My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 61

"Amanda, you are here?" Kevin asked, his voice sounding excited just like everyone else.

"I knew you would not disappoint me." Looking at how Amanda was dressed charmingly, he knew that
she had understood their meaning.

"Girl come to me." Said a man with a bulging stomach as he tried to push away the model who was in
his arms.

The model did not feel good after being pushed away and glared at Amanda with hatred and envy.

"Amanda, Mr. Fred is calling you. Go and accompany him." Kevin said as he winked at Amanda.

"Since you are already here, you should be obedient and do as you are told." Kevin continued.

"So Mr. Kevin, you want me to sleep with this sleazy men just so I can get resources?" Amanda asked,
a smile on her face.

"Since you already understand, you should just go with the flow. The company was planning on
promoting you, but after an internal decision was made, we decided against it. If you want to strive in
this industry, you need to depend on yourself. We cannot do everything for you." Kevin advised,
sounding like a good employer.

"What if I refuse?" Amanda asked.

"Then you will leave us no choice. We will just terminate your contract since you disobey the
company's orders." Kevin said. It was as if he had been waiting for this moment.

"But since you are already here, don't think of leaving unscattered. You should drink with a few
directors first. If not I don't know if you will survive in this industry." After saying that, he pushed
Amanda slightly towards the man who had been calling her.

Amanda was unprepared and stumbled forward. She had expected herself to fall on a big belly and a
body full of alcohol. But instead, she fell into a sturdy chest. A clean scent of mint greeted her nostril.
She did not need look up to know who it was.

"Who is planning on selling my girlfriend to some ugly men." Richard's cold voice sounded.

His aura was chilly that the warm room suddenly turned as cold as ice. The people inside could not
help but shiver.

They took a moment before they registered what had been said by the cold statue before them.

"Who are you to fight for women with me?" Mr. Fred said. He had already drunk enough and his vision
was blurred. He was not seeing clearly.

He could only make out a tall figure standing infront him but he could not tell who it was.

The room was dimly lit so many people did not recognize Richard at first glance. But after looking at
him closely, you could see beads of sweat streaming down their forehead.

"It's Richard Howell. Did he say that Amanda was his girl friend? Thank God I did not touch her." Some
people we relieved.

They knew how ruthless Richard Howell was. He never laughs with his enemies.

Kevin on the other hand almost peed on himself.

"Who would have thought that Richard was Amanda's boyfriend. Why didn't that person say anything.
Was she intentionally misleading them?" Kevin thought as he tried to suppress the panic in his heart.

He had to salvage the situation before it truly got out of hand.

"Mr. Richard sorry. This is all a misunderstanding." Kevin said, trying to stand up but his legs were
trembling so much.

"What misunderstanding? Are you trying to say that my girlfriend willingly came here to entertain you
guys?" Richard asked, his voice dripping with coldness.

"Of course not." Kevin stuttered. He did not know what else to say.

"Didn't you just threaten her now that if she does not do a good job accompanying you, she will not
survive in this industry. That you are going to terminate her contract!" Richard said word by word.

Kevin now understood that Amanda had probably dug a trap for him and he unknowingly fell in it.

It seemed like they came together but Richard stayed outside just to listen to what they will say, when
the time was right, he will come in to save the damsel in distress.

Now everyone in the room understood the 'good intentions' of Kevin. Although they liked to play
around, they could never use their superiority to force actors in doing what they don't want. Those who
wanted to find more resources will just come to them willingly.

Mr. Fred was already sober. He could not help but shiver.

Was Kevin planning to kill him. How could he let him play with Richard's woman. Although everyone in
the room was practically younger than Richard, but in business world there was no seniority. Only the
stronger ones were respected.

Everyone started to go one by one. Richard did not stop them but marked each one of them in his

"Kevin, the next time you want to die, don't drag us with you." Everyone spat this sentence as they left.

They were glad that Richard did not stop them, but they did not know what was coming for them. If they
had know, they would have stayed to beg for mercy even if it meant to kneel down and kowtow.

Only Kevin and Fred were left in the private room. Fred wanted to leave but his legs could not listen to

He went to Richard and bowed his head. "I'm really sorry Mr. Richard. I didn't know that Amanda was
your woman. If I have known I will not have touched her even if I had a million guts. I swear on my
company that it was Kevin who invited us. He said that he had some fresh meat which he wanted to
share with everyone. So out of curiosity, we came to take a look. Please forgive me." Mr. Fred lowered.

He knew that with a snap of Richard's finger, his company will be doomed.

Richard did not even looked at him. He hugged the woman in his tightly, protecting her from the cruel
world as he turned to look at Kevin.

"I know you have everything prepared out. Even the script for tomorrow's press conference. I want you
to go on with your plan. Call the person feeding you lies and tell her that nothing has changed. And of
course you know nothing about what happened tonight. Everything went as planned. Call your bitch
Becky, let her come and accompany your disgusting friend. I want videos and pictures before today

"If you speak a word of what happened, tonight, believe me, you will never see the light of the day.
Proceed to terminate Amanda's contract tomorrow. Create as much hype as you want. If you don't do a
good job, don't blame me for being merciless."

"I will do as you say. As long as you spare my life. I will do anything."

"Good. Then I will see how well you perform tomorrow." Richard said, bent over to carry Amanda in a
bridal style and left the room with his long legs without even looking back.

Since he entered, Amanda had not uttered a single word. She obediently stayed in his arms.

"Hey I can still walk, alright." Amanda tried to protest. The man did not budge as he increased his

Back in the room, Kevin stood up with shaking legs. Thinking of what had happened tonight, his heart
still had some lingering fear.

He will never let that woman off. After planning everything, he called Becky and left swiftly before she

On Amanda's side, she regretted her actions tonight. If she had not insisted on solving the problem by
herself, she won't be feeling that her waist was breaking apart.

Richard had really lost his cool tonight and tortured her inside out.