My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 66

Amanda's work, since she joined R&S has been going great. Those who did not like her at first came to
warm up to her when they saw how dedicated she was to her work. The rumours also had it that she
was scouted by the president, so they had to treat her even better.

"Amanda if you continue with your attitude, you will surpass us seniors in no time." Jacky said. She was
a senior in R&S company and they have just wrapped up the movie they had been filming.

"Thank you senior. It is because of your guidance that I'm able to reach where I am today." Amanda
answered politely.

"You should not be polite with me. We are now a family. Just call me sister Jacky, and stop being too

"Okay sister Jacky."

"Good. That is very good."

After some formalities Jacky left as she still had some work to do.

They have been shooting a movie entitled 'Back to the origins'which has been going on for three

Apart from that, Amanda had participated in various variety shows and has also become an
ambassador for many famous brands. Her popularity was on a steady rise and her followers and fans
were already in millions.

"Today's shooting was intense so the director has requested people to go home and rest, dinner will be
held tomorrow when we are back in the city." Vivian said. Her eyes could not even be opened at the
moment. They have been staying at the filming location and they had very little time to sleep.

She was wondering how Amanda was still able to stand on her feet after acting in so much intense

"Yes let's go back and rest. Linda has not been feeling well recently we will go and visit her once we
are back." Amanda said as she gave an exhausted yawn. She was so tired but the most important
thing is that she missed a certain someone.

For the last ten scenes, they have been filmed out of the city it. Has been more than a month since she
saw her man. She really missed him and could not wait to go home and hug him.

"Darling, we will be leaving the production set now. We will probably reach home by 8 PM. Be good and
wait for me. Make sure that you eat your dinner on time." Amanda said over the phone. It was as if she
talking to a five year old boy.

"Should I pick you up at the airport?" Richard asked. Although he wanted to badly see her, he could
only wait patiently for at home.

"No babe! Just wait for me patiently alright. I don't want you get tired. You should preserve your energy
for something else." Amanda said as she smiled with a deeper meaning.

Hearing her words, Richard could not sit still. He immediately took his coat and the car keys and left the
office in a hurry still pressing his phone on the ear.

"I really miss you." Amanda said in a small voice.

At first she was not accustomed to saying such words but now she was more or less used to it.

Hearing her gentle and loving voice saying that she missed him, Richard hated that he could not just
grow wings and fly to her side ASAP.

He felt his body boiling and blood rushing to a certain lower part of his body.

For the one month she has been away, he has really suffered, everytime he heard her soft voice, he
could always get a reaction but because she was not around, he could only bear with it and solve with
his hands.

"I miss you too." Richard said. His voice was deep and hoarse just like a beast who had just woken up
and was feeling hungry.

Hearing his majestic voice, Amanda face could not help but blush.

"See you soon. I will be switching off my phone since we are boarding the plane soon." Amanda said,
reluctant to hung up the phone.

"See you soon." Richard as he walked towards the elevator.


It was just a short distance of two hour and they were soon at the airport.

Amanda breathed in the fresh air that she had missed for the one month and felt her exhaustion fade

It was really good to be home.

She saw Thomas walking towards her and Vivian and she could almost guess that the man did not
listen to her. But she was already feeling sweet in her heart and could not wait to see him.

"Miss Amanda, how was your flight?" Thomas asked with a smile.

"I told you to just call me Amanda. It makes me uncomfortable when you call me that." Amanda said,
but her eyes were brimming with happiness.

"I'm afraid that someone will get jealous." Thomas said.

"The boss is waiting in the car." Thomas said as he looked at Vivian with a meaningful gaze.

Vivian immediately understood and turned to look at Amanda with a grin.

"Go on and be with the boss. I will just hail a cab to my house. It is not far from here."

"Okay. Be careful on the road."

"You too." Vivian said and leaned over to Amanda's ear and said in a meaningful voice, "will you be
able to attend tomorrow's dinner?"

"Of course. What do you mean with that look of yours?" Amanda was shocked. When she understood
what her friend was enunciating, her face almost burned from embarrassment.

"You should get going before anyone recognize you. We are ahead of schedule so many people do not
know that you are coming back today or else this place will have been congested with no place to even
lift a leg."

"Okay, Thomas please send Vivian home." Amanda said as she strode towards a car that was not far

The moment she reached the car, before she could even knock on the window for the person inside to
open, the door opened and a hand carefully pulled her inside to prevent her from knocking her head on
the hard door.

She was shocked and before she could come back to senses, hot kissed rained her lips like a tornado.

Smelling the familiar scent, Amanda relaxed her mind and she clung on the man's neck and returned
the kisses in more passionate and urgent way.

She had really missed his touch and could not wait to melt in his embrace.

Their kisses were urgent as they ravaged each others mouth. All the emotions they felt towards each
other were poured in that long kiss.

Amanda was almost out of breathe and pushed the man away. She gasped for air as she looked at the
man before her with love filled eyes.

Richard hugged her tightly not wanting to let go. He has missed this hug so much. He almost flew to
where she was but resisted the urge because he did not want to inconvinence her work.

"I missed you so much my love." Richard said as he nestled his face in her collarbone inhaling her
unique scent greedily.

"I missed you too babe. I couldn't wait to see you." Amanda said as she hugged his slim but sturdy
waist tightly.

She finally felt a sense of security and felt that she was finally home.

Richard kissed her little ear and nibbled on it.

He kissed her on the forehead, her eyebrow, her flapping eyelashes. He practically wanted to brand her
with his kisses.

When he reached her lips, he kissed then gently. They very delicious and no matter how much he
tasted them, he did not seem to have enough.

Not wanting to let her go, he deepened the kiss. After another intense kissing and snuggling in the car
Amanda could not take it and immediately said to Richard, "Let us go home."



"Hello Mandy." Val answered the phone at the first ring when she saw who the caller was.

"How are you doing today?" Mandy asked.

"I'm great. It is just this little thing in my stomach. It so mischievous that it keeps kicking me." Val said,
her voice was filled with gentleness.

"I'm envious of you Val." Mandy said over the phone.

These two have become very close and they regarded each other as sisters. They have been sharing
many secrets and they did a lot of things together.

"I wanted to tell you that she is back." Mandy said over the phone.

By 'she' Val immediately knew who Mandy was talking about.

"Wasn't she supposed to be back tomorrow?" Val asked, frowning.

"They came ahead of schedule maybe they wanted to evade fans at the airport." Mandy said.

"We will continue with the plan. It is even better that she came earlier than planned."