My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 64

"This industry is turning upside down. Who would have thought that R&S will pick up something that
Startshine deemed thrash."

Online netizens were excited as they gave their opinions. Those who had bashed Amanda were now
so embarrassed that they could not even lift their heads. They hid behind their keyboards with the fear
of being found out.

"This slap is sooo much satisfying. My goddess never fails." Her fans were excited as they went to her
private account to leave congratulatory messages.

Amanda, sitting in Richard's car was obvious to what was happening online. She was now going to
Richard's home to meet his father. She was slightly nervous as she had a feeling that the old man will
not like her.

"Nervous?" Richard asked when he saw fidgeting in her seat and biting on her lips.

"A little." she answered honestly.

"Don't be. Nothing will happen to you when I'm around." Richard assured her with a doting smile.

“Okay. But I don’t want to put you in a tight position.” Amanda said. She could not hide the nervousness
in her voice.

The internet was in frenzy. R&S has released scandal after scandal of Kevin and Becky.

“It turns out that Startshine wanted to frame Amanda from the beginning then shift the blame on her?
How could people be so cold blooded?

“Even the president, whom everyone has been looking up to, has such a cold heart. How could they
force Amanda to go and accompany the directors without any shame?”

Philip was in a panic as he tried to use his company’s PR to clear out the rumors. But nothing seemed
to be working. His statement was drown in the mass comments. He could not believe that Kevin had
messed up. And the worst thing is that he was nowhere to be found. He regretted giving him two days
off. No wonder he did not look good in the morning. He must have known what was going to happen.

Kevin on the hand had switched off is phone the moment he reached home. He knew what was coming
was not good but he did not expect Richard to go to such extent because of a woman.

When his wife saw him coming back so early, she was shocked.

“Honey, why are you home so early today. Did you not go to the company not long ago? You said that
you had an important press conference.” His wife asked suspiciously.

“It ended earlier. Did you not watch it?” Kevin asked as he went to kiss his wife.

“No. I have been busy since morning I had no time to watch.”

“It is nothing. I was just going to dismiss some actress from our company. She has been misbehaving
and we had to terminate her contract.”

“Honey, can you pack a few clothes, we are going on a vocation and we will back in one weeks’ time.”
Kevin said, hiding the guilty in his eyes. He did know not what was going on online or what Richard had
planned, but his heart was unsettled. He wanted to move away from this place as soon as possible.

“How about work?” his wife asked, feeling that her husband was acting really strange.

“Boss has given me one week for vacations don’t worry.” Kevin said.

“Okay, then I will go pack up.” His wife said, sounding excited.

They had been married for one year now but they did not have any children yet.

Kevin headed to his study room and turned on his laptop. He did not know why, but he did not want to
turn on his phone.

Logging into his account, several headlines popped up.

#Amanda signed with R&S the moment Starshine terminated her contract.

#The accusation of Startshine over Amanda is baseless. She was forced into doing things she did not
want that is why they deemed her arrogant and terminated her contract.

#Starshine artist director disappeared without a trace.

Kevin felt cold sweat dripping on his forehead. He did not dare turn on his phone because he knew
everyone was looking for him. He started this mess because he could not bear Amanda going against
his wishes. The position of the CEO was very tempting that he did not realize that he was falling into a
trap. Now he knew what fear felt like. He could not even stand up. This Richard was way too first.

His wife came into the study room to ask him about his passport only to find his face pale with fright. He
was looking at the laptop screen in a trance and he did not even notice her coming over.

“Honey, are you alright?” she asked with concern.

Although she did not have a job and was a stay at home wife, her husband doted on her. When she
first married him, she did not like the idea of his husband working in the entertainment industry, but
because of his love and pampering, she fully trusted him. This past one year they have been married,
she has never heard anything bad concerning her husband and believed that he was not like those
who were shrouded with scandals on the internet.

Her husband must be in love her that is why he has never been in a scandal with those sly and
scheming celebrities.

Before Kevin could react, his wife had already reached behind the desk and was scrolling through the
news. The more she looked, the more her face turned pale.

“What have you done Kevin?” she asked.

“Didn’t you say the artist you are going to deal with is someone with lose morals and the company
could not stand her vile behavior. What is the internet saying? You actually initiated this without
knowing the whole truth. You left the company in a mess. Is that why you want to run away?” his wife
questioned angrily.

Kevin snapped at his wife’s accusation. “What do you know woman. I wake up early to go to work so
that you could have a comfortable, but like everyone else, you join in the fun of accusing me? Who am
I doing all this for? I was set up; I did not know that it was a trap. Someone deceived me….”

As he was still talking another breaking news popped up. It was the video of Kevin and Becky being
intimate and doing all the dirty stuff.

The person who released the news only sent a link and warned that it was an X-rated video, and
people were to watch it at their own risk. But curiosity being the middle name of all human beings,
everyone was excited to uncover what was hidden in the link. Kevin’s wife stumbled upon the link and
clicked on it without knowing. Soon ambiguous morns filled the room, hearing the familiar voice, Kevin
turned his hand at a lightning speed and wanted to snatch the mouse form his wife’s hand. His heart
was already hanging in his throat.

His wife was also embarrassed and wanted to turn it off but seeing her husband’s expatriated look, she
thought against it.

“Turn it off?” Kevin growled at his wife.

“Why are you having such a huge reaction? Does this video concern you? “His wife made a bold

Just then, the faces of the two protagonists were shown on the screen. Kevin’s wife was shocked when
she saw her husband’s face on the screen. The blood refused to flow to the brain and she almost

“Kevin… you...” she could not utter a word as her whole body trembled.

“Let’s divorce…” after an unknown amount of time has passed and without hearing anything from her
husband, she said those words through gritted teeth.

Hearing her words, Kevin finally came back to his senses.

“What did you just say?”

“Let’s get a divorce.”