My Reincarnated Wife Is A Little Too Sweet

chapter 67

The following day, Amanda was woken up by the phone call from her assistant, looking at the watch, it
was already noon.

She was so exhausted and with Richard tossing her for a half the night, she over slept.

"Don't tell me you are only waking up now." Vivian's teasing voice came through the phone.

"Your phone call woke me up. What is it, I still want to sleep some more." Amanda said groggily.

"Was he that fierce. Oh my God, I didn't imagine the strength of our president to be that greet."

"Do you want to die. If you have nothing to say I'm hanging up." Amanda said.

Vivian knew her limits and immediately shut her mouth.

"You are trending again!" Her voice became serious when she started talking business.

Amanda felt a headache coming. She thought that she had maintained a very low profile and also
avoided scandal as much as possible, why would she be trending again?

"It as Linda had predicted. Many 'fans' were waiting for you at the airport and seeing that you did not
show up with the production team, they concluded that you lied to them. They said that you had given
them a false schedule on purpose so that you can avoid them." Vivian briefly explained what was going

"Ooh, so someone really planned to sabotage me! It is like they couldn't keep quite anymore. Let me
check it out." Amanda said and hung up the phone.

She went to the washroom to take a quick bath. Richard had already gone to work.

She took her laptop and went downstairs to the living room.

"Miss you are awake. Master warned us not to wake you up because you were tired. We could only
wait patiently." The maid said.

"Yeah. I was pretty tired yesterday when I came back do I needed some rest." Amanda said.

"Would you like to take breakfast or would you prefer to wait for lunch. It is already being prepared."
The maid said.

"I think I will just have lunch." Amanda said as she headed to the sofa.

"Yes miss." The maid returned to the kitchen.

Amanda powered on her laptop and logged into her temporary account. She could not log into her
main account as it will immediately be flooded by comments from the fans.

Seeing the comments online, Amanda shook her head with pity. Pitying the person who came up with
such a scheme.

"I can't believe that Amanda stood her fans up at the airport. She has just acted in a few movies and
endorsed a few famous brands but she is already acting arrogant as if the entire entertainment industry
revolved around her."

"Why would she lie to us and send us a fake schedule. I was so mad when I saw people shouting at
their idol that I almost blew up my top."

"Wasting our money to buy her flowers and presents and yet she already returned. Who does she think
she is? Even those award winning actress need to be polite to their fans."

Looking at the one sided comments, Amanda laughed out loud. This people had no idea that her fans
already knew of her return. They wanted to insight her fans into hating her just because of this, they
can as well find something more tangible.

She took her phone and dialed a number.

"Sister how have you been. I haven't seen you in a long time. How is your pregnancy." Amanda asked

The person on the other end felt that something was not right.

When did her sister become so kind hearted that she will call to check up on her. She had tried dealing
with her but she failed miserably every time. It seems like her sister always saw through her schemes
before she even launched them.

Instead of being lambasted in negative news and leaving the industry, every time she dealt with a
scandal, her popularity soared that Vallery felt like she wasvpunching a cotton by her 'well thought out

"Ooh it is the big shot Amanda. I didn't know you had time to call commoners like us. You are very
famous now, you even dare ditch your fans at the airport, I fell pity for them." Vallery said over the
phone. She was scrolling through her phone now and seeing the comments online, her lips curved into
a knowing smile.

"Ooh I called to specifically thank you sister. If it has not been for you I don't know if I would have been
this famous. What else can I do. I just have to sit back and let people talk about me then boom I will
just be famous." Amanda said. Her face had a meaningful smile but her eyes were frosty.

"What do you want from me?" Vallery asked as her heart skipped a bit.

"Nothing I just wanted to express my gratitude. I can't be ungrateful to those who have helped me."
Amanda said meaningfully.

Vallery felt like she had swallowed a fly. Her face expression was so ugly that she almost wanted to cut
someone to pieces.

She has never known that her sister has been watching her every move and knew everything that she
has done. She thought that she has been discreet enough to cover her tracks, but now that she knew,
there is not need to hide anything anymore.

"Hehe I can see that you know everything. You are not as naive as I thought. Yes I hate you Amanda
and I wish you could just die. Your face disgust me to no end. I have done all those things, and so
what? What are you going to do about it, huh? Who will believe you Amanda, even if your fans believe
you, dad and everyone in the family will not believe you. You are just a broken and nauseating thing to
them. They will never believe you." Vallery said. She has done more then enough to tarnish Amanda's
reputation in the family.

"Ooh who said that I'm going to expose you. Do you think that I have time to deal with people like you.
My time is very precious. Just know that I know all the tricks you have been pulling on me. But I don't
plan on exposing you after all I'm not as evil as you."

"Oh sister, you are still too stupid and naive. I thought that you have matured since you entered the
entertainment industry. But it is good that you know your place." Val said.

"I just wanted to remind you that Mandy is using. Don't think that I don't know that it was you two who
planned everything at the airport. But it is good that I have become smarter and can see through your
childish tricks."

"What do you know about Mandy?" Vallery asked. She knew how much they hated each, Amanda
could not just remind her out of her good will. She must be planning something.

"Did she tell you the reason she hates me so much?" Amanda asked her another question not
intending to answer that stupid question.

"Didn't you snatch her fiance from her. I never thought that you will be such a whore. Hooking up with
whoever winked at you. It is good that I saved Jason from you."

Amanda pretended like she had not heard her sister's taunting and continued with her questioning.

"Did she tell you who her fiance was?"

"She didn't but that is none of your business. This is not over Amanda. I will help her and do whatever it
takes to make sure she gets her finance back."

"My sister is so righteous and full of justice, what will she do if she finds out that you are also a
mistress?" Amanda said, hitting Vallery where it hurt most.

"Don't talk nonsense to me. Jason never loved you in the first place, you are the mistress." Vallery

She hated hearing that word the most.

Amanda seemed to enjoy how she lost control of her emotions.

"Amanda you just wait, I'm going to deal with you soon...." after saying that Vallery hung up the phone.