My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 62

The following morning, Amanda did not wake up early knowing that she will not be going to work. She
was so tired even after a night's sleep, she did not even have the energy to lifting her finger.

She turned around and found Richard focused on reading a newspaper on the coach.

Amanda admired his handsome and flawless face as she imagine how lucky she was to have met this

She coughed slightly to attract Richard's attention.

"Is the newspaper more beautiful than I am?" Amanda complained the moment Richard looked over.

Only in front of this man would she let herself lose and act coy.

"You are awake." Richard put down the newspaper and walked over with an evil grin on his face.

He leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

"Of course my wife is the most beautiful. She is the only beautiful thing in this whole world."

Amanda was now used to Richard calling her his wife.

She smiled at him sweetly.

"Hey I have not even brushed my teeth yet." Amanda protested when she noticed the man deepening
the kiss.

"It still test sweet. Want some morning exercise?" Richard asked, not at all breaking the kiss. His hand
had already reached inside the covers and was teasing Amanda's smooth skin.

Wherever his fingers touched, Amanda could feel an electric current coursing through her body.

"Hey, stop messing around so early in the morning." Amanda said as she clutched the bed sheets

"I need to use the bathroom." Only then did Richard release her.

"But I can't move." Amanda said, feeling embarrassed.

"Why?" Richard asked.

Amanda glared at him without saying anything.

Richard knew that he had not been gentle with her last night. He complied and carried her to the

While Amanda was relieving herself in the toilet, Richard had already prepared bath water for her.

"I'm done." Amanda called.

Richard went in, carried her up and placed her in the bathtub. He sprinkled some body wash in the tub
which formed some bubbles. It was the smell of lavender which Amanda loved.

After enjoying her bath, she wrapped herself in a white towel and went to the bedroom only to find that
Richard was still around and had not gone to work.

"Aren't you going to be let for work?" Amanda asked as she went to the closet to find some clothes to

"There is nothing going on this morning. I want to accompany you a little more." Richard said as he
went to hug her from behind.

"Hey, let me put on some clothes okay." Amanda said, her face turning purple from embarrassment.

"I like it when you don't wear any clothes." Richard's deep voice reached her ears.

Amanda wanted to bury herself in the closet. How had she never known that this man was such a

"What are you thinking about and I'm right before you?" Richard said as he bit on her soft ear. It was so
soft that he did not feel like letting go.

"Why don't you check the news, I'm sure Kevin must have already finished the press conference by
now." Amanda remembered what had happened yesterday and said.

"Okay." Richard finally released her.

Amanda heaved a sigh of relief and looked for some comfortable clothes to put on.

It was already 8.30am.

When Richard went online, the internet was in a frenzy.

A lot of hashtags about Amanda being chased out of Starshine entertainment was everywhere on the

#Amanda is no longer an artist under Starshine.

#Amanda is a shrew in private.

#Amanda actually stole someone's fiancee.

#Startshine tired of covering up for Amanda and decided to get rid of her.

#Amanda seen yesterday accompanying some famous directors at a private gathering.

#Amanda's private life is a mess and her time in the entertainment industry is over.

"I told you guys. Amanda is not a simple character. Now you believe me, right. Even her company
cannot tolerate her lame behaviour any more."

"She should have quit at first instead of fooling us." Many people joined in the fun to insult Amanda. But
most of the people were bought by Mandy and Becky and they only talked because they were paid.

"Some people are always ready to talk big without even hearing the other side of the story. Amanda
has not even talked and there you are already casting judgement. I wonder how much your faces will
hurt when Amanda retaliates."

"You brainless fan, how much did Amanda pay you... huh? Do you dare swear on your life that the
news is fake? Then won't Starshine be shooting themselves in the foot?"

"I swear on my life that Amanda is not that kind of a person." The fan side.

The discussion continued as both sides teared each other up.

Kevin called Richard the moment the press conference was over. But of course he used Amanda's
contact information. What right did he have to own Richard's contacts.

"Mr Richard did I do well?" He asked nervously. He hid himself in the washroom so no one could hear

"Mmh. You can take this opportunityto call your contact and tell her that you know everything. " Richard
said and immediately hung up the phone.

His face was very gloomy. Although he had expected people to say negative things about Amanda, but
looking at it himself, it did not feel good. He almost smashed the tablet in his hands.

"Why are you angry?" Amanda walked over and took the tablet from his hands.

"Don't look at it." Richard tried to take it back but Amanda dodged.

Looking at the comments online, Amanda smiled lightly.

"It seems like someone is adding oil in the fire." Amanda said after looking at it for a while.

"Don't worry it will be over soon." Seeing that her mood was not affected, Richard was relieved.


"Miss Mandy, have you seen the news?" Kevin asked from the other side of the phone. He behaved
like he knew nothing about Richard and Amanda.

"You did a good job, Mr. Kevin. I will give you what I promised." Mandy said. Her voice sounded like
she was in a very good mood.

Kevin didn't know when she did it, but now Mandy was the largest shareholder of Starshine and she
had promised him that once he dealt with Amanda, he will be the next CEO. He was overcame by
greed and did not think about the consequences.

But now, there was no joy of becoming the CEO, instead, his life was hanging by the line.

"Miss Mandy, why didn't you tell me that Amanda's boyfriend was Richard?" Kevin asked, his voice
turning cold all over a sudden.

Mandy's expression changed over the phone.

"How did you know that?" She asked, her good mood probably ruined.

"You don't have to worry how I found out. Just know that I won't go to hell alone." With that he hung up
the phone.

Mandy looked at the darkened phone screen, feeling that something was not right.

She immediately took her car keys and went to Richard's ancestral home. She had to strike first while
the iron was still hot.


"Kevin I have seen the news. That bitch is done for." Becky said over the phone. Although Kevin had
tricked her yesterday, it was not in vein.

"What did Mr. Fred promise you yesterday?" Kevin asked. He was not feeling guilty about selling her to
some old men.

"He promised me a big role for his next project." Becky said, feeling excited.

"Okay. You did well." Kevin said. But in his heart he thought that maybe Becky will never live to see that

"Director Kevin, the president is requesting for you to go to his office...." his secretary's voice was