustion.

The following morning, Amanda went to the company early in the morning. She was supposed to sign a
contract with a famous director as the first female lead for his upcoming movie. It was a good script and
she loved it. Even Richard had encouraged her to take it.

She had auditioned and passed. Even Becky had auditioned for the same movie.

Reaching the office, Amanda saw that her manager and assistant had gloomy expressions. She
instantly knew that something must have happened.

"Why do you look like the sky is falling?" Amanda asked with laugh to ease the tensed atmosphere.

"It is that bitch again. That director Bernard had gone back on his words and is signing Becky, actually
they have already signed the contract." Vivian said through gritted teeth. She was so angry and she
almost flipped the table upside down.

Amanda's frowned as her eyes showed obvious anger.

"How did you know about this?" She calmed down and asked Linda. Vivian was so angry that she did
not even want to talk.

"Kevin called to inform me. Becky has also been flaunting the whole morning in the company and
everyone knows about it." Linda said.

Although she appeared calm, she felt like squashing someone.

In the president's office....

Kevin was standing behind the desk with his hands behind his back and a lazy aura round him. He
seem not to take the president very serious.

"What is with Benard. Hadn't he already decided on Amanda, why would he change his mind so

"I have no idea boss. He suddenly called me and told me that he wanted to switch actresses. Who am I
to ask so much questions, since they both come from the same company, and the benefits that they
would bring are almost the same, then I have no objections." Kevin said as if it was the most normal
thing to do.

"I hope it is not one your petty schemes. Don't think that I don't what you and Becky have been doing
all this while. I just turned off a blind eye because it did not threaten the company." Philip said as he
looked at Kevin coldly.

"President, I don't know why you always defend Amanda so much. She is someone with no
background, if not for that movie, I bet she will still be crawling at the bottom of the industry. Why do
you care about her so much? What benefits did she actually give you?" Kevin was not afraid as he
questioned his boss.

He knew that with the information he had in his hand, once he showed it to him, his attitude towards
Amanda will change.

"Why do you say so? You know I'm an upright man and I don't engage in those dirty business. What
benefits do you think Amanda gave me? I just want to help because I know she has the potential of
being a big star." Philip justified his actions.

"Then you have been fooled by her. This Amanda is not a simple character. I have some insider
information about how she got her role in director Alex's movie." Kevin said.

"Wasn't that scandal cleared?" Philip asked with some suspicion.

"Don't be too naive. Don't you know how this industry works. It is very easy to cover up a scandal as
long as you want. Just come up with some fabricated evidence and people will believe it." Kevin
continued to brainwash his boss.

He knew that his boss was scheming but he did not engage himself in certain things. He was someone
who loved his family.

"Do you know that Amanda actually stole someone's fiancee?" Kevin continued.

"She hooked up with a man who already had a girlfriend and replaced the current one. Tell me, a girl
with that kind of character, can she still survive in this industry. It is just a matter of time before this
scandals are all over the internet. Do you want to tell me that you will deploy your best resources just to
help her?" Kevin had already achieved the effect that he wanted so he shut up.

He gave his boss time to digest the information he had given him.

"What do you want to do?" His boss finally asked.

"Simple. Tonight I will be hosting a private party with my buddies. A lot of directors will be there, I'm
planning to let Amanda go and accompany them. If she is unwilling, we will just say that she is going
against the company wishes and then we will take that opportunity to cancel her contract. If someone
question us then we will just release the news in our hands." Kevin said. He had already formed a
perfect plan in his mind.

After chasing Amanda away, he will continue to provide resources for Becky and will not feel

"Let me trust you this once, if anything goes wrong, don't blame me for being ruthless." Philip said.

"It is good if you inform Amanda about the party yourself, I know she respects you and she won't
refuse." Kevin said.

"Okay, you can go and call her."

Amanda was surprised when she heard that the president was calling her to his office. She
immediately hurried over.

"Amanda I want you to attend a party with Kevin tonight. There are a lot of directors. You need to
accompany them and maybe someone will take a liking at you and give you resources." Philip said

even without looking at her.

Amanda was shocked.

"President..." Amanda tried to speak but she was cut off by Philip.

"You have hid yourself pretty well but now that I know your true colours, stop pretending infront of me.
Just do as you are told." Philip said coldly. He was already getting impatient.

"What did you hear about me. And did you verify the information first before casting your judgemental
look on me?" Amanda lost her cool and asked angrily.

"Are questioning my orders now?" Philip also became angry and raised his voice.

"Don't you dare defy me. You won't like it when you don't do as told. Get out of my office." Philip said as
he pointed towards the door.

"Don't ever regret this." Amanda said as she left with her head held high.

The moment she went outside the door, she dialed Richard's number.

"Honey.... is everything prepared?"

"Yes babe." Richard answered softly.

"Okay. I think we will have a good show watch very soon. I will come to see you in a moment, I think it
is time." Amanda said, smiled sweetly and hung up the phone.