My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 63

"Everything went as you hopped for I hope you are happy." Philip said.

"Now everyone is on Amanda's neck requesting her to leave the entertainment industry."

"Mmmmh!" Kevin answered in a daze.

"What is wrong with you. Isn't this what you hopped for?" Philip asked, not quite understanding why
Kevin looked like he was going to dye.

"Nothing boss. It is just that I did not have enough rest last night. Maybe if you could give a day off."
Kevin said. He wanted to go home because he felt unease. It is true that yesterday he did not have a
good rest because of the fright he had received.

"You can take two days off. You have worked hard." His boss was kind enough to give him two days off.

Kevin left the boss office, took his bag and went home.

At Richard's family home..

"Uncle how is your health?" Mandy asked while making tea in the living room.

"I'm fine, thank you for coming." Leonard, Richard's father said.

"You have been back for a while now, have you met with Richard already? That boy rarely comes home
since that incident." Leonard said, revealing a tired expression.

"I have only seen him once. I told him to come and visit, but looks like he didn't." Mandy said.

"I have not seen him for a long time and I rarely go to the company."

"Uncle don't worry. I'm sure he will come soon. You know when I met him he had a woman with him I
guess their relationship is not simple." Mandy said. She did not want to sound too obvious. She could
only provide a few hints.

"A woman? My Richard never mess around!" Leonard said. He will obviously be on his son's side.

"Maybe. But when I asked him he told be that it was none of my business so I just let him be. Uncle
Leonard you know that I have loved Richard for a long time and I will never stand by and see him
tricked by some women."

"I don't stop him from dating any women that he like but you know how the women working in that
industry are. They are always after money and to destroy people's lives."

"What do you mean?" Leonard's expression turned serious.

"The woman that I saw Richard with, she is an actress. I did not want to investigate but that day I had a
few of my friends. They could not see me suffer so they decided to take matters into their own hands
and investigated that woman. It seemed like it was not a one time thing between her and Richard."

She showed Leonard some photos that she had hired someone to take after following Richard and
Amanda's every move.

"I just thought that maybe if I tell uncle, you can talk to Richard and he might listen to you. Even if he
can't love me the way I love him, he can't waste his life like that by hooking up with some morally
corrupt celebrities." Mandy said.

"You have suffered." Leonard looked at her with some pity.

"It is Okay uncle. I don't want Richard to be taken advantage of."

"This celebrity is all over the news now. Her scandal is really bad. If you think that I'm lying, I can show
you." Mandy had already logged into her account and passed the phone over to Leonard.

The more Leonard read, the more his face darkened. He almost fainted as he clutched his chest tightly.

After he took his medicine, he calmed down a little.

Richard was enjoying a rich breakfast with Amanda when his phone rung. He looked at it and frowned
slightly, intending not to take it.

"Who is calling?" Amanda asked.

"The old man." Richard answered planning to throw his phone on the sofa.

"Answer it." Amanda said.

"You know he is your father after all. That is a fact you can't deny."

"I will do as you say." Richard then pressed the answer button.

"What took you so long to answer the phone?" A roar came from the other end before even Richard
had a chance to greet him.

"I'm having breakfast! What is the matter?" Richard asked without any warmth in his voice.

"What kind on attitude is that. I'm your father, can't I even call you?" Leonard was not pleased by his
son's attitude.

"Uncle, calm down okay. Richard said that he was having breakfast, maybe let him finish eating first." A
gentle voice was heard through the voice.

Since Richard had placed his phone on loud speaker, he and Amanda cleared heard it.

"Come home after eating breakfast. I have some matters to discuss with you." Leonard hung up the
phone without giving Richard a chance to reply.

Richard immediately lost his mood for breakfast, but since it was Amanda who personally prepared it,
he had to eat.

"Don't worry, maybe your father just want to talk." Amanda consoled.

"There is nothing to talk about. I'm sure he had found out about our relationship and that's what he
wants to discuss with me." Richard said, having seen through the old man.

"My father has never liked the entertainment industry. To him it is deemed dirty and unworthy. When I
opened a branch of R$S, he was against it, but I did anyway. I will take you over to meet him." Richard

"Me. But didn't you hear a female voice just now. Maybe your father wants to introduce you to some
girl." Amanda said, her voice dripping with jealousy.

"What girl, that was Mandy. My dad believes that, that is the only woman who is worthy of his son. The
more reason if we go together. I'm a hundred percent sure she is the one who told my dad about us.
Don't forget, all this scandal was started by her." Richard said.

"Okay. I will accompany you." She also wanted to see how the place where Richard had grown up
looked like.

After breakfast, Richard called Ian over the phone.

"You can do it now."

"Yes boss."


Back at Richard's home.

Mandy had been browsing the internet, feeling good seeing how Amanda is insulted by everyone.

Just then, a breaking news popped up.

#R$S have signed Amanda as there artist.

#Amanda, who has been blacklisted by Startshine some hours ago has signed with R$S.

#One throws her away like a thrash while the other picks her up like a priceless treasure.

#what is going on with the entertainment industry today.

Mandy was so shocked that she almost threw her phone away.

"What is it?" Leonard, who was not a fan of surfing the internet asked when he saw that Mandy's face
was turning pale.

"Uncle, look."


The people at Starshine were not feeling any better especially the president and Becky.

They tried reaching Kevin's phone but it had been switched off.

Compared to their one sided story which did not have enough evidence, the news released by R&S
was mind blowing.