My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 65

“Master, young master is home.” The maid rushed to the house to report the news.

“Go and prepare some tea.” Leonard said towards the maid.

“Okay master.”

“Father.” The maid had just gone to the kitchen when Richard’s baritone voice came through from the
door. He walked towards the sitting room while holding Amanda’s hand tightly.”

Hearing his son’s voice, Leonard turned around only to be met with his son walking forward with a
woman beside him. He was momentarily stunned when he saw who the woman was.

Mandy who also heard the maids words was waiting in anticipation, when she turned around and saw
that Richard had come with Amanda her expression did not look good. She clenched her fists tightly
and her eyes flashed a malicious light. It was only for a split of a second before she wore a flattering

“Brother Richard, you are here.” She said.

“Why did you bring this woman here?” Leonard asked, trying not to die from anger.

“Does father know her?” Richard asked, not at all minding that his father is angry.

“Stop playing games with me! Who doesn’t know her? Isn’t she trending online right now because of
being shameless?”

“How could you get entangled with someone from the entertainment industry. Do you want me to die
from being angered by you?”

“Did father call me over just to tell me this?” although Richard had expected this, his face still turned

“You know that my time is limited, if called me just for this, sorry I have to leave.” He said as he turned
around to leave.

“Who gave you the permission to leave?” Leonard roared.

Richard had no choice but to stop in his tracks.

“It is good that you brought this woman here, I have some things to say to her.” Leonard said.

“Father let’s get one thing clear, I did not bring Amanda here so you could you cast your judgment on
her with some unfounded rumors. I actually came to tell you that she is the woman I will be spending
my whole life with, she will be my wife and your daughter-in-law so show some respect.” Richard said.

Mandy felt like she had been soaked in freezing water. Her blood chilled as color drained from her face.

Was Richard here to declare his love to Amanda in front of his father?

“What nonsense are you talking about? “Leonard almost blew his top as he stood up with the support
of his walking stick , his body trembling.

“I mean what I say.” Richard was unfazed as he looked at his father with a challenging gaze.

This father and son pair had not met for a long time, but the moment they met, they could not
communicate well.

Leonard started coughing profusely; Mandy immediately went to hold him and guided him to sit down
as she poured him a glass of water.

“Uncle, can you calm down. Richard has not returned for a long time can you go easy on him.” Mandy

“This rascal is intentionally going against me and provoking me.” Leonard said.

“Richard, it has been a long time since you returned, can you listen to uncle. He has been missing you
but the moment you entered the door, you started to fight with him. His health has not been great
recently but it seems that you don’t care.” Mandy said as she shot Amanda an accusatory gaze as if
telling her that she was the cause of all this.

Amanda looked uncomfortable and clung to a Richard even more.

Seeing her acting like she could not wait to burry herself in Richards coat, Mandy scoffed coldly.

“Mandy, you are the sensible one. You have really suffered all this while. Uncle will help you marry
Richard as soon as possible.”

Hearing that, Mandy showed a delighted expression. She actually knew that she and Richard will never
be. But she was just mad to see him caring and pampering another woman. It really stung her heart.
She felt that if she cannot have him, then nobody can. He only belonged to her and her alone.

Her love for him was beyond obsession.

“Richard you should start preparing your wedding as soon as possible. You two are not young anymore
and I want to hold my grandchild soon.” Leonard said.

He had not regarded Amanda since the pair came and she was starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

“If father wants to marry, then go ahead and marry. The only woman I will marry in this lifetime is right
here standing beside me. If father thinks that she is unfit to hold the title of the missus of this house,

then I will leave with her and never return again. I will also return the company to you. She is the only
woman I will love in my life.” after he finished his statement, he left like he never came.

By the time Leonard came back to his senses, his son was long gone.

“Sorry about that.” Richard said as he hugged Amanda tightly.

Amanda returned the hug. “It is okay. I don’t care about his attitude. All I care about is the you love me.”
Amanda said. She searched Richard’s lips and gave them a quick peck. Richard could not let such a
good chance slip by. He held the back of her neck and deepened the kiss. Only when she was out of
breath did he release her.

Mandy on the other hand was sulking. Seeing that Richard’s father could not help her, she decided to
take the matters into her own hands. She left to go and device a plan.

Richard drove Amanda directly to the company. Amanda, worried that people will see her together with
Richard and might start spreading rumors, she decided to alight from the car before they could close
the company. Her manager was almost arriving and she will go with her. Richard did not insist but he
decided to wait with her for her manager to arrive before he could be relieved. He could not just dump
his woman on the road.

Soon, her manager, Linda and assistant Vivian arrived in a black sedan. This was the first time they
were Richard and Amanda together so they were a little nervous. After all Richard was now their boss
and Amanda might be their lady boss in the future.

They exited the van and walked towards the couple. Richard nodded at them lightly, turned around and
kissed Amanda before he entered his car.

“Miss Linda please come to my office immediately you arrive in the company. I have some matters to
discuss to you concerning Amanda’s contract. Amanda too come and see me.” With that he left in a