My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 60

Amanda rushed to R$S company after talking to Linda. She told them not to worry and rushed to see

"What happened?" Richard asked Amanda the moment she reached his office.

"Starshine is going to terminate my contract." Amanda said, she was not worried at all.


"Becky already signed the contract with director Bernard. I have been told to go and accompany some
directors today so that I can be offered resources." Amanda said as she looked at Richard's
expression. As expected, his face turned dark when he heard it.

"But don't worry I won't be taken advantage of. After all I still have you. I'm only going to mess things up
because I know you will back me up." Amanda said as she sat on his lap.

Richard's expression immediately lightened up.

"Just do as you wish, I will back you up." Richard said in a pampering voice.

"About the contract?" Amanda asked.

Richard took his phone and called a number.

"Come over to my office with what I told you to prepare."

Soon there was a knock on the door.

Ian came in panting slightly.

"Boss I'm here."

"Sit down." Richard said. Amanda tried to get down from his arms but he tightened his grip. He did not
allow her to move.

She could only lower her head in embarrassment.

After everything was finalised, Amanda left to go and prepare. She also wanted to talk to her manager
and assistant so that they can be mentally prepared. Richard still had some work to do and did not
leave with her but he will pick her up at 6 o'clock.


"Mum I missed you." Amanda said the moment she reached their house.

"Why are you back so early?" Her mother asked looking at the watch. It was only 2 in the afternoon.

"I have an event to attend later so I have come to prepare." Amanda said.

"Okay. How is Richard."

"He is fine. He will come by later to pick me up." Amanda said.

The door bell rung, disrupting their conversation.

"I think it is Linda and Vivian." Amanda said as she went to check the door.

Sure enough, Linda and Vivian were standing at the door. Amanda quickly opened the door and
ushered them in.

"Why did you call us here?" Linda asked the moment she entered. This was not her first time coming

When they reached the living room, they saw Amanda's mom sitting on the coach.

"Hi auntie." Both Linda and Vivian greeted at the same time.

"Hey guys. You are here. I will go prepare tea and some snacks." She said as she stood up.

"Guys I have some good news?"

"Did Bernard give you the contract again?" Vivian asked. They have been in a bad mood since the
whole morning. Only Amanda seemed to be calm like she had everything under her control.

"Nope. Take a look at this." Amanda said as she handed them her contract with R$S.

"What is this?" Linda asked with suspicion but still took the document.

The moment she read the first page, her face changed. She looked at Amanda with disbelief written all
over her face.

"What is it?" Vivian asked and looked to the document curiously.

"Aaah." Her scream echoed through the living after she saw the contract.

"What is going on Amanda?" She asked the question Linda was asking herself in her mind.

"It is as you see it. We are changing companies!" Amanda said.

"But why. You still have a contract with Starshine. What are you doing?" Vivian asked still in disbelief as
she flipped the pages over and over again.

"With the president's attitude, I'm pretty sure they have already decided to terminate my contract. The
only thing that they are lacking is a reason to do so. And today, they have the perfect opportunity to find
an excuse to get rid of me."

Amanda said with a calm expression.

"How the hell did you find this. How come we did not know about it?" Vivian asked feeling agitated.

"Actually there is something I have been hiding from you two. Not that I did not trust you, but I have
never found a perfect opportunity to tell you. And also I'm afraid that you won't believe me."

"So is it true that you are a kept woman?" Vivian could not help but blurt out.

"Hahaha.."Amanda laughed.

"You could say so." She said as she smiled at them.

"Ooh no... we are doomed." Vivian cried out.

Linda had been keeping quite since she saw the contract and no one knew what she was thinking.
And hearing Vivian say that Amanda was a kept woman she also looked on, not hiding the shocked
look in her eyes.

"Enough of the joking. I have a boyfriend and I'm not a mistress. Our relationship is open only that I
cannot make it public for the time being." Amanda said.

"So your boyfriend works at R$S company. Is he the one who helped you with the contract?" Linda

Now everything seemed to make sense.

"Yes." Amanda nodded.

"Who is he. Quickly tell us." Vivian urged.

Amanda tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

"He is Richard."

Silence consumed the three of them after Amanda finished speaking. They looked at her like it was the
first time they are laying their eyes on her.

"Why are you looking at me like that. Didn't you want to know and now you don't believe me." Amanda

Vivian and Linda came back to their senses.

"Who did you say. Richard?" Vivian asked.

No one could blame her for being suspicious.

"Richard Howell is my boyfriend. Actually we have been together for a long time now. Since when I was
filming director Alex's movie."

"Just prepare, we have a brilliant show to watch tomorrow!"

"Are you going to that private gathering?" Linda asked after calming down from the stupefying news.

"Of course. I can't disappoint them. Don't worry no one will take advantage of me." Amanda said.

"If you want, we can go together." She offered.

"No. We are good."

After they left, Vivian was still in a daze.

"Who would had thought that the number one bachelor whom everyone woman in the city is lusting
after is already taken. I can't believe it! I can't believe it!"

"Remember what Amanda said right? We have to keep this a secret." Linda said while glancing at

Although she was still recovering from the shock, she was someone who could put her emotions in

"Of course I remember. I'm just shocked, okay!"


At 6 o'clock sharp, Amanda was already prepared. She heard the sound of engine from her bedroom
and went to open the door, knowing that it was Richard.

"You are here. I'm ready. We can leave immediately." Amanda said as she hugged his arms.

"Is Auntie not home. I want to say hi."

"Mom is not home. She has found some friends and they like walking around in the evening."


In the private hotel room.

The atmosphere was lively as everyone was enjoying themselves. Various famous directors were
there, drinking and chatting. Atleast everyone had a woman in his arms. It seemed like this was a
normal gathering to a few of them.

"Kevin didn't you say that there will a newcomer to accompany us today." One of the director's asked
as he spanked the girl who was sitting on his laps.

All these girls were in the entertainment industry and accompanying a famous director was not a big
deal as long you got the resources.

The door the room opened and a slender figure was seen at the door.

She was donning a red dress, her well defined figure enhanced. Her cleavage was revealed making
the men who looked at her almost drool.

There was a pin drop silence as Amanda walked to the room step by step. She did not like the feeling
of being stared at by these perverts, but she had no other choice.